10 gbps unmetered dedicated server

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Cheap 10gbps dedicated server

The use of a dedicated server is best for upgrading speed bandwidth and the performance of your device.  But some of the people are doing work with so many clients with high bandwidth and applications at that time they don’t want any limits on bandwidth, at that time you should go with a 10 Gbps dedicated server.  The simple meaning of a 10gbps dedicated server is transferring your data at speed up to 10 Gigabits per second.  10gbps server is best for downloading a 200GB server backup in just 2 minutes. It clearly means that 10gbps dedicated server offers the best speed and reliability which increases the performance of your device and makes it more powerful. There are so many best companies in across the globe who provide a 10gbps server but in this post, we tell you about those companies from where you can buy a 10 gbps unmetered dedicated server at an affordable price.

What are the key features of a cheap 10gbps dedicated server?

If you are looking to buy high bandwidth dedicated server then choosing a 10gbps dedicated server is the best option for you.  It provides numerous advanced features that are good for the performance of your device.  With these best features, any of your device application will load in less time. 10gbps dedicated server provides the best support and OS compatibility, 100% root access, unmetered resources, and 100% uptime speed. Here are the more key features which the company provides along with the 10gbps dedicated server.

Features of a cheap 10gbps dedicated server

  1. Powerful 10gbps Dedicated server: It provides high powerful 10gbps dedicated server to the users which use the internet at high speed and uses a server for stream video and content management.  10gbps server is really useful and good for playing high server games and any of your web servers and application will load in seconds with the help of a powerful 10gbps dedicated server.
  2. It provides Rock-Solid Network: It provides a rock-solid network server whenever you used 10gbps dedicated server. It has 3 data center facilities that are equipped with rock-solid network.
  3. Unmetered Bandwidth: When you have a 10 Gbps server it means there is no limit of the bandwidth.  It offers wide varieties of unmetered bandwidth in which you will have unlimited dedicated IP’s, unmetered traffic, unlimited resources, storage and etc.
  4. 100% uptime guarantee: When you are using a 10gbps dedicated server you will get full resources and the best speed which make improve the performance of your device. It means your device will also have a 100% speed of uptime from this dedicated server. It provides the best uptime speed without showing any server down issues.
  5. Available at an affordable price: If you want to buy 10gbps dedicated server right now then you can buy it from serverbasket.com because it provides one of the most affordable prices for this server. The company has always made a promise to you that you will never find any other company that provides an affordable rate of the server.
  6. 24/7 support and dedicated server monitoring & troubleshooting: you will get the best technical support at 24/7 from the server and company. It always ensures that you will have the best quality of a dedicated server. Whenever you face any kind of problem with the use of the server, you can have an option of live chat support, email support who finish your concern in very little time.

How many businesses take more benefits from the Interserver 10gbps server?

Well, every business wants to take benefit from the 10gbps dedicated server, but there is some powerful business who actually have a need to take benefits from 10gbs dedicated server.

  1. VPN providers: VPN comes on the top business who has taken benefit a lot from 10gbps dedicated server. You all know that VPN is the biggest hosting server provider and offers thousands of users tunneling all of their internet traffic through a cheap dedicated server.  Generally, VPN doesn’t exceed the speed of 1gbps for the entire month but when they use a 10gbps dedicated server it has increased the capacity to provide that speed of internet connection.
  2. Storage Servers: When storage server companies use a 10gbps server they will get the necessary bandwidth so the servers can back up at nearly the best speed. If you have this you didn’t want to be waiting for hours to restore data while your server is off. This storage server provider also takes the benefit from 10gbps dedicated server.
  3. Big Data and Analytics: Most of the companies are leveraging big data and analytics and sometimes large data sets can become over time. So if you have 10gbps connections you never face such kinds of problems to store large data and it is best for chunks of data to be transferred fast and saving a lot of time and making data processing operation more efficient.
benefits from the Interserver 10 gbps server

Where you can find a cheap 10gbpd dedicated server?

There are numerous of company around the world who provide a 10gbps dedicated server but there are very few who provide it at cheap rates. Here are some of the dedicated server which www.interserver.com does provide you in very reasonable rates.

  1. Xeon E3-1270 V6:
  • 4*3.2GHz cores
  • Ram up to 32GB
  • 500 GB SSD
  • Setup in 8 h
  • Start plan @ $695/month.
  1. Intel Xeon E-2146G:
  • 6*3.5GHz
  • Ram up to 32 GB
  • 500 GB SSD
  • Setup in 96h
  • Start plan @ $729/month
  1. 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4210:
  • 20*2.2GHz
  • Ram up to 64 GB
  • 2*500 GB SSD
  • Setup in 96h
  • Start plan @ $949/month
  1. 2x Intel E5 2650 V4:
  • 24*2.2GHz
  • Ram up to 64 GB
  • 2*500 GB SSD
  • Setup in 96h
  • Start plan @ $1049/month.

This is the top model of a 10gbps dedicated server which provides the best speed uptime storage and performance to your device. You can choose it according to your needs. The plan is simply affordable for you which is starting from $925/m to $1290/m. you will get the best resources along with every plan. So why are you waiting? Choose a plan as fast as above all plans and use a 10gbps dedicated server in your device and make it faster.

10 gbps unmetered dedicated server
10 gbps unmetered dedicated server
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