AutoCAD Vs MicroStation 2024: Compare Features, Prices & More

AutoCAD and MicroStation tools are both known for online designing and modeling. Here we have compared AutoCAD vs MicroStation to know which one is better and easy to use. 

As technology is increasing day by day and everyone wants quality work same as that civil engineering also has infrastructural development. It designs and constructs buildings, houses, railway platforms and etc.

Although there are many 3D design and modeling software available in the market AutoCAD and MicroStation are considered the best. So here we have compared these two online designing software MicroStation and AutoCAD briefly. 

Overview: MicroStation Vs AutoCAD

Here is a quick introduction to both AutoCAD and MicroStation online designing and modeling tools.

What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD software is a computer-aided design and drafting application. It was released in December 1982 by Autodesk with automation, collaboration, and machine learning tools features. It can be used by architects, engineers, and construction professionals. This software offers both 2D and 3D CAD software to draft engineers and automate designs.

What Is MicroStation Software?

MicroStation is a CAD (computer-aided design) software to build infrastructure design. It is developed by Bentley Systems which helps architects and engineers. This software lets users create designs for their clients and provide projects. 

What Is The Difference Between AutoCAD And MicroStation?

Here are key features of AutoCAD vs MicroStation terms to get the quick difference between both of them:

AutoCAD FeaturesMicroStation Features
2D/3D drawing toolEngineering specific CAD software
Technical interfaceEasy to understand
Quite difficult to catch faults and clashes in  designsEasily detects clashes and design faults
Faster at object snappingQuite slow as compare to AutoCAD
Require LISP or 3rd party applicationDoes not require LISP but allows users to design besides code
Design orientedEngineering oriented
Supports Windows & MacOnly for Windows does not support Mac
Can be used on mobilesCan’t be accessible on mobile devices
Supports DWG FilesSupports PDF, 3DS, DWF, etc file types
Price $235 per month$250 per month

This is a quick difference between Microstation v8i vs AutoCAD. According to this, MicroStation is an engineering-based tool that is easy to understand. Whereas AutoCAD is a technical and design-oriented tool to create designs. Like this, you can also checkout the comparison of Autodesk Fusion 360 vs AutoCAD to know which is better for engineers and architects.

Features Comparison: AutoCAD Vs MicroStation

After a quick comparison know the difference between AutoCAD and MicroStation. Now we are going to differentiate their features in brief.

Formats Consistency

It includes formats such as DGN, RealDWGTM, DXF, PDF, U3D, 3Ds, Rhino 3DM, and IGES on both AutoCAD to MicroStation, Moreover, you will also get Parasolid, ACIS SAT, CGM, STEP AP203/AP214, STL, OBJ and more.

Geo Coordination

People mostly look for this feature while comparing MicroStation vs AutoCAD. Both software provides automatic transformation and integration of geospatial and spatial information. And they are always a proper context to display this feature. 

Modeling Tools

In the comparison of AutoCAD vs MicroStation tools, there are plenty of 2D and 3Ddesign tools offered by AutoCAD. Whereas MicroStation offers various tools, particularly for engineering CAD.

File Referencing

Both MicroStation and AutoCAD lets users view and share multiple formats including project participants, and location.

Extendible Programs

You will get a variety of behavior and data exchange with other systems such as interface, user-defined macros, support for VBA, and Bentley MDL. 

AutoCAD Vs MicroStation Cost

The basic price of AutoCAD starts from $235 per month and MicroStation’s annual cost is $1995. Moreover,  AutoCAD also provides multiple plans to users that are mentioned below:

  • AutoCAD Anual Plan: $1,865
  • AutoCAD 3 Years Plan: $5,315

Both software provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to users. Besides this, the company provides coupons to grab discount with AutoCAD promo code.

In our opinion, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT is quite budget friendly as compared to MicroStation. As you can see AutoCAD provides multiple plans which are affordable too. But MicroStation offers only an annual plan that is costly in comparison with AutoCAD.

System Requirements: MicroStation Vs AutoCAD

Compatibility or system requirements are very important when we have to choose between AutoCAD vs MicroStation terms. 

AutoCAD System Requirements

AutoCAD Vs MicroStation system requirements

AutoCAD is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. Here are the system requirements to download AutoCAD 2023 are mentioned below:

  • Operating System: Windows 11 or below & Mac v12 or below
  • Processor: Upto 2.9 GHz for basic, 3+ GHz required
  • Memory: Upto 16 GB for Windows & 8 GB required for Mac
  • Hard Disk: 7.0 GB for Windows & 3 GB space for installation in Mac
  • Display Resolution: 1280×800 for basic & 2880×1800 for higher resolution

MicroStation System Requirements

MicroStation can only be operated on Windows devices. So here we have mentioned detailed system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 11 or below
  • Processor: Intel or AMD 1.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4GB minimum and 16GB required
  • Hard Disk: Minimum 25GB
  • Screen Resolution: 1024×768 higher

These are the system requirements for both AutoCAD and MicroStation. As a result, AutoCAD is good for both Windows and Mac users whereas MicroStation is compatible only with Mac devices.

AutoCAD Vs MicroStation Commands

As we have stated above AutoCAD is command based and MicroStation is a tool-based software. But both provide some commands to users such as Explode, Zoom extents, Command line, and Drawing units in AutoCAD. Or in MicroStation, you will get Working Units, Key-in, Fit view, and Drop Element commands.

User Interface: MicroStation Vs CAD

AutoCAD Vs MicroStation system requirements

In the user interface comparison of Bentley MicroStation vs AutoCAD. AutoCAD has a technical interface that is quite difficult for beginners to understand. But in the case of MicroStation, it has a beginner-friendly easy to understand interface. 

AutoCAD has a ribbon user interface element with multiple commands managed in panels and tabs. These are quite powerful to do any task easily. On the other hand, MicroStation has user-based interface behavior.

Customer Support: AutoCAD Civil 3D Vs MicroStation

Customer support is very much needed whenever we face any issues using any software. So here we have compared the user support between MicroStation vs AutoCAD Reddit. 

AutoCAD Customer Support

AutoCAD provides 24/7 user support via FAQs just call on 888-528-4765 anytime. Or you can also clear your doubts via live chat. The technical team helps you related to online purchases, education and trial, and post-purchase.

MicroStation User Support

MicroStation also offers unlimited customer services. Besides this, you can also search for answers and get solutions to your questions. Also, there is an ask the community and raise your questions. If you still need some help then submit a service request to Bentley Technical support.

Both provide similar customer support in this user support comparison of AutoCAD vs MicroStation. So if you face any issues while using this software quickly contact the technical team that is 24/7 available to help you.

Can AutoCAD Open MicroStation Files?

Yes, you can easily open MicroStation files in AutoCAD. AutoCAD can access many formats and DGN is one of them for that you need to choose and open the DGN format.

Final Words: Is MicroStation Better Than AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is clearly better than MicroStation with its great features and affordable prices for 2D and 3D designs. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac devices whereas MicroStation is only available for Windows. Besides this MicroStation also provides all advanced tools but does not provides 2D and 3D designing features like AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Vs MicroStation, Which One Is Better?

AutoCAD is better than MicroStation because it is more affordable and provides best online design features for both Windows and Mac devices.

Is MicroStation Similar To AutoCAD?

MicroStation is similar to AutoCAD in many advanced tools and other features. But it lacks various 2D design tools that are offered by AutoCAD. 

Can You Convert MicroStation To AutoCAD?

Yes, you can convert MicroStation to AutoCAD by using a third-party application. With them, you can easily convert your Bentley MicroStation files into AutoCAD.

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