What is Antivirus and Why You need it in?

Today everyone is connected to the internet in different ways. They share information and valuable data which helps faster information flow and work. Like in the real world people want easy money and do crimes. The same comes to the cyber world. Some experts who understand the technology and they ...

Avast vs AVG 2023 – Which Is Better Antivirus

Avast and AVG technologies are one of the top-rated antivirus software available in the market. Both software arises from a single company as AVG technologies is acquired by Avast in July 2016. This Avast vs AVG  comparison helps you to make a wise decision while choosing any of this antivirus ...

Top 10 Best Security Antivirus for Windows 10

Data stealing can be the biggest threat to any person and incidents related to these are also increasing day by day. By using your data, any person can do malicious tasks without your knowledge. So, securing your data has become very important for us. Most of our data are kept in electronic devices ...