How To Choose The Best Vue.js Developer?

The story of Vue.js begins in 2013 when software developer Evan You was working at Google experimenting with different prototypes within a browser. During this time, Evan used many handy practices from other frameworks he used at the time and officially launched Vue.js in 2014. So here we will make it easy to choose best Vue.js developer with some simple steps.

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces (UIs) and single-page applications (SPAs). It is used for both desktop and mobile app development projects. Vue.js’ HTML extension and JS base quickly made the framework a highly favored front-end tool, adopted by many major global companies such as Behance, Adobe, Gitlab, Alibaba, and Xiaomi. Today, it is the third most popular front-end framework used by around 3,409,825 websites.

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The Advantages of Using Vue.js

Not only is Vue.js lightweight and intuitive with the added benefit of extensive HTML functionality, but there are several other advantages of this framework and different ways it can be used effectively in a tech stack.

Small size

The success of a JavaScript framework typically depends on its size. Usually, the smaller the size is, the more it will be adopted by users. One of the biggest advantages of Vue.js is its size. This framework’s size is just 18 – 21KB. It takes almost no time to download and use.

Easy to learn and understand 

Many developers prefer Vue.js because it is easier to understand than heavier frameworks such as Angular and React. Anyone who has experience in working with front-end development tasks can master it quickly in just a few days. The only requirement for understanding Vue.js is to have knowledge of the ‘big three’ web development technologies: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 

Simple integration

Many Vuejs developer specialists also prefer the framework because it facilitates them to efficiently integrate with existing applications. This is because the framework is based on JavaScript and can easily be integrated into other applications built on JavaScript. This means that Vue.js is useful for developing new applications as well as changing pre-existing applications. 

Easy customization

Vue.js is a great tool because all of its functions are readily available. And developers can efficiently name the function as they like. All segments can have separate functions, making it easier to customize applications according to individual requirements.

Excellent support 

Vue.js is completely backed by the open-source community. It relies on the contributions of developers and the donation of sponsors to grow and evolve.

Vue.js benefits users by offering top-quality and responsive support. Most queries to the platform are resolved in just a matter of hours. 

Great documentation 

The documentation of Vue.js is constantly updated. It includes an easy-to-follow introductory guide and a valuable overview of the API. Some developers believe it is one of the most detailed documentation available for this type of framework.

The benefits of using Vue.js are vast. But to understand just how valuable it is, it is essential to understand exactly what can be created with this framework. Let’s explore: 

Different Applications a Vue.js Programmer Can Create 

Vue was designed to be flexible and easily adaptable. As a result, programmers can use it in many different ways.

Web and mobile applications 

VueJS is primarily used by programmers to build web interfaces. However, it can be applied to both desktop and mobile app development thanks to its HTML extensions and sturdy JS base working with an Electron framework. 

Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

Some applications need non-trivial stateful logic on the front end, as well as rich interactivity. The best way for programmers to create such applications is to make use of architecture where Vue.js not only controls the entire page but also manages data updates and navigation without the need to reload the page. These applications are usually referred to as Single-Page Applications and can easily be designed by Vue.js programmers.

Embedded web components

Vue.js programmers can use the framework to build standard Web Components that can be integrated into any HTML page, no matter how they are rendered. This option enables programmers to use Vue.js in a completely consumer-directed way: the consequent web components can be used in static HTML, legacy applications, or applications built with other types of frameworks.

Standalone scripts

Programmers can use Vue.js as a standalone script file where no build step is needed. If a backend framework already exists that already renders most of the HTML, or the logic of the frontend isn’t complex enough to include a build phase, this is the simplest way to incorporate Vue.js into the stack. 

How to Choose a Great Vue.js Specialist

vue.js Developer Qualities

Because of its many benefits and uses, Vue.js developers and specialists are in high demand. But how can businesses choose the best Vuejs specialist as part of their remote tech support team?


A degree in Computer Science is beneficial for most Vue.js developers. Though it’s not a prerequisite to becoming a skilled programmer, a good theoretical background understanding of networks, algorithms and computers expand a developer’s ability for decision-making.


It’s important to consider the quality of a Vue.js developer’s experience, assessing the solutions they solved, the type of platforms they created, the results delivered, and other outsourced technical support services provided. They can be evaluated based on the transferable skills from a previous Vue JS project. 


Before hiring a Vuejs programmer, it’s important to have an outline of all the required skills for a specific job, matching each skill and level of ability to the preferred candidates. This can be done for both hard and soft skills. Some of the abilities a good Vue.js developer should ideally have, include frontend and backend development, problem-solving and excellent communication skills, as well as other technical support specialist abilities. 


Certifications are proof of knowledge and acquiring certifications indicates a willingness to learn. The ideal Vue.js developer candidate should always be open to learning new things.

The Final Word 

Vue. js is a highly-popular open-source front-end JavaScript framework designed to help developers build excellent user interfaces, as well as single-page web apps, websites, and mobile applications. With its many advantages and uses, businesses can only benefit from hiring skilled and experienced Vue.js developers offering top outsourced development and outsourced IT support services. 

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