How To Change Domain Name On WordPress?

WordPress website domain name is what people use to access your site. While you have to purchase this domain name before hosting WordPress. A domain name is the most dependent thing for a site. Once, you have registered a domain name for a particular site then it will set for a lifetime. In any condition, if you need to change domain name of the site; it can be risky to do.

But, is it possible to change the domain of a site?

Yes, it is possible to change the domain of the site by using the control panel. However, changing a domain seems like a difficult task. It would be difficult only for changing traffic. Most noteworthy, change routing traffic from your old domain to the new domain is risky. Otherwise, change a domain name has a few simple steps. But, the question is to arrive at why one needs to change the domain name of the site.

Reasons to change domain name on WordPress site

Maybe, there are various reasons but a few important we are discussing.

  • Business is rebranding one name to another
  • The old domain is suffering from a site-wide penalty
  • Merging multiple properties in one domain
  • Before, you have a less popular domain
  • Want to build a more user-friendly URL
  • Want to reduce your online marketing costs
  • Increase web traffic

These are a few important reasons for which a user changes the domain name of a website.

Changing domain name on WordPress website

There can be many methods to change a domain name but we are discussing a simple one. Before changing the website domain, there is little preparation essential. Certainly, we need to take a few precautions and made a prototype.

Pre essential preparation

Before processing the domain name changing, you should have the following preparation.

  • Know what you are doing
  • Prepare a prototype of the task
  • Access to Cpanel & FTP
  • Should have a domain name
  • Should have a backup of everything

You will need FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to take a step for the domain change. You want to change the WordPress site domain name then use the WordPress control panel. Apart from these, the most important thing is to make a full backup manually or export the database.

Steps to take for changing a domain

There are a few steps when you need to take to change domain name on WordPress website migration.

  • Log in to your hosting account of the website domain.
  • Go to the control panel setting of the domain.
  • Click on website builder Icon.
  • Next, to the domain name in right there is the option of change, click on it.
  • A menu will drop down and click on the change domain option of the menu.
  • A pop up will appear, Pick Domain Name and then apply.
  • Then select the domain which you like to use for the website and then apply.
  • Now, a website builder editor will open up and allowing to revise this site.
  • After all changes in settings, hit save and publish your site.
  • A pop up will appear “Are you sure?” then hit yes on it.

And at last, you have successfully changed your domain and the website is live now.

When you are switching a new domain, make sure that visitors are redirecting a new site instead of the old one. To correct this result, you must set up a 301 redirect page. Besides these steps of changing a domain is simple. Follow these steps carefully and your site will migrate to the new domain.