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There are a lot of platforms today, which provide you the facility of domain registration and website hosting. Many of them promise you about providing great services, but many of them fail in fulfilling their promises. And this failure directly impacts you. So choosing the right web hosting platform is very crucial for any person because a bad decision can make you suffer huge losses. There are a few platforms that give the greatest priorities to their users and GreenGeeks is one of them. This amazing platform also claims to be eco-friendly, which is also a reason for rapidly increasing GreenGeeks Domain Name Registration.

Many people want to have a GreenGeeks Domain Name. But before moving forward towards the process of GreenGeeks Domain Name Registration, I would like all of you to first exactly know the meaning of Domain Name.

What is a Domain Name?

Either you are a person interested in web building or a person who doesn’t know much about websites, but you might have heard the term Domain Name a lot of times. Many of you might know about it, but many don’t exactly know what a domain name is.

greengeeks domain name registration


The internet is a network in which different computers can communicate which each other and each computer is assigned with a unique number which is called an IP address. And as it is difficult for an individual to remember IP addresses of various computers, so each IP address is associated with a unique name, which is known as Domain Name. In simple words, a Domain name is a name that is assigned to the IP of a particular website or computer. You can access a website, either by searching its IP address or Domain Name.

Steps involved in GreenGeeks Domain Name Registration

With GreenGeeks you can own a Cheap Domain Name with a few simple steps. So the steps involved in GreenGeeks Domain Name Registration are as follows:

  1. The very first and basic step involved is to visit the official site of GreenGeeks. You can do this by just simply typing into your browser.
  2. After reaching the homepage of GreenGeeks, who will find the option of getting started now. You simply have to click on that button and it will take you to the domain searching page.
  3. Now after reaching the domain searching page, you first have to check the availability of the desired domain which you want to own. And for this you have to first type the desired name, e.g. mywebsite, and then have to select the extension, e.g. com, in, etc.
  4. Now if the desired domain is not available then it will show and error that domain is not available and will ask you to search the other one. But if it is available, then it will take you to the Account Information page.
  5. After reaching the Account information page, you can see the charges on the right side of the page, and on the left side, you have to fill the personal details like name, email, address, citizenship, etc.
  6. And at the bottom of the page, you will have to fill payment details and after that, you simply have to click create an account.
  7. This was the final step and after that, you will receive an activation mail within 4-24 hours depending on the user’s location, which means that your domain is now activated and is ready to use.

Greengeeks Domain Registration Steps

And with these simple steps, you can register a domain name with GreenGeeks.

Buy Doamin Name from GreenGeeks & Get better Price to Others

The most common extension of websites is .com. So if you register a domain with GreenGeeks with the extension .com, then it will cost you only just $13.95/year. On the flip side, big brands like GoDaddy, A2hosting, etc. charges $15.00 to $18.00 for a domain for a year. So with GreenGeeks, you can save up to $1 to $3. It additionally provides a good 24X7 customer support and a good user-oriented dashboard.

Why GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks is one of the fastest-growing web hosting platforms and also provides good services at a very cheap price. It deals in almost all extensions of domain names. So anyone can easily find the desired username. Additionally, it also provides the facility of keeping multiple domain names in your account, simultaneously. A lot of customers are getting associated with them only for their exceptional services at a low price. It also claims to be ecofriendly, which also helped in creating a good perception between consumers. Because of this, everyone should try GreenGeeks at least once.

GreenGeeks Promo codes and Offers on Domain Registration

Above I have already mentioned that the domain registration charges of GreenGeeks are low as compared to other platforms. And even after that GreenGeeks timely keeps providing great discounts on its products. At present, there are many great GreenGeeks promo Codes by which you can enjoy great cash savings. And there is a deal for which you have to pay nothing for registering your domain. Currently, GreenGeeks is providing free domains to its users if they choose any of its web hosting plans.

That means, that if anyone chooses a webhosting plan of GreenGeeks then will get a free domain. It will help you to save almost $14. So these were the GreenGeeks Deals related to domain registration which can help you to get a free domain.

Greengeeks Domain Name Registration 2024 with Discount Coupon
Greengeeks Domain Name Registration 2024 with Discount Coupon
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