Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro Comparison 2022 – Is CSP Worth It?

Clip Studio Paint (CSP) is one of the best digital art software that helps you in drawing professionally. Anyone can use this software whether you are a beginner or a professional artist. Here we are going to compare its two versions Clip Studio Paint Ex vs Pro.

People often get confused that which one is better for them. Through this guide, we will discuss all of the similarities and differences between Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex. It will help you to decide which suits you Clip Studio Paint Ex or Pro.

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What Is In This Article?

  • Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex Review
  • About
  • Similarities
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  • Differences
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About Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint was developed by Celsys Inc. a Japanese graphic software company. It was earlier known as the Comic studio and was released in 2001. Clip Studio Paint is compatible with all platforms like Windows, Android, Laptop, iPad, etc. It offers amazing digital art features in its two versions called CSP Ex and Pro.

In this guide, you can compare Clip Studio Ex vs Pro software to know which is better. Also compare their services, price, and eligibility to use.

Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro Review 2022

In our previous article, we have discussed all the pros and cons of clip studio paint. Here we will see the difference between clip studio paint pro and ex. If you are running out of time then you can have a look at the summarized table of CSP Pro vs Ex;

FeaturesClip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
Single page illustration
Manage Files
Vector Layers
Customize Tools
Animation Tools✓ (Up To 24 frames)
File Export✖ 
Print And Export✖ 
Number Of Materials 
PricingStarts at $49.99Starts at $ 219

To know the latest deal and offer on Clip Studio Paint you can visit the Clip Studio Paint Discount Coupon. Clip Studio Paint Ex is an added version of Clip Studio Paint Pro. Let’s see all of the similarities and differences of clip studio Ex vs Pro in detail.

Our Recommendation

If you are confusing between CSP Ex and Pro which one to buy??? Then we personally recommend you to buy Clip studio paint pro as it has all the basic features that an artist would need at their beginning. Also, it is cheaper than clip studio paint ex. Click on the below button to get a discount of 50% on clip studio paint. 

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Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex: Similarity


Single Page illustration And Comics- With single-page illustrations and comic features, you can customize your comic color whether you want to keep it black and white or color. CSP pro and CSP Ex both have this feature. Here, Both Clip Studio Paint and Clip Studio Paint Pro work the same.

Vector Layers–  You can draw on a vector layer to maintain the quality of your lines after scaling or transforming. Both Clip Studio Paint and Clip Studio Paint Pro will give you the equivalent feature.

Customize ToolsClip studio paint provides you natural and customizable pen and brush tools so that you can customize every drawing tool for your different drawings. Both CSP Pro and CSP Ex have this feature.

Number Of Materials Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint Ex both provide you the same number of materials such as tools, color palette, etc. Over, here you will get the same advantage with Clip studio paint and clip studio paint pro.

Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro: Speciality 


Clip Studio Paint Pro is best for character art, concept art, and illustration. On the other hand, Clip Studio Paint Ex is best for manga, comics, and animation.

Difference Between Clip Studio Paint Pro And Ex


Manage Files Clip Studio Paint Ex can manage your multiple-page comics and manga illustrations in a single whereas CSP Pro can not manage your file into a single file. Over here, CSP Ex has an edge over CSP Pro.

Animation Tools With this animation tool feature, you can create animated illustrations or full-length animations. In CSP Ex you can create as much you want but in CSP Pro you can create animation up to 24 frames long. Over here Clip Studio Paint Ex has an edge over Clip Studio Paint Pro.

File Export You can easily convert images and 3D models into dot lines and shading for comics or design work. This feature comes with only Clip Studio paint Ex. CSP Pro does not have this feature. Over here CSP Ex has an edge over CSP Pro.

Print And Export CSP allows you to print or export your multiple pages files in a variety of formats. Though this function is not compatible with iPad/iPhone/Galaxy/Android/Chromebox Version. Clip Studio Paint Ex has this feature whereas CSP Pro does not have it. Here, CSP Ex has an edge over CSP Pro.

Clip Studio Paint (CSP) Pro Vs Clip Studio Paint (CSP) Ex Pricing Comparison


Clip Studio Paint Pro starts at $49.99 on the other hand Clip Studio Paint Ex starts at $219. Clip Studio Paint Ex is more expensive than Clip Studio Paint Pro. Yet it provides so many advanced features it values the money.

However, Clip Studio Paint Ex gives more features and functions so you can choose any of them according to your requirement. To get a discount on these products you can check on Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code here you will get many offers.

Product Cost Is Clip Studio Paint Pro Worth It?: Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro

Clip studio paint pro is one of the best software plans for CSP. It is an inexpensive and fully featured comic plus drawing-making software. This software considers best for beginners or newbies for them this software would be a great start. 

It is a budget-friendly software that offers great performance along with a wide range of point tools plus color tools. Also, provides you free access to its library with an easy-to-use interface. 

Clip Studio Paint is completely a worthy software. Many of the users want to know clip studio paint a one-time purchase? Then you can read a detailed article by clicking this link. 

Clip Studio Paint LogoCan You Upgrade Clip Studio Paint Pro To Ex?

Once people buy clip studio paint pro they often get confused about whether they can upgrade CSP pro to Ex or not??? Well, here is the answer to this question. Yes, you can upgrade Clip studio paint pro to ex. 

The users who have single one-time buy software of CSP Pro for Windows, Mac can upgrade it to the CSP Ex version. 

However, the users who own the limited edition of Clip studio paint pro included with the Wacom product can not be upgraded to the Ex version.

Product Cost Is CSP Ex Worth?: Clip Studio Ex Vs Pro

After comparing clip studio paint ex vs pro we found that CSP Ex is worth spending money on. It provides many great features and assets along with very useful tools. Plus it is compatible with both Mac and PC. According to our research, CSP Ex is worth the money.

Also, read: Is There A Free Version Of Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint Logo Is Clip Studio Paint Ex Payment Worth?

Yes, Clip studio paint is worth buying you just have to pay $49.99, and then you can have clip studio paint permanently. Its paid subscription is available for windows and macOS also you will get access to free updates, customer support, tutorial community forum, etc.

Clip Studio Paint Logo Can You Buy Clip Studio Paint Permanently?

Yes, You can buy clip studio paint permanently from its official website. You can pay monthly for CSP ex or pro version according to your suitability and budget.

Can You Get Clip Studio Paint For Free?

Yes, You can get clip studio paint free for but some days by using its Clip studio paint free trial that finely works for upto 6 months also it will support Windows and macOS.

Clip Studio Paint LogoWhich Software Is Good For Animation Clip Studio Paint Pro Or Ex?

While choosing between clip studio paint ex and pro, clip studio paint ex would be a great option for animation. As it provides the best features for creating comics, manga, animations, and other drawing arts.

Clip Studio Paint specialities

Clip Studio Paint LogoDo Professionals use Clip Studio Paint?

Yes, Professionals do use clip studio paint as it comes with an amazingly easy-to-use interface so that anyone can use it.

Customer Support Of Product Customer Support Of Clip Studio Paint

Responsive customer support is a basic need of any consumer or user. Clip Studio Paint provides 24/7 customer support their customer support officer is available day and night to solve your queries. You can ask your query by logging into their inquiries and customer support page. That means clips studio paint is good at providing decent customer support.

final verdict Our Final Verdict On Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro Comparison

So, finally, we are at the conclusion section after analyzing all the aspects of CSP Ex and Pro we found that both the software are best at their own pace. Also, it is one of the best software for beginners that comes at low prices. 

Both CSP EX and Pro fulfill user requirements by providing an adequate amount of features and services. While choosing between clip studio paint ex and pro first check your requirements and then purchase any of it accordingly.

FAQs: Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro

Here are some of the top user queries regarding Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex

  1. Can You Have Both Clip Studio Paint Pro Or Ex?

    If you have CSP bundled license then you can have both of its versions but the CSP Pro offers limited features in this.

  2. Which Is The Best Version, Clip Studio Ex Vs Pro?

    Both CSP ex vs pro are good at their place but the Pro version has limited features. Whether the Ex version provides unlimited advanced features to create stunning arts.

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