Claude AI Available Countries 2023 [Access Claude AI From Anywhere]

Anthropic, an AI safety and research company, recently inaugurated its AI chatbot named Claude, a rival to Chatgpt and Google Bard. This updated version of Claude was built to deliver “Helpful, Harmless, and Honest” answers to the user’s queries. And the plus point of this AI chatbot is that it is more conversational and has a natural language.

Sadly, Claude AI is not available everywhere because it is currently in the development and testing phases. So, due to the unavailability of Claude AI in some regions, users won’t be able to access this beneficial AI software.

In this Informative article, we will provide you with the complete list of Claude AI available countries so that you can use it without facing any trouble. Without wasting time, let’s get to know Claude AI supported countries list in 2023.

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Claude AI Available Countries List 2023

Countries Where Claude AI Is  Available

A list of Claude AI countries available is provided below:

AngolaAntigua and BarbudaArgentina
BulgariaBurkina FasoCabo Verde
ComorosCongo, Republic of theCosta Rica
Côte d’IvoireCroatiaCyprus
Czechia (Czech Republic)DenmarkDjibouti
DominicaDominican RepublicEcuador
El SalvadorEstoniaFiji
GuyanaHaitiHoly See (Vatican City)
MaldivesMaltaMarshall Islands
NepalNetherlandsNew Zealand
NigerNigeriaNorth Macedonia
Papua New GuineaParaguayPeru
Saint Kitts and NevisSaint LuciaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
SamoaSan MarinoSao Tome and Principe
Sierra LeoneSingaporeSlovakia
SloveniaSolomon IslandsSouth Africa
South KoreaSpainSri Lanka
Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic ofTogoTonga
Trinidad and TobagoTunisiaTurkey
TuvaluUgandaUkraine (except Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions)
United Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited States of America

So these are the countries where is currently available. Now make use of this latest AI to ease your work. Users from these countries can take advantage of this Claude 2 AI software. In these regions, it is available in public beta for those signing up through the Anthropic website.

If you are a user from outside the Clude AI available countries and want to use this chatbot, then you have to wait a little, or the best option you can opt for, is to make use of a VPN for accessing the Claude AI.

How To Access Claude AI Outside The Available Countries List?

Above, you know the Claude AI available countries, and have a clear idea that Claude AI is available now in maximum countries. Now users have queries about how to access Claude AI outside the list of available countries.

The best way to use Claude AI from outside the country where Claude AI is available is to use a VPN. To Access Claude AI in unavailable countries, you can make use of any VPN (recommended: NordVPN). So here we are providing an instructional guide that will clear your doubts regarding using Claude AI. You may check them out below:

  • First, Install NordVPN software on your device and subscribe to any plan
  • Now create an account through sign up
  • Then log in to NordVPN
  • Once the downloading is complete, tap on the arrow located downside to open the search box. Simply type any available country name there and connect to the server
  • After successfully connecting to Claude AI available countries server, open your browser and head to Claude AI
  • Now register for Claude AI with your Gmail
  • Next, fill in your details; remember that you are over 18 then continue by agreeing to their terms and privacy policy.
  • Congratulations! You will receive your first welcome message from Claude 2 AI.

So these are some easy steps that you should follow before using a VPN to access the Claude AI chatbot.

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Why Do You Need A VPN To Access Claude AI Outside The Available Countries?

If your region is not appearing in the Claude AI supported countries list, then you need a strong VPN that can help to bypass the geo block. As we know, Claude 2 is in the testing phase, still developing, and available only in some countries currently. So users from those countries where Claude AI is not supported need a VPN to access Claude AI.

If a user outside of the Claude AI available countries tries to access the chatbot without using a VPN, they will receive a notification from the Claude team that, regrettably, Claude AI is not available in your region now, but we are working hard to expand it to other regions. Soon, it will be available in your country. However, Claude AI does not launch completely in other countries; it is available in 159 countries now, so a VPN is the only option you have.

A strong VPN will help you to change your real IP Address and connect you to a server where Caude AI is available. You will be able to easily use Claude AI for your work using a VPN.

Why Claude AI Is Not Available In My Country?

If your country name is not mentioned in the Claude AI available countries, then it means AI is not accessible in your region. There can be many factors behind the unavailability of Claude AI in your country. The first reason could be that it’s in the testing phase or still developing. Let’s get to know more about the reasons for the unavailability of Claude 2 AI in your region.

Due to the different legal requirements and policies of some countries, the government restricted the use of AI as it accesses an extensive amount of data, plus AI is strictly banned in countries of some data privacy policies, regulatory constraints, and licensing agreements.

That’s why the service of Claude AI has not been available in some major countries. With the passage of time and increasing demand for AI, it will be possible for it to be available in every country.

Which VPN Is Best To Access AI Chatbot Outside Claude AI Available Countries?

NordVPN is the perfect VPN to access the AI chatbot from anywhere in the world. The server availability of NordVPN is 5400+ and in more than 60+ countries. You can easily rely on NordVPN, as it has advanced security features such as 256-bit AES encryption that fully secures your internet connection. Plus, it has no strict log policy, and it never collects the data of users.

So if you want NordVPN with a huge discount to get access to Claude AI, then simply visit the website and search for a NordVPN coupon code. As with the top NordVPN features, it will be easier for you to access this AI from outside the Claude AI available countries.

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Is Claude Better Than ChatGPT?

Well, both software are best at their respective places and perform unbeatable tasks, including coding, summarization, writing, searching, and more. Still, Claude 2 has more additional features than ChatGPT in the context of usability, performance, and safety. Plus, its safety features always ensure to generate beneficial and inoffensive outputs.

Benefits Of Using The Claude 2 AI Model

There are endless benefits to using Claude AI. Following are some major advantages of having Claude AI chatbot:

  • Assisting As A Personal Assistant: Claude is able to schedule meetings, set alarms, create content, send reminders, and much more.
  • Providing Exact Answers: Claude AI always provides exact answers to users’ queries. Also, there is no chance that the answers are biased or false.
  • Create Business Applications: Claude AI is an expert in modernizing various business processes, such as human resource management, market research, and customer service.
  • Operating Reachers: Claude AI can deeply research the internet, describe complex topics, conduct literature reviews, and summarise large documents.

Final Words

That’s how you know how to access Claude AI if your region does not fall under the list of Claude AI available countries. In spite of not being available everywhere, you can still use AI with the help of a VPN. In the above article, we have mentioned all the information you need to know about Cluade 2 AI. Soon, this AI will be launched everywhere, and you can easily take advantage of it.

Is Claude 2 AI Available In Australia?

Yes, Australia has recently been added to the list of Claude AI available countries. Users from Australia can easily access the Claude 2 AI without any trouble.

Is Claude Free To Use?

Yes, Claude AI is completely free to use in countries where it is available. You can simply visit the Claude AI and log in with your credentials. If you are not a user of these countries, you need to use a VPN to access Claude AI in your region.

Is Claude AI 2 Available In Canada?

Yes, Claude 2 is available now in Canada. Canadian users can take advantage of this beneficial software.

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