Best Cloud Storage For 4k Video 2024 

Love shooting and streaming videos in 4k quality? Then you must be searching for the best cloud storage for 4k video. Then don’t worry we are here with the list of the world’s most famous and best 4k video cloud storage that you should give a try once. 

So continue reading this article till the end to know what features you should see in the best cloud storage to store 4k video. We will also explain all the major cloud storage providers in detail. As well as we will also provide a quick guide that you can follow to store the data.

Which Is Best Cloud Storage To Store 4k Video In 2024?

There are many cloud storage service providers in the market that you can use to store and stream your 4k videos. We would like to recommend you to pCloud as it comes with many advanced features and strong security.

Buy pCloud – Best Cloud Storage For 4k Video

Buy now one of the most used Cloud storage for 4k videos at a very discounted price.

How To Choose Best Cloud Storage For 4k Video?

There are many features provided by cloud storage companies. But before buying any of the 4k video cloud storage you should see the given features to make a great choice:

  • Security: The first thing you should notice in a cloud storage platform is security. Cloud storage should be based on 256-bit AES encryption and zero-knowledge encryption to protect your data. 
  • Storage: 4k video takes up a lot of space in the cloud storage. So you should always go for a heavy cloud storage provider. This will also reduce the chance of lag and buffer while streaming the videos on the platform.
  • Speed: It should be able to provide high-speed uploading and downloading speed in the app or on the site. So you can upload larger 4k videos with good uploading speed.
  • Inbuilt Media Player: If your main preference is to buy the best cloud storage for 4k video. Then you should always look for the inbuild media player so you do not have to use any third-party application to stream the videos.
  • Easy User Interface: Everybody loves services that come with an easy user interface. All the articles should be properly placed on the app or site. That will help you to use and explore all the features and functions on the platform without any trouble.
  • Compatibility: The best cloud storage for images and 4k videos should be compatible with all platforms. So you can store and play 4k videos on any of the devices of your choice.

So, these are the features you must explore before buying the best 4k video cloud storage.

Top 6 Cloud Storage For 4k Video 2024

Top 6 Cloud Storage For 4k Video

There are many best cloud storage provider companies available in the market in recent times. Below are some of the best cloud storage to store 4k videos we found for you after exploring and researching their features.

  1. pCloud
  2. IceDrive
  3. Google Drive
  4. One Drive
  5. Sync
  6. Mega

Below we have discussed these cloud storage to store 4k video service providers in the detail.

pCloud – Best 4k Video Cloud Storage

Buy pCloud – Best Cloud Storage For 4k Video

Buy now one of the most used Cloud storage for 4k videos at a very discounted price.

pCloud is our first and top pick in the list of the best cloud storage for 4k video. It is a complete cloud storage service provider because it comes with all the necessary features. All the files and 4k videos will remain protected in their service because it is based on zero encryption and 256-bit AES encryption. You can also work as a team by pCloud transfer files with others. They can also edit and update the files with your permission.

You can easily access all your files and 4k video with just pCloud login because of the easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. pCloud comes with fast uploading and downloading speed so you can upload your large 4k videos in a few minutes. You can store your data for longer periods of time because it comes with pCloud 10TB lifetime deal. They provide an inbuilt media player so you can also stream the videos on the same platform.

pCloud Individual plans & Pricing

PlanspCloud AnnualpCloud Lifetime
Pcloud Premium 500 GB$49.99$199
pCloud Premium Plus 2 TB$99.99$399
pCloud custom plan 10 TB$1190

pCloud family plan & pricing

PlanspCloud Lifetime
pCloud 2TB family plan$595
pCloud 10TB family plan$1499

pCloud Business plan & Pricing

PlanMonthly pricingYearly pricing 
Business $9.99$7.99/month ($95.88/year)
Business pro$19.98$15.98/month ($191.76/year)

Apart from that, You can apply pCloud 500GB promo code to get upto 65% discount on its 500GB plan.

IceDrive – Secure Cloud Storage For 4k Video

Security should be your first priority while purchasing even if it is cloud storage or any other thing in the world. That is the reason we have included Icedrive in our list of best 4k cloud storage. Icedrive is the only cloud storage service provider that comes with a bulletproof Twofish algorithm. That means your data will remain secure on the app.

You can store 4k videos as long as you want on the cloud storage servers because they come with lifetime cloud storage plans. You can store and stream your 4k video on any of your devices because it is compatible to use on almost every device.

IceDrive Pricing

IceDrive PlansLite (150GB)Pro (1TB)Pro Plus (5TB)
Monthly Plan$1.99/month$4.99/month$17.99/month
Yearly Plan$1.67/month$4.17/month$15/month

IceDrive Lifetime Plan

IceDrive Plan NameLite (150GB)Pro III (3TB)Pro X (10TB)
Lifetime Rate$99$499$999

Google Drive – Easy To Use 4k Video Cloud Storage

Google Drive is one of the easiest cloud storage for 4k video. All the icons and features are properly works and placed in the app or on web. There is no need to think about your data loss because it automatically backup all your photos and 4k videos. You can stream your 4k videos even if you are offline after downloading them. 

It has its own media player in the app where you can stream these videos without any lag and buffer. That’s why it comes in the list of the best pCloud alternatives. Google Drive accepts all types of file types so there is no need to use any third-party app to open RAR, 7z, and TAR format files. It provides 15GB of free data to store photos and videos.

Pricing Of Google Drive

Google Drive Plans 100GB Plan 200GB Plan 1TB Plan
Monthly Amount$1.99/month$2.99/month$9.99/month
Annual Amount $19.99/year$29.99/year$99.99/year

OneDrive –  Smooth Streaming 4k Video Cloud Storage

OneDrive is created by one of the most popular and trusted company Microsoft. It is one of the best cloud storage for 4k video when it comes to smooth streaming. They provide an inbuilt media player on the platform and automatically back up all your data on the cloud storage.

It allows you to store up to 1TB of 4k videos or data on its cloud storage. As well as it also provides you with 5GB of free data. It is one of the best apps for collaboration. You can easily share your files and work as a team. It comes with an easy great uploading and downloading speed which is why it is one of the best dropbox alternatives.

OneDrive Pricing ( For Home)

Onedrive PlansOnedrive Standalone 100GBMicrosoft 365 PersonalMicrosoft 365 Family
Monthly Amount$1.99/month$6.99/month$9.99/month
Annual Amount$19.99/year$69.99/year$99.99/year

OneDrive Pricing ( For Business)

Onedrive PlansOnedrive For Business (Plan 1)Onedrive For Business (Plan 1)Microsoft 365 Business Basic Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Monthly Amount$5.00 user/month$10.00 user/month$6.00 user/month$12.50 user/month

Sync – Best Feature Cloud Storage For 4k Video

Sync is one of the advanced feature providers in the field of cloud storage. You can access photos, videos, and files from multiple devices by using Sync. It can easily protect your data by automatically backing it up. When it comes to security you can protect your files with the two authentication feature. Sync is based on the 256-bit AES encryption channel.

You can restore your deleted files within 30 days by using its file versioning feature. You can store the maximum number of 4k videos because they also come with a 6TB plan.

Sync Pricing

Sync PricingSolo Basic Solo Professional
Monthly Amount$8.00/month$20/month

Mega – Best Free 4k Video Cloud Storage

Get Mega – Buy Trusted Cloud Storage For 4k Video

Buy now one of the most secure cloud storage service providers in the market at the cheapest price.

Mega offers you a whopping 20GB of free cloud storage for 4k video. It supports all types of platforms including macOS, Windows, Linux, desktop, and others. Mega comes with end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption that protects your files from viruses and attacks.

Mega allows you to store up to 16TB of data on their servers. You can download the files and videos without sign in up on to the platform.

Mega Pricing

Mega PlansPro IPro IIPro III
Monthly Plan$10.15/month$20.32/month$30.48/month
Yearly Plan$8.47/month$16.94/month$25.41/month

Is There Any Free 4k Video Cloud Storage 2024?

Yes, there are many companies that offer cloud storage for 4k video. But we will not suggest you use any of the free cloud storage service providers because they will not provide a great streaming experience. You will face lag and buffer while streaming 4k videos. Instead of free you can use any cheap cloud storage service provider to watch 4k videos on the platform.

How To Setup Cloud Storage For 4k Video?

Setting up cloud storage is very easy. You will not face any problems while setting up the 4k video cloud storage. To set up the cloud storage follow the given steps below:

  • Firstly buy any of the above-mentioned cloud storage services. (We recommend pCloud)
  • Now, log in with your email id or phone no to create the account.
  • After that, you can upload your 4k videos to the cloud storage.
  • Go to the media player section if you want to play the 4k videos in the app.

These are the few easy steps that you have to follow to store and stream the 4k videos on the cloud storage platform.

Conclusion For Best Cloud Storage For 4k Video 2024

That’s it, we have introduced you to the best cloud storage service providers that offer to store and play 4k videos on their platform. We have also explained all the features in detail. As well as gives you a quick guide on how you can set up cloud storage.

Now, it’s time to decide which 4k video cloud storage service provider you should use. We will always recommend you use the service of pCloud because they are the best in the cloud storage game for the past few years.

Which Is The Best Cloud Storage For 4k Videos?

pCloud is the best Cloud storage to watch 4k Video on Cloud storage because it provides great features and an inbuilt media player.

What Are The Best 4k Video Cloud Storage Offers Lifetime Plan?

Currently, there are only 2 well-known companies that offer lifetime plan on cloud storage to store 4k videos namely pCloud and IceDrive.

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