The Best Copywriting Tools You Should Use In 2023

Copywriting has become one of the most thriving skills this year. People need copywriting works to get their products and other marketing going to get a direct response from their audience. And of course, anything in demand should be presented in good form. If you need your copywriting work done, you need the help of a copywriting tool and this article will help you find all the best copywriting tools to use in 2023 you need.

Things Every Copywriter Should Learn

  • A good headline. As a copywriter, your headliner should be considered and chosen carefully because that is what your audience sees first and this will make them interested in reading what follows the headline. It has to be eye-catchy, and there are copywriting tools that can help you with that.
  • An article free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. An article properly edited is presentable and acceptable to the eyes of your audience. There are copywriter tools for that, too. Jeffery Gitomer left a beautiful quote concerning grammar. “Your grammar is a reflection of your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you are in total control.” So, your grammar should be presentable if you want to have successful copywriting jobs.
  • Clear and concise. For you to get the attention of your audience, your message needs to be clear as crystal, so the audience would get the grip of what you are conveying and not be chased away by complex, meaningless words. There are a lot of copywriting resources that help you keep your article clear and concise.
  • Plagiarism-free content. Another thing to be considered in copywriting is plagiarism. No one wants a work that was written elsewhere or something they will see over again. They would want something unique in your essay, and that is why you have to look out for plagiarism in your work.

In this essay, copywriting tools will be stated based on the subjects they tackle best.

Top copywriting tools

Best Copywriting Tools For Headlining

The heading is an absolute SEO factor for Google ranking so the good headline analyzer apps are as follows:

  • CoSchedule is a software for copywriters that has a headline analyzer and also rates the quality of your headline and its ability to result in SEO values, increased traffic, and all other criteria a good headline needs to achieve. This copywriting tool is free for headlining, and with its thorough scrutinizing of headlines, it’ll provide you with the appropriate headline for your article.
  • SEOPressor Blog Title Generator is another good headliner tool in expert writing. Not only does it better your titles, but it also creates one for you when you have no idea of what you want the title to be, which also turns out to be the eye-catchy titles your audience seeks. This software doesn’t charge a dime to get your title done.
  • Sharethrough headline analyzer is a copywriting tool headline analyzer that ranks and gives suggestions to your chosen headliner. With Sharethrough, you will be guided on how to pick a headliner and what you should consider before choosing one and it’s free.

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Best Copywriting Tools For Grammar Checkers

The best copywriting tools that tackle the issue of grammar are as follows:

  • Grammarly: Grammarly is a software that has helped many people when it comes to grammar errors. It also has a copywriting app that works with your phone when you write. It takes note of little mistakes you wouldn’t even notice: grammar, punctuation, and all others. It has a free trial, but the premium has more features. The premium version cost $25 per month and can be very helpful.
  • Pro writing aid: This is another helpful grammar checker every copywriter should consider. It gives you that professional, expert writing. It is also essential because it has a thesaurus that takes notes of overly used words and substitutes them. It also has a free trial, but the premium with many features costs about $120 per year and a one-time payment of $599. Also, check out why digital marketing courses are trending in India because of increasing internet and digital technology.

Best Copywriting Tools For Conciseness

There are specific tools for copywriters to solve the problem of complex, unreadable words. Here are good tools that tackle that:

  • Hemingway Editor: Hemingway is a copywriting app that clears the jargon in articles and write-ups. It makes your work as concise as possible, clearing out complex sentences and making them simple and readable. It checks the length and the readability of your article and finds the perfect solution for it. Hemingway Editor is a free online website, but you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $19 to get the Desktop App. 
  • Writesonic: Writesonic is another copywriting tool that helps you worry less about conciseness. It has a paraphrasing tool that assists you in rearranging your sentences and make them presentable to the eyes of your audience. This tool for copywriting makes your work presentable and easy to read. The pricing of Writesonic is at three different plans- Starters $11.60 per month; professional: $39.60 per month and business: $119.60 per month.

Best Copywriting Tools For Plagiarism Checker

As stated previously, plagiarism is an important thing to look into while doing copywriting jobs. Here are good plagiarism checkers for you: 

  • Grammarly plagiarism detector: As good as Grammarly is with grammar checkers, it also helps detect plagiarism in your work. All you need to do is paste the article, and it’ll scan through for plagiarism. If it doesn’t spot it, then you’re good to go; if it does, then you have to work on your piece again. Then check again. It is free to check up on your piece on Grammarly.
  • 1text plagiarism checker: This is another good plagiarism checker every copywriter needs to check out. It provides a unique percentage of everything you post there. It also has other features like keyword density, which shows how much you used your keywords and a watery keyboard percentage that keeps your writing in check. 1text is free to an extent, but then you need to fund a pro account costs about $20 per month.


Wolfgang Riebe quoted: “No one is perfect, that is why we need erasers.” You may not notice those little errors, so let these tools spot them for you. These tools are very essential when you consider copywriting. You should have error-free content and the grammar checkers listed above will help you keep it in check to have a readable article highlighting the jargon in your content these plagiarism checkers will help scan through your work for uniqueness.

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