Bumble Ban Appeal 2023 [Top Methods To Get Unbanned]

Bumble is a well-known dating app and networking application. It has gained almost 50 million users by 2023. This is the perfect platform to find a perfect match for yourself. The most fascinating feature of this platform is only women can begin the conversation.

But what if your Bumble account gets banned suddenly? Yes, sometime-bumble bans the user’s accounts intentionally or accidentally. But, you don’t need to worry; we have the best solution to get unbanned from Bumble or the Bumble ban appeal process.

In this informative article, we will provide you with the necessary information regarding the appeal Bumble ban which will help you get back your Bumble account.

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What Is Bumble Ban Appeal?

In simple words, a Bumble appeal ban is a process wherein users who have been banned or restricted to use the Bumble application can request a review of their account suspension. If your Bumble account has been banned mistakenly, there is a possibility of getting unbanned from the platform. That is an appeal Bumble ban, you can send your ban appeal to the Bumble support team and request them to reconsider your Bumble ban.

Why Bumble Ban You?

There can be many reasons that Bumble considers for banning someone’s account. Below listed are the common reasons you may check them out:

  • Having a fake account: If you use the platform by creating a fake profile using a false number and other fake information, Bumble can ban your account, and after that, you won’t be able to log into your Bumble account again.
  • Commercial Activities: Those accounts will be strictly banned by Bumble if they use the platform for the purpose of selling goods or services.
  • Self-promotion: Using the Bumble platform to promote your other social media accounts can be the reason for your Bumble account being banned. Basically, you use this platform to gain more followers for your social media accounts.
  • Spamming: If you send the same message to every match, then there is a high probability that your account will be banned. 
  • Illegal activity: If you are found to have engaged in some illegal activity, you will be banned on the spot.
  • Sexual harassment: If someone spreads hate and disrespects others, including body shaming, bullying, and misogyny. Or make others uncomfortable by posting such disgusting stuff. Then there are high chances of being banned from the application.

So these are the main reasons to ban a Bumble account. So if you want to consistently stay on or use this platform, you must avoid making these kinds of mistakes. 

How To Get Unbanned From Bumble?

Methods To Get Unbanned From Bumble

If your Bumble account gets banned somehow, then you urgently need to know the reason behind the ban. Also, you have to know the solution, such as how to get unblocked from Bumble or the Bumble ban appeal process. So there are 2 ways to get unbanned from Bumble that we mentioned below:

  1. Appeal a ban to Bumble Support Team
  2. Make a new profile

Let’s discuss these 2 methods in detail.

Method 1: Appeal A Ban To The Bumble Support Team

An appeal Bumble ban will be useful only if you believe that your account was suspended mistakenly. Then you can use an appeal Bumble ban on the platform. But if the reason is different, like its community guidelines were violated by you, then this method won’t work.

Let’s understand how Bumble ban appeals work. Generally, Bumble doesn’t have a formal process for ban appeals. If you believe that your ban was a mistake, you can contact the Bumble support team directly. There are some simple steps to appeal a ban or contact the support team.

  • Visit Official Website: To appeal a ban and get unbanned from Bumble, first of all, you need to visit the official website of Bumble.
  • Select The Reason: Here you have to choose the reason why you contact the Bumble support team. We would like to recommend you choose ‘Check, why I was blocked’.
  • Enter Your Details: Fill in your details, including your name or email. Also, provide details, such as which version you are using (BIzz, Date, or BFF) and on which device.
  • Provide A Detailed Explanation: Now you need to explain how the ban is unjustified. Also, provide the relevant details that can support your appeal or prove that the Bumble ban was either a mistake or a misunderstanding.
  • Attach Documentation: If possible, you can attach some valid documents or screenshots that can make your appeal more solid or strengthen your claim.
  • Click On Submit Button: Once you complete your appeal, review it once, then click on the Send button to submit your Bumble appeal ban.

After completing the appeal Bumble ban process, you have to wait a little longer for their response about the ban on Bumble. They reviewed the appeal and sent the response via email that you have filled out the Bumble ban appeal.

Method 2: Make A New Profile

If your ban is rejected or unsuccessful you can try another effective method which involves creating a new profile on Bumble. You have to need either a new number, email ID, or Apple ID to create a new account on Bumble or to sign up.

During your Bumble account ban, Bumble may have collected your details and blacklisted them. So if you want to create a new account on Bumble, you will need a new number or Facebook account. Moreover, Bumble can easily identify you if you use the same details and information or even if you use the previous payment method that you used for your suspended Bumble account.

So if Bumble has banned your account for another reason or your ban appeal is rejected or unsuccessful, So you will only have one option which is creating a new account. Changing your device’s ID, IP address, or GPS location are some simple tips that can help you create a new account.

Can I Quickly Get Unbanned From Bumble?

If you want to unban from the Bumble platform quickly then you must use a strong and the best VPN that easily bypasses your ban. It will get back to your Bumble account within less than 48 hours. You have to wait a little longer with the Bumble ban appeal process as compared to using the VPN. So it can be great to use a VPN to unblock your Bumble account.

Get Unblocked From Bumble Using A VPN

Using a VPN is the best way to get unbanned from Bumble quickly, as the natural process may take too much time. So the instant solution is to use a VPN to unblock Bumble. Here we are providing some simple steps that can help you easily get your Bumble account back. So have a look there:

  • Open up your browser (suggested: Chrome).
  • Then install NordVPN on your device.
  • Create an account on it. By log into NordVPN
  • Now select a plan accordingly.
  • Connect to a Bumble-available server.
  • Now open Bumble application.
  • Create a new account.
  • Now, continue to chat with Bumble.

These simple steps will help you easily get back your Bumble account. Moreover, to get NordVPN at a discounted price, you can use a NordVPN coupon code that will give you a huge discount of 90%.

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Does Bumble Block Your IP Address?

Yes, Bumble can block your IP address if it finds it suspicious. For example, if you are trying to make an account on Bumble with new information, and Bumble banned your account again, that means Bumble has already banned your IP address. Only one option can save you from that, using a VPN.

A VPN can easily change your IP address by connecting to another server where the real IP address remains secret also you can change your GPS location. You can easily save your account from being banned from the Bumble platform, by using these useful tricks. Also, check out process of accessing the Wizz restricted account.

How To Avoid Bumble Ban?

If you want to enjoy the Bumble platform for a long period of time or avoid a Bumble ban, then you must follow the terms and guidelines of the platform. Here are some tips to prevent the Bumble ban you may check out:

  • Always protect your Bumble account with a strong password to prevent hacking attempts. Sometimes, malicious hackers may target user accounts for pranks or to take revenge.
  • Make use of a strong VPN to hide your IP address so that your account is safe from being banned from Bumble.
  • Always remember, while engaging in conversation with someone or other activities adhere to the platform’s rules and guidelines. Violating the guidelines of the platform may lead to your account being banned.

So these are some useful tips that you must always follow while using the platform so that you will not have to face such trouble.

Can I Get Unbanned From Bumble?

There are mainly two options such as appealing a ban to the Bumble support team or creating a new account. You can apply accordingly to get unbanned from the Bumble platform.

Why Am I Banned From Bumble For No Reason?

This might be a misunderstanding to ban you from the platform for no reason. So it will be better to file a Bumble ban appeal and also mention in your appeal that you are innocent and wrongfully banned from the platform.

Are Bumble Bans Permanent?

Yes, Bumble bans are permanent, as there is no temporary ban on Bumble like Facebook. If you get a notification of a Bumble ban, that means you have been permanently banned from this platform.


We know Bumble is an amazing platform, but its sudden ban hurts. If you are kicked off this platform, then to get unbanned from Bumble you can try a Bumble ban appeal or implement the above-provided methods, which can surely help you get your Bumble account back.

Also, we have mentioned all the methods that will clarify how to get unbanned from Bumble. If your Bumble ban appeal or creating a new account idea does not work, then you can use NordVPN to quickly get back your Bumble account.

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