20 Best Apps That Pay $100 A Day 2024 [Free $100 Daily]

Use 20 best apps that pay $100 a day without investment. Earn free money online with apps that pay you daily 100 dollars for a few activities.

Everyone wants to make extra money from any possible means in 2024. With so many apps released every day, you can earn a lot of dollars from home using your Android or iPhone. It creates a great opportunity for students to use apps that pay 100 a day within a few hours.

In this blog, we will share a list of the most popular apps that pay 100 Dollars a day for participating in small tasks or completing surveys. So, take a look at these apps that pay $100 per day for free with minimum effort.

How To Get Paid $100 A Day From Apps?

You can do the following tasks on apps that pay $100 a day for free:

  • Freelance: Join freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer to earn $100 a day by offering services and skills.
  • Task-Based Apps: Use apps that pay dollar 100 a day for doing small tasks or gigs like Gigwalk, TaskRabbit, and Field Agent.
  • Creating Content: Make content for platforms like YouTube or Twitch and get your channel monetized to earn $100 each day.
  • Online Tutorials: With apps like Chegg and VIPKidd, you can offer online tutorials to others and get 100 dollars or more in a day.
  • Online Surveys: On platforms like InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks, you can participate in surveys & share your opinions to get $100 per day.

20 Best Apps That Pay $100 A Day Without Investment

The list of all apps that pay you daily $100 is given below:

  • Survey Junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • InboxDollars
  • Qmee
  • UserFeel
  • Userlytics
  • StartUpLift
  • TryMyUI
  • Testing Time
  • Cashyy
  • Cash’Em All
  • Mistplay
  • LuckyDay
  • AppStation
  • Robinhood
  • DoorDash
  • Rakuten
  • TaskRabbit
  • Fiverr

So these are the apps that pay 100 dollars a day and give you the opportunity to earn money from home. By completing certain tasks on these apps you can get extra cash with little effort and dedication.

5 Top Survey Apps That Pay $100 A Day

If you want to quickly earn free $100 daily then survey apps are the best way. Using these apps gives users a chance to review and provide options on various questions. Completing a few surveys offers you free cash up to $100 every day.

Here are more details about some Survey Apps that pay 100 a day for completing small tasks.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of those apps that pay $100 a day without investment for sharing honest opinions. You can sign up for Survey Junkie free of cost. When you sign up on Survey Junkie for the first time, you will get an instant bonus of 50 points.

Each point you earn on Survey Junkie is equal to one cent. By doing various survey activities like creating a profile or downloading an app, you can accumulate lots of points. After you have collected 1000 points($10), you can transfer them to your bank account.

Swagbucks: Survey For Money

Swagbucks is also an option if you are looking for apps that pay 100 Dollars a day to its users. It lets you provide feedback to surveys and in return you will be awarded cash rewards. You can earn lots of gift cards on Swagbucks that are worth $100. 

If you want apps that pay $100 a day for free then must try Swagbucks. You can cash out Swagbucks points in the form of gift cards at Amazon or Walmart. 

You can also get a free signup bonus just for signing up for this app and allow you instant withdrawal to know about this Sign Up Bonus Instant Withdraw app read article. 


Toluna is another popular app from which you can earn free $100 daily. It lets you provide your opinions on various things like products, services, etc. You can complete various surveys on Toluna and earn points on the basis of the time taken to complete that survey.


Just like Swagbucks and Toluna apps that pay $100 a day, when you sign up you will get a $5 free sign up bonus code with InboxDollars. It also offers you a chance to claim the free money through simple tasks. 

You can do a variety of tasks on InboxDollars including watching videos, playing games, reading emails, etc.

Once you collect a $30 cash amount in your InboxDollars account, you will be eligible to cash it out. InboxDollars is one of the trusted apps that pay 100 a day and you can receive money in your bank account using PayPal.


Qmee is also among these apps that pay $100 daily but you will have a low earning potential on it. There are various tasks on Qmee like completing surveys, signing up for websites, and downloading apps that help you earn online cash.

5 Test Apps That Pay $100 A Day

20 best apps that pay $100 a day

Those who love technology would enjoy testing various apps that pay Dollar 100 a day. All you have to do is check various apps for bugs and proper functionality. After completing the tests and sharing your review, you will be awarded with free $100 daily by app testing.

Below are 5 apps that pay 100 dollars a day for testing different apps and websites.


UserFeel is one of the best test apps that pay you daily $100 for free. App testers can earn free online money using the UserFeel platform. After creating a new profile on UserFeel, you can complete a test for 10-20 minutes and earn up to $10 for each test.

Using test apps that pay $100 a day is a quick way for Tech enthusiasts to earn money at home. You will get paid weekly when you earn via these testing apps. Similarly 


Userlytics is a great way for app testers who want to invest their free time to earn money. It lets you earn money by testing various apps and websites. App testers can earn an average of $10 to $20 per test which sometimes goes high up to $90 per test.


StartUpLift is also included in the test apps that pay $100 a day for testing different applications on your phone. You will get $5 for completing each app test on StartUpLift. After testing, you will have to provide a written comment to StartUpLift about apps tested by you.


TryMyUI is also a test app where you can get paid $10 for each 20-minute test of an app. It is one of the apps that pay $100 a day as there is no limit on the number of app tests you can complete in one day. After completing the tests, you will get money when you write a detailed summary in the feedback.

Testing Time

Testing Time is another platform for testing apps where users can earn up to €50 per test. Each app test in Testing Time lasts for around 30 to 90 minutes and you can earn around $53 for that.

You must have a microphone and a working webcam as you will be testing the app with live guidance on Skype.

If you use Venmo for your smooth transaction, then you should use the Venmo $ 100 bonus code and also earn $100 through this. Don’t miss the check now to earn $100 without doing any difficult task. 

5 Game Apps That Pay 100 Dollar A Day

If you are a gamer who loves playing different games, then you will be happy to try game apps that pay $100 a day for free. It is a great option for those who are tired of work as they can relax by playing games and earn money for doing that.

We have mentioned 5 different gaming apps that pay 100 a day for doing in-game missions.


Cashyy is one of the game apps that pay you daily $100 for playing games and testing them. When you play games on Cashyy, you will earn coins after finishing a game. The coins you have earned can be later redeemed for dollars as 1000 coins are equivalent to $0.10.

Cash’Em All

Cash’Em All is famous among gaming apps that pay $100 a day in the form of gift cards for downloading and playing mobile games. You can also redeem cash using PayPal if you have reached the minimum of $0.50.

When you create a new account on Cash’Em All, you will get 4499 coins as sign up bonus which is equal to $0.45.


Mistplay is a gaming app that let you earn coins for playing mobile games and redeem those coins for gift cards. It is only available for Android users and if you are above 13 year old, you can start earning money on Mistplay.


If you need lottery-style game apps that pay $100 a day then LuckyDay can be an excellent choice for new gamers. It offers a wide variety of games like scratch-offs and daily draws from where you can earn actual cash. You have to collect reward tokens to participate in these games.

After winning cash prizes on the LuckyDay app, you can redeem them through PayPal or you can get equivalent gift cards.


With AppStation, you can choose from a wide range of gaming apps that pay $100 a day such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds 2 & Dragon City. You have to link your PayPal to AppStation to cash out money that you earn. You can earn up to 500 coins per minute equals to 5 cents.

Top 3 Referral Apps That Pay 100 A Day

Referring an app to a friend or family member is a quick way to earn $100 daily. There are a few apps that pay $100 a day in their referral program and we have mentioned them below.


Robinhood is a mobile trading and investment app where you can trade stock markets and make investments. When you refer Robinhood to your friend, you and your friend both will earn free stocks worth $100 on successful sign up.


DoorDash is also one of the referral apps that pay $100 a day by inviting your friends to subscribe to DashPass. When you refer a friend, you will get a $20 credit after your friend makes the first DashPass order. Referring to 5 friends in a day can make you $100 daily.


Rakuten is an online platform that you can use for shopping and earn exciting cashback in return. You can refer Rakuten to your friend and you will get $25 cash rewards when your friend shops via Rakuten. By referring to 4 or more friends, you can make $100 in a day.

2 Gig-Based Apps That Pay 100 A Day

There are lots of Gig-Based apps that pay $100 a day but we have mentioned only top ones here:


TaskRabbit is an app where freelancers can connect with contractors who need services on daily basis. You can sign up for any service you can offer and earn $100 daily by finishing that task. You can choose from a wide range of tasks, and some can earn you even more than $100 a day.


Fiverr is among the popular freelancing apps that pay dollar100 a day or even more depending on the type of service you provide. If you have a good client and a portfolio of excellent skills like content writing, video editing, and graphic designing, you can make $100 daily on Fiverr.

How To Earn $100 A Day On Your Phone?

You can download apps that pay $100 a day and perform the required tasks to earn money daily. There are various survey apps, game-testing apps, and freelancing apps that you can use to make money every day.

If you use referral apps on your phone, you can claim $100 daily by inviting your friends to join apps like Rakuten, Robinhood, etc. After earning coins on survey apps and gaming apps, you can redeem them using PayPal and gift cards.

Which App Can I Download To Make $100 Money Everyday?

You can use Apps like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, etc. to make $100 daily. These are the best apps that pay $100 a day for completing surveys during your free time.

Which App Gives $100 A Day Real Money?

Apps like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, TaskRabbit, Fiverr, etc can be used to earn real 100 dollars a day. These apps give the excellent opportunity to collect $100 a day with little effort.

Final Thoughts On Apps That Pay $100 A Day

If you like to make extra money then nothing is better than using apps that pay 100 dollars a day for free. These apps are both relaxing and fun as you get $100 a day for playing games or completing surveys.

As you can read above we have shared 20 best apps that pay 100 a day without investment. So if you have free time, you can spend it on one of these apps that pay you daily and generate extra income.

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