Avast Free Vs Paid 2024: Comparison Between Free & Pro

There are various antivirus software in the market, but avast is one of the most popular software among users. Because of its features, it can be considered an excellent antivirus program that offers a reasonable level of the security program. As we know they offer two types of plans Avast free and paid so many people are confused between their plan features. That’s why we got asked by many users about what is the difference between Avast free vs paid

Is it worth upgrading to Avast premium? In this blog, we will discuss which one is better Avast free or paid by comparing their features and other factors.

Download & enjoy Avast antivirus software features for free & premium versions.

Quick Introduction To Avast 

Avast is the best antivirus tool that helps you to fight against the virus on the computer. It can protect your computer from security threats, malware, and other possible internet threats. It is available for many operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. Avast comes with two different types of plans one is paid and another is free with various features.

Feature Analysis Of Avast Free Vs Paid: Quick Look

Features of Avast free vs paid version

There are lots of amazing features in both of the plans Avast free and paid. But before we describe them in brief let’s take a quick look at their features comparison. Here we mention all of the features that Avast free or paid offers in a quick view table. 

FeaturesAvast Free Avast Paid 
Ransomware ProtectionYes Yes 
Firewall No Yes 
Block and remove Threats Live timeYes Yes 
Fake websites alerts and blockNo Yes 
Webcam protectionNo Yes 
Remote access security No Yes 
Avast sandboxNo Yes 
File protectionNo Yes 
Scan for wifi security weaknessYes Yes 
Data shredder No Yes 

What Are The Features Of Avast Free Or Premium?

Above we have quickly compared Avast free and paid features. So it’s time to look at these features more deeply to know which one is better. Now we compare the features of Avast free vs paid briefly. 

Ransomware Security

Ransomware is a security threat malware that converts your file and even your entire computer system and encrypts them. Then you’ll be asked for a ransom payment in exchange for getting your files back. Through avast free or paid you can save yourself from these ransomware issues. You can activate the feature and it’ll never allow any untrusted to change the files and you amazing get protection from ransomware. 

So When It Comes To Avast Free Vs Premium In Ransomware Security Then Both Of Them Are The Same. 

Real-time Malware Protection

The next feature in our Avast free vs paid comparison is real-time malware protection. As we know antivirus is basically used for malware protection, as we know malware damage our computers and computer systems. So malware protection is the most important feature you have to look at while choosing any antivirus. So no matter if you choose Avast free or premium you’ll get this feature in both. So you don’t have to worry about malware protection both of them provide best-in-class protection. 

So In Real Time Malware Protection Both Of Them Have The Same Capability To Fight Against Malware

Fake Site Avoidance

Have you ever been redirected to the other website while visiting something else? Yes, it is possible sometimes when hackers hijack your router’s DNS. The hackers can do everything to create any mimic site just like other famous shopping websites. So there can be a for you chance to fall into their trap if you are not familiar with these kinds of fraudsters. That’s why Avast’s fake site avoidance features protect you from these DNS hackers. So this useful feature is a paid feature so you can’t use this feature in a free version of Avast.

So Between Avast Free Vs Paid In Fake Site Avoidance Feature Paid Version Is Better.

Webcam Shield

Maybe you noticed sometimes many people have black tapes on their computer webcams. Did you ever wonder why? Because hackers can gain access to your webcams without your permission you can’t even realize it. This can be a major problem for you if that happens, so Avast gives you a Webcam shield that protects you from this problem. Through this feature without your permission, no apps can access your webcam. It will give you complete command in your hand to control your camera access over the programs. This premium you can only use in paid feature is not available for the free version. 

So In the Webcam shield feature In Avast Free Vs Paid again Paid version is much better than Avast free version. 

Wi-Fi Security Scanning

The next feature we are going to cover in our comparison between Avast free or paid is Wifi security. Sometimes you will automatically be connected to a wifi network which can be bad for you. So avast scan all of the wifi networks for weak passwords, stranger inventions, and other security issues. So this can also be the best feature through which you can get security from unknown wifi connections. Also, the major thing is you can get these features in both versions. 

So When It Comes To Wifi Security Both Avast Free Version And Paid Version Perform Well.


Here we discuss one of the important features of Avast free vs paid which is Sandbox. Sometimes when we download any application on us we think it is completely safe. But it might be dangerous for your system, that’s why Avast gives you a sandbox feature. It gives you isolated space to run the application so you can test it without affecting your computer. This can be a very useful feature for your computer but the thing is this feature is available only for paid users. You cannot use this feature in a free version of Avast. 

So Between Avast Free And Paid In Sandbox Feature Avast Paid Is Much Better Than Free Version. 

Automatic Software Update

Let’s come to the software update feature as we know many software companies give these features. This is quite helpful because if you want to keep distant from hackers, then you have to update your application daily. That’s why many programs get regular updates, so if you are thinking about updating the application manually. Then you don’t have to worry about this issue Avast gives you an automatic software update feature. Through this, your application will be automatically updated without any problem. But you have to purchase this program to use this feature you cannot use this in Avast free version. 

So In The Automatic Software Update Feature Between Avast Free Vs Paid, Avast Paid wins again. 


It is one of the great features that are also available on windows to prevent you from hackers. It monitors all network traffic inside or outside the system to prevent unauthorized communication and intrusions. All you need to do is just keep on this feature it will make sure to prevent you from hackers. This feature is available for the Avast paid version only, which means you cannot use this feature in a free version. 

So When It Comes To Firewall Feature In Avast Free And Paid, Avast Paid Is Much Better Than Free Version. 

How Much Does Avast Cost One Year?

Download & enjoy Avast antivirus software features for free & premium versions.

Here is the main part as we see above in Avast free vs paid that paid version has many amazing features as compared to the free version. So let’s look at the price of their paid versions. Well, they offer you 2 types of paid versions one is premium and another is ultimate, below we mention the price of both of them.

Avast Free Version: Is Avast really free? Well yes, there is a free version of Avast that comes for normal purposes. It has very fewer features that you can use for daily use. But if you want more security features you have to purchase their paid plans. 

Download & enjoy Avast antivirus for free by clicking on the link mentioned here.

Avast Premium Security: It comes with many amazing features that you can use for your small-sized organizations. It has more features as compared to the free version but fewer features as compared to the ultimate version of Avast. The price of Avast premium security is $17.99/year. To minimize this cost you can buy it through Avast discount deal and save upto 50% on it.

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Avast Ultimate: It is a complete whole package that comes for business purposes. It has all of the features through which you can easily optimize and secure your system against hackers. The price of Avast is ultimate $49.99/year. You can minimize this price by using Avast ultimate discount coupon by which you can save upto 25% on it.

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So these are the pricing of Avast free and paid plans that comes with lots of amazing features. You can purchase any of them which is suitable for you according to your need. You can save maximum on this antivirus software by using the Avast coupon and promo code.

Conclusion: Comparison Of Avast Free Or Premium

Let’s come to the end, to know which one is better or worth buying between Avast free vs paid version. The free version of avast comes with fewer features as compared to the paid version. So we think that purchasing their paid version is a great choice if you’re serious about your privacy issues. You can purchase any paid plan between Avast premium or ultimate that we mentioned above.

Also, compare Avast vs Norton antivirus software to know which one is better. 

Is It Worth Paying For Avast?

Yes, it is completely worth paying for their paid plans as it gives you various marvelous security features. 

Can Avast Antivirus Slow Down Your Computer?

Yes, it affects your computer a little bit, all of the antiviruses affect your pc and make it slow at the time of scanning.

What Is The Difference Between Avast Free Vs Premium?

There is the only difference is their features Avast premium gives you more features but the free version only gives you limited features.

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