Why Is Chat GPT Not Working On Chrome, Laptop, Phone In 2023

Chat GPT is an AI tool that helps individuals and businesses with many tasks. However, many users have reported a problem with Chat GPT not responding or working. But don’t worry, we have got your back, as in this article, we will give you answers to the most frequently asked question, “Why is Chat GPT not working?” and the solution.

Due to server issues, a poor internet connection, or corrupt cache and cookies on your browser, Chat GPT not loading. Here, we have discussed all the possible reasons why is Chat GPT unavailable and all the ways to fix it.

In this article, we have discussed 10 possible ways through which you can solve this issue. So, you can use any of them to fix the problem of ChatGPT not working.

Why Is Chat GPT Not Working On My Phone Or Laptop?

There are many possible reasons why Chat GPT may not work or respond. Here, we have listed some of the reasons why is ChatGPT not working on my laptop, phone, or computer:

  • Overloaded Server Issue- This is the most common issue faced by users. At peak hours, when many users try to access Chat GPT simultaneously, it leads to a problem. As a result, the server crashes, and you are unable to access Chat GPT at your end.
  • Internet Connection Issue- Poor internet connection issues can lead to your Chat GPT not working on Chrome. A Slow or poor internet connection creates a problem while accessing Chatbot, and as a result, it fails to load. You would be getting an error message “Something went wrong”.
  • Browser Cache and Cookies- The cache and cookies of your browser or device can cause an error in the functioning of Chat GPT. These corrupt caches and cookies disrupt the smooth functioning of the Chat GPT bot. Only clearing them can solve your problem.
  • Use of a VPN- Sometimes, a VPN connection that is switched on in your phone or laptop can make Chat GPT not loading. Because of the VPN, you won’t be able to access the Chatbot.
  • High Traffic- At times of high traffic, servers, and Chat GPT not responding. It is usually during business hours that businesses use the bot. Because many users attempt to try the bot at the same time, which makes Chat GPT not working on Safari, firefox, or Chrome.
  • Geo-restrictions- In some countries, Chat GPT is banned. If anyone from that country is trying to access Chatbot, then they can’t. To fix this problem, you can try using a VPN and connecting it to a server in a country where Chat GPT works.
  • Chat GPT on Update- Sometimes, when Chat GPT is updating its features or it’s under maintenance, it might not work. But no need to worry, it would just be a problem for some time. After which, you can easily access Chat GPT.

How To Fix Chat GPT Not Working?

How to fix chat gpt not working

Till now, you have understood the problems because of which your Chat GPT not responding on mobile, laptop, or computer. Now, it is time to get to know the solutions to fix this issue of Chat GPT not loading. There are a total of 10 possible ways, discussed below, through which you can fix Chat GPT not responding.

Clear Browser Cache And Cookies

When you are unable to access Chat GPT on your phone or computer, it can be because of a corrupt browser cache and cookies. So, you have to either clear your browser’s cookies or your system’s cache and cookies. You can also try deleting your browser history.

Go to your phone’s settings to clear up the cache and cookies. To smoothly clean up all the corrupt cache and cookies in your browser, follow the instructions. Visit the “site settings” of Chat GPT> Click on “clear data”> Again, click on “clear”. This way, your issue with Chat GPT not working on Firefox or Safari will be solved.

Check Your Login Credentials

Make sure you are entering the correct login credentials to sign up for Chat GPT. With the wrong Chat GPT, you won’t be able to access Chat GPT. So, you should ensure that you are using the correct username and password while logging in.

Turn Off Chrome Extensions

Extensions running in the background of your phone or computer can create a problem while accessing Chat GPT. So, you have to disable all the extensions that are running. Here, we have provided a small process through which you can disable it, in case you don’t know.

Open your browser> Go to Manage Extensions> Disable all the extensions running. Now, check if Chat GPT is working or not. If still, Chat GPT not working on mobile or laptop, then you have to disable your VPN extension as well.

Restart Browser

Sometimes, if Chat GPT not loading, then it can be a problem with the browser and not the server. So, you can try restarting your browser to fix the problem. Not only will restarting resolve the problem of Open AI ChatGPT not responding, but it will also fix other problems.

To restart your browser, follow the instructions:

  1. Close the browser and all its tabs.
  2. Open any of the browsers on your phone, and for laptops or computers, click on the icon on the taskbar to open the browser.
  3. Then log in to Chat GPT.

Reload The Chat GPT Page

Sometimes, it happens that you are searching for something on Chat GPT, leave the page, and come back after some time. But after some time, the page will show “something went wrong” and Chat GPT not working on Chrome. However, this is not a serious problem; you just have to reload the page.

So, just reload the page to use Chat GPT again. If you worry that you are going to lose your previous work, then just click on the sidebar to get the history of all of your previous work. This way, you can solve the problem of ChatGPT not working or reloading.

Restart Your Computer Or Phone

You need to try restarting the device you are working on. So, if you are wondering why is Chat GPT not working on my computer, laptop, or phone, then let me help you out. If disabling extensions and reloading the page, didn’t solve your problem with Chat GPT not loading, then restart the device.

Before restarting your computer, phone, or laptop, make sure you save all the important files or tabs you were working on. Then turn off your device and start it again. After which, log in to Chat GPT and see if Open AI ChatGPT is loading or not.

Check Internet Connection

As a result of a poor or unstable internet connection, Chat GPT won’t work on your end. Without heavy traffic or overloaded servers, it can be because of internet connection issues that you are unable to access Chat GPT not working on Mac or Windows.

If you are using an Android or any other device, then connect it to 4G. It would be best to use Chat GPT without any issues if you connect your device to a stable and good internet connection.  

Check Chat GPT Status

Whether you are a free plan user or a paid user, everyone has faced a problem with Chat GPT’s black screen. It happens due to a problem at the Chat GPT end. They are either updating the application or bringing any changes to Chat GPT.

In this situation, you can’t do anything to fix the problem. So, you just have to wait for the problem to be solved on their end.


The Chat GPT not working on VPN problem can also be caused by the VPN you are using. So, another method that you can try to fix Open AI ChatGPT not loading is to switch off the VPN and then turn it on again. First, you need to disable VPN running and check if Chat GPT is running now.

If the problem is still not resolved, then it could be because of the current VPN server. That’s why you have to change the server of your VPN and then try accessing Chat GPT. You can also turn on any VPN extensions to check if they are working or not.  

Contact Chat GPT Support Team 

If any of the above methods don’t work and still your Chat GPT not working on my phone, then you have to contact the support team. After trying and testing, if nothing works out, then you have to contact the Chat GPT support team to fix the problem.

You can fix it by:

  • For account- For those who have a Chat GPT account can log in to their account and click on “Help” to contact the support team.
  • For no account- If you don’t have an account, then don’t worry. You can still contact the support team at ChaT GPT.

How To Fix ChatGPT Not Working On An iPhone?

There could be a few reasons why Chat GPT won’t work on your iPhone or iPad. It runs smoothly on Android, but on the iPhone, it shows some kind of problem sometimes. However, no need to worry; we have got you covered here too.

Check out the solutions to fix Chat GPT not working on iPhone or iPad:

  • The best option to try out would be to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version.
  • You must clean up all the cache and cookies on your system.
  • Updating to the latest system would help you make Chat GPT work on your device.

This is a simple and easy way to make your Chat GPT work on an iPhone or iPad.

Is Chat GPT Down?

No, it would be wrong to say Chat GPT down. Sometimes, due to heavy traffic or fewer resources, users won’t be able to access Chat GPT. This might lead them to feel that the Chat GPT is down. But that’s not the case.

So, you can try to update your free version to a premium one. With a paid subscription to Chat GPT, you would never face this problem. This is the only solution to this problem! 

What To Do If Chat GPT Not Opening?

If you are somehow unable to open Chat GPT, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. Just follow the process mentioned below to make it work out and fix the problem of Chat GPT not working on my phone or computer:

  1. Visit the Open AI app.
  2. Check out their official information.
  3. Then look out for the Chat GPT official bot details.
  4. After which, Chat GPT might get into server maintenance mode.
  5. Just wait some time to get the app back.

So, you have to just follow the process to fix the problem of Chat GPT not opening. Apart from that, it would take just a few minutes to fix the issue of the Chat GPT not opening.

What To Do If Chat GPT Shows “Our Systems Are A Bit Busy At Ahe Moment; Please Take A Break And Try Again Soon”?

Sometimes, at peak hours, there is heavy traffic at Chat GPT, and when you want to search for something, they might show “Our systems are a bit busy at the moment; please take a break and try again soon”.

So, the error is raised at the time of heavy traffics of servers. However, there are a few ways to fix this problem of Chat GPT not working right now. So, check out the solutions to this error:

  • The foremost thing you can do is switch to a premium version of Chat GPT to avoid this kind of error.
  • You can choose to wait sometime and refresh the page to access Open AI Chat GPT.
  • Try to access Chat GPT at non-busy hours.

During heavy traffic hours, you can try out these methods to solve your problem with Chat GPT.

Why Has Chat GPT Blank Screen?

Usually, a blackout in Chat GPT can be because of the overcrowded servers. Whenever there is an overload or more demand, the screen of Chat GPT completely goes blank, and then Open AI Chat GPT not working on my phone.

Generally, a blank screen means that the Chat GPT not responding because of overcrowded servers, and you either have to wait for the load to decrease or switch to an advanced option.

How To Fix Chat GPT Sign Up Not Working?

Many users have reported the problem of being unable to log in or sign up for Chat GPT and, in return, Chat GPT not working right now on their end. Then you can try out some of the methods listed below to work through your Chat GPT sign-up process:

  • You can try clearing your cache and cookies, or you can simply refresh them.
  • Try refreshing your browser page from where you are signing in to Chat GPT.
  • You can try to sign in incognito mode.
  • Check for any extensions running in the background that can cause the Chat GPT sign-up not working. So, if anything is running, just disable it and check again.
  • If all the above methods don’t work, then you have to sign up on a different device.

Any of the above-mentioned methods can be used to solve the problem of the Chat GPT sign-in process not working. So, whenever you face this problem, just use these methods.

What Are Some ChatGPT Not Working Errors?

If you are facing the problem of Chat GPT not working, then it can be because of many errors. These errors tend to decrease the speed at which Chat GPT responds.

Here, we have listed all the possible Chat GPT errors because of which it might not work:

  • Chat GPT is not working on Chrome.
  • Chat GPT is not working on Android.
  • The Chat GPT keyboard is not working.
  • Chat GPT Bot not working.
  • ChatGPT not working on iPad.

These are the most common problems faced by most of the public while using the Chat GPT. So, no matter what above-mentioned problem you face, you just have to follow the methods we have mentioned to fix it. 

Conclusion: Chat GPT Not Loading

There can be many reasons that will make you think, “Why is Chat GPT not working on my laptop or phone”. Because of poor internet connection issues or heavy traffic, your Chat GPT not responding. But in the above part, we have discussed ten ways through which you can solve the problem of Open AI Chat GPT not working.

After clearing the corrupt cache and cookies, restarting your browser or device, and turning off extensions, you can make Chat GPT work. Apart from these, there are many different issues that are faced while using Chat GPT that can be removed.

What To Do If Chat GPT Unavailable In Your Country?

In some countries, if Open AI ChatGPT is unavailable, then you can use a VPN to access it. First, check Chat GPT Available Country List and find out whether Chat GPT is available in your country or not. If it’s not available, then you can use a VPN to connect to a server in a country where Chat GPT is available. Here are some Best VPN For Chatgpt mentioned that will help you to run Chatgpt smoothly in your region.

Is Chat GPT Not Working On Android?

Yes, it does. Chat GPT works on all Android operating systems. You can open Chat GPT on your Android device and simply start to work on it to search for information.

Why Is Chat GPT Enter Button Not Working?

Well, there can be many reasons why the Chat GPT Enter button might not work. So, if Chat GPT not working, you can try to clear all cache and cookies and then try to press the enter button. There are some other obstacles; if you try to remove them, then you can make the enter button of Chat GPT work.

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