Best Frame Rate For 4K Video 2023 [Finest FPS For 4K Video]

When it comes to capturing stunning beauty for 4K video, the frame rate plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality and providing a realistic view. There are various frame rate options available, and each has its own unique characteristics. In all of them, choosing the best frame rate for 4K videos can be challenging. So, today in this article, we explore the common frame rates for 4K videos, describe their importance, and describe the process of making 4K videos at 60 fps.

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Quick Overview
The best frame rates for 4K videos are 60 fps and 30 fps. 60 fps is an ideal choice as it captures fast-paced action and provides a smooth, realistic view. Whereas 30 fps offers a balance between smooth motion and realistic visuals. The choice between these frame rates depends on the specific requirements of the video and its intended purpose.

What Is The Frame Rate?

Frame rate is basically the number of images that are displayed per second on the screen, which makes a video. More frames determine the smoothness of the video. A high frame rate means more frames (images) are shown in a second. That’s why a video frame rate is also known as frames per second (FPS).

These images, or frames per second, create the illusion of movement and then appear as a video. There are different frame rates available according to the different video resolutions. Further, we’ll learn about the best frame rate for 4K video, 2K, 8K, and 1080p.

Why Frame Rate Is Important For Videos?

As we know, frame rate means (FPS) frames per second. Many frames (images) captured by the camera create an illusion of motion in the video. Frame rates have a great impact on the quality of videos. The frame rate, or FPS, of the video decides how your video will look.

A lower frame rate has a low number of images or frames in the video, which gives a bad impression as a video quality effect. Whereas a high-frame-rate video with more frames will look smoother and more natural.

So, the right frame rate is important for videos, and it should be according to the resolution of the video. The right frame rate gives a smooth effect and clarity to your video. That’s why here we’ll tell you about the best frame rate for 4K video and for some other resolutions.

Different Frame Rates At Which You Can Make 4K Videos

Different Frame Rates At Which You Can Make 4K Videos

There are many frame rates available at which you can make impressive 4K videos. Below, we have mentioned the common frame rate for 4K videos:

24 fps

This is a standard frame rate, mostly used for normal cinematic shots in movies and TV shows. This is the minimum recommended frame rate for 4K videos to capture normal, realistic motion. It provides a pretty immersive and smooth experience.

30 fps

This frame rate has also been a standard choice in the television industry for many years. It provides a balance between smoothness and a detailed, fast-speed view. It is a little faster than 24 fps, which gives a more detailed view of the video. Now, for interviews or documentaries, they use 30 fps for a better look.

60 fps

This is the best frame rate for 4K video, mostly used for fast actions and sports. This 4K frame rate offers very smooth and clean images for high-quality video. When there is a lot of movement needed to capture, they use 60 fps for the best results.

120 fps

This frame rate is also being used for high-speed videos like football sports. Gaming at 120 fps or above is considered realistic and fast-paced. The game at 120 fps will be faster if the hardware system has better processing power.

What Is The Best Frame Rate For 4K Video?

Choosing the best FPS for a 4K video depends on the specific requirements of the video and the intent of the maker. Although there are two frame rates that are considered the best 4K video frame rates:

  • 30 fps: This frame rate is popular for all video resolutions and is a nice choice for 4K videos. As 30 fps provides a balance between smooth motion and realistic designs. It is commonly used for a wide range of applications, such as vlogging, online content, and general video production.
  • 60 fps: This is considered the best 4K frame rate if you want to capture fast-paced action or motion in detail. Shooting at 60 fps can provide a more fluid and visually dynamic result. This frame rate is commonly used for sports events, action sequences, or content where capturing every detail of motion is crucial. Also, if you want to slow down some parts of the 4K videos, 60 fps provides a clear view of the slow-motion part.

These two FPS can be perfectly used in 4K video making and are considered the best frame rate for 4K video. The frame rate can change according to your needs for your 4K video and your purpose, like highlighting, focusing parts, and the intent of editing in slow motion for some parts.

Frame Rate Factors That Affect 4K Video Quality

There are some more factors by which you need to change the FPS accordingly. For example, sometimes 60 fps doesn’t provide a focused view in indoor shoots because of the lighting, it captures the light rays too, which affects the 4K video. For that, you need to shift to 30 fps for a clear view.
But for outdoor shoots in natural lighting, it depends on the location you want to capture. For nature views, you can use 30 fps and 60 fps, but for sports shoots or slow-motion 4K videos, you should use 60 fps.

How To Make A Video 4k 60 FPS?

For Making The Best Video 4k At 60 FPS

Firstly, for making a 4K 60 fps video, you should ensure that your camera supports all the required specifications. Then your video editing software settings require some changes to make the 60 fps 4K video.

  • Camera: You should use a camera or recording device that supports 4K resolution and a 60 fps frame rate. Where you can set your camera at 1/120th shutter speed to record at 60 fps for 4K video.
  • Equipment: Use a tripod or other support device to stabilize your camera while recording. Although your video editing software can do that too but for more great results, you can stabilize it manually.
  • Lighting: For clear footage in your 4K 60 fps video, ensure that you have good lighting in your shooting area.
  • Editing Software: This is the main step for making a 4K 60 fps video. For that, you should have professional video editing software that can handle the 4K resolution at 60 fps. Some of the best software to edit the 4K 60 fps video is Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora 12, or TechSmith Camtasia.

With these things, you can make a great 4K 60 fps video. Now, let’s know how to edit at the best frame rate for 4K videos.

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How To Edit 60 FPS 4K Video In Editing Software?

It’s very easy to make your edit in 60 fps 4K resolution with professional video editing software like Filmora 12. You just need to set some settings before editing your 4K 60 fps video. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, import your 4K video into Filmora 12.
  • Now, click on “Project Settings” (top right corner).
  • Go to “Video”.
  • Tap on “Frame rate”.
  • Select “60 fps” & tap “Ok”.
  • Now, edit your 4K video at 60 fps.
  • While exporting, select “H.264“.
  • Set the frame rate to 60 fps to export 4K video.

These were some settings for editing the 60 fps 4K video in Filmora 12. You have to make the same settings on Camtasia or other software too.

Some additional tips on editing 60 fps 4K video. You should check the Filmora 12 system requirements first, or it’ll be a problem while editing the 4K video. After then you can purchase it at a discounted price with Wondershare Filmora Coupon Code. Remember that exporting 60 fps 4K resolution video will increase the size of the video file, which makes it hard to share.

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How Do You Choose The Best Frame Rate For 4K Videos?

Above, we have discussed some common frame rates for 4K videos and for which type of shoot they used. From them, you can choose any 4K video frame rate, but the most recommended 4K video FPS is 60.
Although choosing a 4K frame rate totally depends on your requirements for 4K video and choice. Also, location and your camera are some other factors by which you can decide the best frame rate for a 4K video.

Which Is Better 4K 60 FPS Or 4K 30 FPS?

For 4K video, both 60 fps and 30 fps are good to use. But if we talk about which one is better, then the answer is 60 fps, which is definitely the best 4K frame rate. It is the best frame rate for 4K videos as it provides you with smooth and detailed video quality, which you can easily edit in slow motion. As 4K is a high-resolution video, for its impressive clarity,  4K 60 fps is considered better than 30 fps.

Which Is The Best Frame Rate For 8K Video?

For the 8K video, it will be great if you go for 60 fps or 120 fps. These two are the best frame rate for 8K videos for shooting fast-paced action like sports. This will help you capture the movement smoothly and realistically.

Which Is The Best Frame Rate For 2K Video?

The best frame rate for 2K video is 30 fps, a standard frame rate. Also, you can choose 60 fps according to your needs. Both will help you capture realistic, smooth movement.

Should I Use 4K At 24 FPS Or 4K At 60 FPS?

You should use 4K at 60 fps, as it will make your 4K video smoother. With 24 fps in 4K video, you can’t have the smooth and real-time view that you’ll have with 60 fps.

Which Is The Best Frame Rate For 1080p Video?

For the 1080p video, you can choose 24 fps or 30 fps, as they are the best frame rate for 1080p. In both fps, you can get a realistic view of the frames.

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