Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming 2022: Home Vs Pro Edition

Using a PC or Windows version for gaming is much easier as compared to Linux and macOS. That is why people look up the best Windows 10 version for gaming 2022. Windows 10 is the latest and best for gaming because of its outstanding operating system. In this guide, we will know about all the latest Windows 10 editions for gaming so you can choose the best out of them. But first of all, let’s start with the facts that you must know about Windows 10.

What Are The Major Facts About Windows 10?

Here we have mentioned some of the prime factors of Windows 10 that every gamer should know. 

  • With the update of Windows 10, a new useful Continuum feature has come. It detects that the device is connected to a keyboard or any device with a touch interface. So when you remove the device it will be converted to a touch-friendly interface. 
  • The start menu feature has now become alive just as in Windows 8. In the previous versions, users face difficulty to find the applications on devices. But now with Windows 10 you can easily go to the start menu and search for various programs such as mail, maps, weather, and many more. This feature is available for both PC and touch screen users.
  • It has developed multitasking better with “Task View”. With this, you can see all open Windows in one place and allows you to activate the task view interface. Moreover, you are allowed to create a desktop by opening the task view and adding multiple tasks to it.
  • You can adjust or resize the start menu that is suitable to the lower part of your device Window. 
  • There is a new Snapping function has been launched with Windows 10. With this, you can now resize Windows and can work on multiple desktops. This feature is also better to switch between apps and makes your scrolling better.
  • The charms bar is still available on Windows 10 which was estimated that can be removed. Because the Windows 8 users were not much satisfied with that. So Microsoft has totally denied it and provides Charms bar with the latest Windows 10 version.

These are some of the major things which everyone should know about. Now it’s time to explore the best Windows 10 version for gaming 2022 Reddit. 

Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming

Bottom Line
Windows 10 Home Version
Windows 10 Home
Bottom Line
1. Superior For Gaming
2. Provides Xbox One
3. Game Mode And Gaming Bar Feature
4. Sync Windows On Your PC
Windows 10 Pro Version
Windows 10 Pro
Bottom Line
1. Remote Dekstop
2. Multiplayer Feature
3. Ultra Technology To Run Virtual Computers

The two most popular and best version of Windows 10 for gaming 2022 are:

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro

They both are superior for gaming but here we will get to know which version of Windows 10 is best for gaming. Along with this, you can also check out VPN for LAN Gaming so you will not face ping, lags, and DDoS attacks while playing.

Windows 10 Home Version For Gaming Download

It is the most popular and best Windows 10 version for gaming with an outstanding operating system. It provides enhanced security or network management and is the most popular Windows 10 edition for gaming. Compared to this, Linux and Mac devices are very complicated and restricted to use. As per Microsoft, you can not obtain or use any other thing Windows 10 Home for playing games. 

Besides this, you will also get some shortfalls with Windows 10 Home versions, which are:

  • Mandatory Updates
  • Irregular Crashes
  • May Slowdown PC

However, these imperfections can be settled down by doing some easy ways and you do not need to use any heavy computer wizard. 

Why Is It The Best Build Of Windows 10 For Gaming?

As we all know that Windows 10 Home has special capabilities to play various games. So here are some of its amazing features for gamers that make it the best Windows 10 OS for gaming.

  • You are allowed to connect with the overall Windows ecosystem with the necessary gaming capacities.
  • With this Windows 10 version for gaming Reddit, Xbox live account can be accessible with Windows 10 Home.
  • If you are having an Xbox One then you can play any game on any PC with a local network.
  • A Game Mode feature is provided with Windows 10 Home. With this, you can stream live while playing a game straight through PC without using any additional tool.
  • You can sync the whole Windows on your PC.
  • Another best tool is Gaming Bar by which you can handle all gaming features easily. Also, let you track your Hardware and Software performance. This is a great feature for those gamers who loves to share a wide group on gaming.

These are some best Windows 10 version for gaming 2022 that make it amazing for gamers. Besides this, know how to add addons to Minecraft on Windows 10 devices.

Why Windows 10 Home Graphics Are Best For Gaming?

Whenever we talk about Graphics for gaming then Windows 10 Home has a maximum screen resolution of 4k. The graphics of a device does not control by OS but by the GPU or VRAM. Besides this, you will get the original HD resolution (1080 x 1920) on any game. 

Another best thing about Windows 10 Home version is its Xbox. This is a consumer system that is created on Microsoft Windows platform as the graphic capabilities are a problem faced by many gamers. 

What Is New Update On Windows 10 For Gaming Home Version?

The new updates of Windows 10 Home can be seen in its OS abilities. But you also have to tackle the risk of distaining game settings. Some auto-updates can affect your gaming parameters because these updates cause widespread destruction to your gaming routine. Also, it affects your gameplay if you earn with streaming or posting videos.

What Is The Price For Windows 10 Home?

The 64-bit OEMs Windows 10 Home single license price costs you $119.

Windows 10 Pro Version For Gaming

Windows 10 Pro provides some extra features for advanced security for business purposes. But both Windows 10 Home and Pro versions are the same for gaming. Nothing major difference has been noted on both versions. 

With this Windows 10 Pro version, you will get a Remote desktop feature but this too will not make your gaming experience much better. This edition is not as much the best Windows 10 version for gaming as compared to Home version. Now let’s describe its features to know more about them.

Is Windows 10 Pro Good For Gaming?

To know whether is it the best windows 10 version for gaming low-enc PC or not. Here are some handy features that are availed by Windows Pro version for gamers.

  • The Windows 10 Pro version provides a “multiplayer” feature by which you can create a virtual environment. This feature is also good for checkout the installed programs safe or not.
  • You can run virtual computers with the “Ultra” technology offered by Windows 10 Pro.
  • This Ultra technology function is very helpful when you run virtual machines on a desktop.

What Is The Price Of Windows 10 Pro Version For Gaming?

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro version costs you $199 and registration will be sustainable till your device keep going.

Comparison Between Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming: Windows 10 Home Vs Pro

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro Version

Although there are not many differences between both of these versions for gaming. But the Windows 10 Pro version is better for business use. Besides this, there are other major differences between the Home and Pro versions of Windows 10, which are:

Remote Desktop

This is the primary difference between these two best Windows 10 version for gaming. You get this feature with Windows 10 Home but does not work properly with it. With this Home version, you can not control your PC remotely. Moreover, you can use this feature with third-party applications. So it is better to use this application on Windows 10 Pro version.

Trusted Boot

This Trusted Boot keeps your PC safe from rootkits and malware-free by working with the Secure Boot. This function is available on both the Home and Pro Windows 10 version for gaming. It provides top-tier security to your device.


This function is used to run virtual machines on CPU to support virtualization. If you are willing to use VM then this feature is worth it with Pro version but you can also get some free products with it. This feature is only available with Windows 10 Pro version which you have to separately install on your device.


This function is also only available on Pro version. With this, you can encrypt the overall disk and files on your system. It is not available on Windows 10 Home version but it still keeps your device safe from unauthorized access. 


Both Windows 10 Home and Pro versions have different pricing. The Windows 10 Home version will cost you $119 and $199 for Pro. Both versions cost an additional price for upgrades.

What Are The Similarities Between Windows 10 Home And Pro Version For Gaming?

Besides differences, there are some similarities between both versions as well. 

  • Both Pro and Home versions are the best and fastest Windows 10 for gaming.
  • You are allowed to connect a device to an internal network with Xbox live feature.
  • You can view the hardware specs and GPU or CPU performance with both of them.
  • Provides Game Mode features and improves your gaming experience by freeing up space.
  • Both provide better features to enhance your gaming experience with Windows 10.

How To Choose Best Windows 10 For Gaming Performance?

When we look up the best Windows 10 edition for gaming then it must have these major hardware requirements. These are:

  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Video Card
  • USB Ports
  • Sound Cards
  • Ethernet Adaptors
  • Hard Drives 

These are all the important requirements for the best win 10 for gaming. But first of all, you have to decide whether you want a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 10. We recommend a 64-bit PC is best for gaming or if you are using an out-of-date processor then 32-bit is a good choice. If you are confused to use which version PC then follow these easy steps:

  • Press the Start button on your device
  • Search for System and go to the System Type
  • Here if you see an x86-based processor then go for 32-bit Windows. Or if there is an x64-based processor then buy Windows 10 64-bit version for gaming.

Does Windows 10 Version Affect Gaming?

Yes, Windows 10 is the best operating system for gaming. It provides various features like native games mixing, retro titles, and Xbox one streaming. The Windows 10 version improves your gaming experience. To get your Windows 10 gaming version optimized you have to keep these points in mind:

  • Optimize your Windows 10 version for gaming
  • Improve your gaming performance
  • Optimize Windows 10 gaming for faster DNS
  • Automatic updates should be disabled
  • Notifications also must be disabled
  • Adjust visual effects of Windows 10 version for gaming for better improvements
  • Keep your Windows 10 version updated for the better gaming experience

Conclusion: Best Version Of Windows 10 For Gaming

Windows 10 Home version is best for gaming as compared to Pro version. Because it is totally dedicated to improving your gaming experience whereas Pro version is better for business purposes. However, it provides various features but these do not improve your gaming experience as compared to Home version.

So we recommend Windows 10 Home good for gaming and you can definitely go with it.

Which Is The Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming, Home Or Pro?

Windows 10 Home version is best for gaming because its amazing features improve your gaming experience more efficiently as compared to Pro version.

Which Windows Is Best For Gaming 10 Or 11?

Windows 11 has come up with new updates and better performance. So it is more likely to be the best version for gaming compared to Windows 10.

Which Windows 10 Version Is Fastest For Gaming?

As compared to their features Windows 10 Home is the fastest over Pro.

Which Is The Best Windows 11 Version For Gaming?

Windows 11 Home is the best choice for gamers like its previous version. It provides all the amazing features that you need to improve your gaming experience.

Which Windows 10 Version Is Best For Performance?

Windows 10 Home version has the best gaming performance as it provides advanced features.

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