F- Secure Total Coupon

Nowadays, people are depending on the internet and sharing their personal details online for different usage. Doing so is helpful for people as it saves time. But your personal details can be misused and that is why having security and safety on the device plays an important role. Perfect security provides you the protection to your device and secures your personal details as well from the online threats and hackers. F-secure total is complete security of your device included in one subscription plan.

What makes F-SECURE TOTAL security unique?

Being one of the best cybersecurity with 30 years of experience. Brought the new product called  F-SECURE TOTAL SECURITY AND PRIVACY. it includes premium services like connected home protection and password management along with internet security and a strong virtual private network. Total made to fix security problems that have occurred for a long time. F-secure brought innovation in cybersecurity with highly strong protection with quick detection and response. Its unique technology contains machine learning qualities with human expertise.  The experts of F-security has been involved in many European cybercrime investigations. Its’ products and services are available all over the world and have a highly trusted customer base.


It has three types of plans available, here are the F-SECURE TOTAL saving offers:

  • $67.49 for 1 year, 3 devices. 25 %off
  • $82.49 for 1 year, 5 devices. 25% off
  • $97.49 for 1 year, 7 devices. 25% off


There are few companies that have 30 years of experience in cybersecurity. F-secure continuously upgrading its services to provide the best protection to the customer.  It has gained more customer trust than other companies. Even in many countries, the government can’t force this company to spy on its citizens. Unlike other security software, it provides all security products combined in one.  That means your computer will be protected from all types of malware, cryptoware, Trojans, adware, spyware, keyloggers. And it protects your computer from hackers hijacking your data by encrypting it. It’s browsing prevention feature protects you from visiting sites that contain spammy content and blocks browser to load those kinds of sites.

Its plans are reasonable as compared to other companies because it is providing several services combined in one subscription plan.  It also has 30 days free trial and money-back guarantee.

Device performance

Unlike other security software, F-SECURE hardly consumes any resources of the device. It does not affect system performance or speed. After installing it your system will not go slow down and it will start working efficiently and fast. so it drops good effects on the overall device’s function and performances. It scans your website many times to ensure the protection of your device.

Browser safety

 The browser extension of  F-secure prevents your browser from being infected by malware came from malicious websites. In such cases, the software shows you the warning that you are visiting the site that could affect your device security. Nowadays most people browse the internet and share their details online for banking, shopping or paying bills and these details can be encrypted by hackers and can be misused badly.  so, in these cases the security of your details is mandatory.

F-secure TOTAL for MAC users

There is also a large number of security threats present around for mac also. It is less than windows but its matter of concern. If you are a mac user and searching for the best antivirus for mac, the f-secure total is designed for providing the best security service to mac. When you install it to your mac it firstly allows you a 30days free trial on five devices.