Best Time To Use Tinder Boost 2024 – Tips And Tricks For Tinder Super Boost

Nowadays, the most efficient way to find a perfect date is to swap on Tinder. 

Do you know when is the best time to use tinder boost 2024

If you are interested in someone or liked someone’s profile you can freely knock about them. This is the most powerful feature of Tinder.

Now, you may wonder what is the role of using Tinder boost while looking for the perfect match? How often do you get a tinder boost? What does purple lighting mean tinder?

Let just dig deep to know the best time to use boost on tinder.

At the later place, you are going to acquire some dreamy bonus tips for having a perfect match on Tinder. Don’t Miss Out!

What Does A Boost Do On Tinder?

what does tinder boost do

Everyone wants their profile on tinder to get more likes and more swiping. This is what tinder boost helps to make it possible with your average Tinder handle. 

In layman’s words, tinder boost is a paid service offered by Tinder that helps you in reaching your profile at the topmost position for some time. 

It can increase your Tinder profile’s swiping rate to double the average, for a maximum of 30 minutes. But what’s the best time to boost on tinder?

With the new Tinder update, this featured also tends to the next level. The new version is Tinder Super Boost that can boost up to 100 times more views as well as likes. On one’s trail, we will also discuss how tinder super-boost works?

How Does Tinder Boost Work?

how tinder boost work

There is a thunder lighting sign below on the left-hand side. By clicking on that button you can activate your Tinder boost. 

If you know the best time to use tinder boost 2024 then you could have a huge advantage. You will have two options to subscribe that is Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. With these subscriptions, the user will receive a bonus of a free Tinder boost that lasts for a month. 

By using such a boost you can increase your profile visibility 10x with more likes and swipes. Those who are not having paid subscriptions don’t worry about it, you can buy a one, five, or ten tinder boost at a time. 

Once you activate these subscriptions you will receive a message such as “for best results keep swiping”. This is a very powerful feature offered by Tinder that can hike your overall appearance and reach out to your perfect match. So know this best time to boost on tinder and get your perfect match as well. 

When’s The Best Time To Use Tinder Boost?

best time to boost tinder

Many people assume that the best time to use tinder boost Reddit is about evening time from 6 pm to 12 pm. This is the time when many tinder users are active and swiping their matches on these dating apps. 

As per the data and statistics available on the web, it was noted that Monday is the best day to use tinder boost. Other days were also count in it, but the tendency of getting a perfect match is high on the weekends, especially on Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

In the below sections you will have a better understanding of which day have much more tendency to grow more. 

There are also some tips and tricks to find the best time to use tinder boost.

What Time Is Tinder More Active?

best way to use tinder super boost

The major question asked by many users is that what is the best time to active tinder boost? There are many studies and research that has been done to answer this question. 

As we discussed above that tinder users are highly active during weekends. This is because many of them were looking for a date to make their weekend special. 

There are some simple tips and tricks that you may follow while boosting your tinder account. Some of the tips are mentioned next in this article to know the best time to use tinder boost 2024

Basically, while knowing the best time to boost on tinder, you have to figure it out during which time most of the tinder users are swiping on the app. According to statistics, it was recorded that during mornings and afternoons people are active for chatting or looking for new matches. Swiping rate is less during this period of time.

Which Is The Best Time To Use Tinder Boost Reddit?

It was noted that the peak time of tinder active users is 9 pm to 11 pm. If you use tinder boost during weekdays, then the tendency of getting more likes as well as swipes will be less compared to using it on weekends.

⧫⧫Handy Tip For Best Time To Boost On Tinder⧫⧫

All you have to find out the best time to activate your tinder boost. For example, during this Covide-19 pandemic, people are settling down at their homes because of lockdown. That means more people are active socially. This is a great opportunity to boost your Tinder profile. Also, if there is bad weather or raining people are usually stuck inside their places. This sounds like a perfect time to use tinder boost.

What Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Tinder?

While using the Tinder dating app you should have to avoid these five major mistakes that are listed below:

Mistake No.1
Tinder is based on your appearance which means you have to be updated timely. Avoid using your outdated photos, post some latest pictures of yours. If you are a boy then go for posting some full pics instead of only selfies. You have to sorted while choosing the photographs showing your good appearance and shape. You can also use some of your family pictures just to reveal that you are a friendly or happy person.

Mistake No.2
The major mistake that you might do is not keeping your introductions as simple as possible. Many of the tinder users are writing a long bio that seems to be very boring. Try making a short and catchy introduction. Do not tell everything about yourself in your bio. Create some curiosity that other people will try to catch you up to know you more.

Mistake No.3
Try to use the tinder app in various other countries. This will make another person be curious to know you more. You guys have various different topics to chat and sometimes one can get their perfect match. You can have more attempts to meet many boys/girls in the big cities.

Mistake No.4
Don’t be too late to ask a guy or a girl for their mobile number and fixing a meeting. It was founded that many people are running fake profiles. Indeed. This sucks. Whenever you find a perfect match just meet them as soon as possible.

Mistake No.5
Don’t use a fake accent to impress girls. This is the biggest problem that seems in boys that they are not real while talking to the girl they found as a perfect match. According to the research, it was noted that girls definitely pay attention to the way of talking of any other guy. They can sense if you are being too much nice to them as you are not a real person. Try to ask some simple questions and try to know more about that particular person.

💡 5 Golden Rules To Tinder 💡

After discussing the major mistakes done on Tinder here are some golden rules to use tinder

  • Use At Least 5-6 Good Photographs
  • Try A Catchy Opening Line In Bio
  • Get The First Meet As Soon As Possible
  • Get Offline Quickly 
  • Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Wholesome Advice For Getting Better Tinder Boost Results

First, understand that Tinder Boost is not a free service that you can use multiple times.

But you can make the most out of it if you know the best time to use tinder boost. For that, you should know these helpful hacks listed below:

Avoid Using Tinder Boost If You Are Busy

If you are using a tinder boost and not able to reply to messages as soon as possible then there is no use. 

  • When there is a fresh match, many users are excited to communicate. Do not miss this chance!
  • Tinder will boost your profile more quickly if you are replying to text rapidly. Tinder also increases your hidden profile score.
  • Don’t delay in texting matches. This doesn’t well if you are using tinder boost.

Don’t Use Tinder Boost For A Bad Profile

If your tinder profile sucks then no matter how many times you are boosting your profile. Nothing will be going to change at all. This can reduce your swiping rate which is very disappointing. If you are flushing your money and nothing receiving in return will make you feel more frustrated. First set a cool and decent profile picture. So that investing your bucks will give some satisfactory results.

Do Not Use Tinder Boost While Traveling

The main task of using tinder boost is to enhance your profile’s visibility 10 times on average. While locating to another city, tinder automatically reduces the boost rate. There may be fluctuating results that means sometimes you can get a strong boost or sometimes you may receive more swipes. If still you want to make a date then their is an option of using VPN services. Yes. using a VPN you can change your actual location and can be able to make a perfect match while traveling. Here is the best to time of VPN black friday deals 2024 where you can find a amazing discounts over all VPN companies. 

💡 Connecting Tips To Get More Matches During The Tinder Boost 💡

Always remember that you are advertising yourself if you are using tinder boost. That means your profile has to stand out loud to receive more likes and matches. 

  • #Tip1: Use Smart Profile Pictures (It must be attractive)
  • #Tip2: Write Catchy And Interesting Bio That Compliment Your Profile Pictures.

These tips will definitely boost your profile. So follow them and see the results.

Do You Know What Is Tinder Super Boost?

tinder likes and hearts

What if you will receive 100 likes instead of 10! Just like a regular boost, this tinder super-boost also helps in connecting you with various other profiles. 

Tinder super-boost will spread your profile for a longer period of time at the topmost positions. The pricing structure of this super boost may vary because this is a new feature offered by tinder. 

Therefore, the only thing you can do is just to find out the best time to use tinder boost or this super boost. 

The cost of super boost is also very nice which means you have the choice to set boost for 3, 6, or 12 hours. In the US the initial time for using tinder super boost is around three hours which is more than enough. 

You can use 10 boosts to bump out your tinder profile in such an amazing way. Although you will have a great chance to find your perfect match. 

Wrapping Up

Hope you get to learn a lot after reading this complete guide such as everything about tinder. All the tips and tricks that are provided above are proven and very helpful. If you follow the same we assure you that a bunch of matches is waiting for you. So get more swiping than before by utilizing the best time to use tinder boost 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Day To Boost On Tinder?

As we have discussed in the above article, during the weekend especially on Sunday is the best time to apply tinder boost. 

Is Boost Worth It On Tinder?

Depends on your appearance. If you are good-looking and have an attractive personality then you dont need any kind of boost. People will automatically reach out to you and like your profile. If this is not you then yes such a tinder boost will help you in finding your match. 

Does It Matter What Time You Swipe On Tinder?

This may be quite a technical or sorted question. See if you are swiping more but no active users are their then it is completely a time-waste. But similarly, if you swipe more when huge people are active then you may get great results. 

How Do I Get More Likes On Tinder?

You can follow tips and experience great results by having more likes as well as more swipes.

Why Is Tinder So Hard For Guys?

Because some of you are using fake accents while communicating with girls. This will create a bad impact on your personality. Many of the boys are looking for an attractive beauty rather than a good personality. That is why guys find it hard to use the tinder dating app.