Where Are WordPress Post And Pages Stored?

Are you struggling in finding Where Are Posts And Pages Stored in WordPress?  If you are using a WordPress website then you must have basic knowledge of WordPress Here in this guide, you will get answers to Where Are WordPress Posts And Pages Stored along with some bonus tips. These bonus tips ...

How To Fix Err_Connection_Refused Error In Chrome

While loading WordPress or any other website, sometimes we all get some technical issues. This includes the error named err_connnection_refused. Error is not only restricted to Google Chrome but on other browsers as well. When your requested website refused to connect with chrome, then ...

What is a transparent proxy & how does it work? 

Technically proxy is a server that acts as a middle man between the internet and user requests. The transparent proxy also does the same thing but without modifying any requests hence the name transparent. In this article, we have explained what is a transparent proxy & how it works and its ...

Setting Up Contact Form 7 On Your Website

Email marketing has been for quite a long time now and even in it still holds the same importance for website owners. Email marketing methods have evolved over the years and those using WordPress websites can use a plethora of WordPress plugins like contact form/ninja form etc to build up their ...

How to Use VPN on PS4

PS4 is an amazing gaming console, which is not less than a masterpiece and perfect for the gamers. Having so many features made it so popular in a shorter duration. Using VPN on PS4 is one of the amazing features that totally changed the online gaming streaming services. Nowadays geo-location-based ...

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