Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop: How They Compare?

As of now, there are plenty of creative software available which are specifically made for Digital Artist. Both Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint are popular software widely used by many professionals. Both of them are similar as in they are meant for specific use by Digital Artists but at the heart, they serve a different purpose.   In this Comparison between  Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop, we will explore the similarities and differences they share.

If you don’t have much time to read the article you can take an overview with the infographic below:

Difference Between Clip Studio Paint And Photoshop

Photoshop vs clip studio paint

Here you get an idea of which is better clip studio paint or photoshop. These are the main points to compare both the software.

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Brief Introduction To Photoshop And Clip Studio Paint


Adobe Photoshop: This software is used by many photographers and professionals for image editing and graphic designs due to its comprehensive features. Adobe is a top-rated company in the digital art or drawing industry for many years. Photoshop was launched in February 1988 and got named for the concept and visual art development.

Clip Studio Paint: The software is used by the creative artist who creates animations, comics, or concept arts. The main quality of this software is that it has a fusion of three software which is a great advantage for the creation of digital comics. Clip studio paint was launched in 2001, after 13 years the release of Adobe Photoshop by CELSUS which is a well-known Japanese company.

Compare Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop for Design


Photoshop: The software has a very classic black interface to visualize your all saved documents and folders. For Creating New File- There is no specialized section for the creation of animations or comics in CSP but in Ps, there is a large section for this purpose.  The program has a better presentation of their menu and presets. Also, in Ps, you are allowed to select any color mode and advance ed options like color profile and so on.

Clip Studio Paint: The software has a pure white interface which is not so good compare to Photoshop. For Creating New File- It opens a window that will ask us what we want to create, a comic or an animation to select the size of the canvas from a vast list of presets. Also, the program allows us to create our own custom size with a resolution of the image log.

Here both software has an option to change the color theme for the general interface. In that case, Photoshop is better than clip studio paint.

Photoshop Versus Clip Studio Paint- Color Theme

Color Wheel Difference

Color Theme

Photoshop: The software has a new upgraded version of the color wheel. Previously user has to use external plug-in colors that will give the desire color wheel in that particular section.

Clip Studio Paint: The color wheel is already equipped within the software. Additionally, CSP has various other useful tools in the color section called proximate color. Here, these windows will allow you to control colors better for your art illustrations.

Art Comparison Between Clip Studio Paint Or Photoshop

For a professional artist, it is important to choose a digital art software that is good in functionality and provides juicy tools not only just for a beautiful presentation.

Photoshop Vs Clip Studio Paint- Brushes


Photoshop: The application provides a common brush extension “.ABR” through which you can find tonnes of brushes online. Brush Locations- Photoshop display all brushes on the same window. You can organize these brushes into various folders by using the latest version of Photoshop.

Clip Studio Paint: This software has their own system of brushes with the extension “.TDF” and offer a wide range of brushes. Brush Location- CSP separates its brushes into six different categories. These are:

  1. Ink Brushes- Includes markers and pens
  2. Dry Media- Pastels, and Pencil
  3. Painting Brushes- Water Color, and Oils
  4. Airbrushes
  5. Effects- this includes Patterns, Naturals, Vintage, and many more
  6. Blenders

 Using these categories you can add or splits the brushes via shortcuts, for example, three dry brushes with the shortcut of P, Wet Brushes with B, and Blender with shortcode of J.

Clip Studio paint vs Photoshop- Shape Tools

Shape Tools

Photoshop: The application provides some limited options as their initial library is awful compared to Clip studio paint.

Clip Studio Paint: In this application, the shape tool is named by material tools, and it has its own window located on the right corner of the software. 

Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint- Filters & Blending Modes

Blending Mode

Photoshop: As compared to Clip studio paint, this software provides an impressive amount of filters along with high pass filters. Photoshop has an exclusive blending mode for color mixing in your artwork.

Clip Studio Paint: The application also has some decent blend tools that will mix colors very naturally. CSP blend mode has the option to add glow and glow dodge.

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop- Performance


Photoshop: This must be important to know that adobe photoshop offers more than 150 layers of illustrations and it performs very nicely. It lags only in flipping the canvas or adding some specific effect or filter.

Clip Studio Paint:  Overall the software runs seamlessly without any fault but when it reaches approx. 60 layers illustration will start pop-up a message box again and again which is quite annoying.

Which Is Better For Animation, Photoshop, Or Clip Studio Paint?

Though both software provides similar options for animation such as frame-to-frame editing option.

Photoshop: There are some advanced options that Adobe photoshop provides to their users. By using Ps, artists have an advantage of software’s capability with top-notch animation illustrations. It offers a list of video transitions in addition to their other features.

Clip Studio Paint: Program has useful presets for animations and an exclusive upper bar that is completely dedicated to the Clip Studio Paint animation tool. It provides an option to add a camera while making animations.

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Is Clip Studio Paint Is Better Than Photoshop?

Both, Clip studio paint and photoshop provide a similar upper bar with windows such that layers and filters function. However, Clip studio paint has an exclusive section that is dedicated to animations whereas Ps does not have such tools.

Therefore, photoshop or clip studio paint both software offers similar tools but the only difference is that they are arranged differently.

Photoshop has an exclusive section dedicated to 3D tools and sponge tools but does not offers many additional tools for animation as compared to CSP.

Clip Studio Paint provides a ballon and frame border tool for comic creation and also an additional window called material- which is a very useful tool to create shapes of people, building and alike 3D models. The upper bar of the software provides many options for animations.

What Makes Adobe Photoshop Unique?

Photoshop is one of the highly used photo editing software. There are various reasons to choose Ps but the main highlighted feature is “Liquify”. This feature makes photoshop the most desirable and powerful program in the digital art software industry. In Clip Studio paint, mash transformation does the same function.

How Good Is Clip Studio Paint For Animation

Clip Studio Paint is well-known software famous for animations and comic designs. The most highlighted feature of Clip studio paint is

Line Stabilization: For those who are struggling with their lines while performing in digital art software, this program is very helpful them. Compare to photoshop, it requires an additional plugin for this feature.

Vector Line: One of the great advantages of CSP. It can create amazing vector layers that make you feel like you were painting with vectors and so neatly. Photoshop does not provide such polished 3D-tools.

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Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Pricing Structure

There is a huge difference in the pricing structure of both software. As compare to clip paint studio, adobe photoshop is much expensive. Where CSP, provides $149.97 yearly one-time payment Photoshop offers $239.88 yearly. Which is a very high amount for beginner or nonexperience artists.

photoshop pricing plans

Clip studio paint comes with two versions Ex and Pro. And they both offer a one-time payment mode to their customer. CSP Ex is specialized in comics, animations, and manga art. CSP Pro is specialized in illustrations, concept, and character art.

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Photoshop has only one version plus a free trial for 30-day with cloud storage. Therefore, in comparison of the pricing structure between Clip studio paint and photoshop, CSP has an edge over Photoshop.

Final Verdict- Who Wins In Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop Comparison

Both software provides similar functions and features. If one software is good at designing interfaces the other is good at animation illustrations. We will let this decision on you to find which software is good between Photoshop or clip studio paint. If you are a beginner and want to start a project with a professional outlook, then our recommendation to you is Clip Paint Studio because of its vast and advanced features.

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FAQs- Photoshop vs Clip Studio Paint

Do Professionals Use Clip Studio Paint?

Yes. Many professionals choose CSP for their artwork. The software has tremendous features and tools for making a project so professional.

Is Clip Studio Paint Good For Beginners?

Definitely, it is good for beginners. It has very easy-to-use software compare to adobe photoshop.

Does Photoshop Reduce Quality?

No. Photoshop is a top-rated photo editing software and it does not reduce picture quality.

How Much Does It Cost For Adobe Photoshop?

As mentioned above, it is quite expensive compared to clip studio paint. It has yearly charges of $239.89 which is a very high price.