HostMantis Reseller Hosting Coupon Code 2022 for Discount

Hostmantis Coupons & Promo Codes 2022

You can find a lot of web hosting platforms but, only a few provide the facility of the Reseller Hosting. And HostMantis is one out of them. The HostMantis is well-known for providing Reseller Hosting at lower prices. Low prices don’t mean that they compromise with their services. They provide services equivalent to the services provided by other platforms. After charging low prices, they still timely provide HostMantis Reseller Hosting Coupons. Through these coupons, by purchasing HostMantis Reseller Hosting Plan, you can save a lot of cash. So here you can know a lot about HostMantis Reseller Hosting Coupon Code. But before that, we should know what a Reseller Hosting Plan is?

What is Reseller Hosting?

If you are interested in web sites then you might have heard the term Reseller Hosting. Reseller hosting is a method in which one user, say A, purchases Hard Drive Space and Bandwidth from a web hosting platform. And then A lends that Hard Drive Space and Bandwidth to other users. In simple words, A does the trading of Hard Drive Space and Bandwidth and plays the role of a trader.

Through reseller hosting, many small organizations and businesses can act as web hosting platforms and can make a profit.

hostmantis reseller offers deals

Plans on which you can get great HostMantis Reseller Deals

HostMantis is mostly popular for its reseller plans. HostMantis Reseller Hosting Plans are low-priced and helps the user to save a lot of money. Being after low priced, HostMantis also provides great HostMantis Reseller Hosting Deals on its plans. It provides you both cPanel Plans and DirectAdmin Plans. So here, you can get to know about plans on which HostMantis Reseller Hosting Discount are applicable.

cPanel Plans:

cPanel is considered one of the most advanced paid control panels and it also provides a very good user interface. In cPanel there are four reseller plans:

  • Entry: This is the very basic plan of HostMantis Reseller Hosting and it costs $5.95/month. It is suitable for beginners and provides limited things. Get 25GB SSD with unlimited data transfer. It also provides 25 cPanel accounts along with unlimited emails, domains, and sub-domains.
  • Starter: This plan is almost similar to the entry plan and provides little extra things. The extra things provided are 50GB SSD and 50 cPanel accounts and it costs $8.95/month.
  • Advance: In this plan, everything is similar to the starter plan except SSD and cPanel accounts. In this plan, SSD provided is 75GB and the cPanel accounts are increased to 75. You can own this amazing plan by spending just $20.95/month.
  • Expert: This plan includes double cPanel accounts than that of the advance plan. In this, you will get 150 cPanel accounts and the SSD provided is 100GB. Expect these two things; all the other things are the same. You can purchase plans for $35.95/month.

DirectAdmin Plans:

DirectAdmin plan is also a very good and advanced control panel. But it is rated a little low in front of cPanel. It also contains four plans that are as follows:

  • Entry: It costs only $3.95/month to own a DirectAdmin entry plan. The plan includes 50 DirectAdmin accounts and 25GB SSD along with unlimited email, domains, and sub-domains. Free SSL certificates are also included in it.
  • Starter: The plan looks exactly like the entry plans but it includes an additional 25GB SSD and 50 cPanel accounts. The plan looks very nice for people who want to expand their operations as it cost only $6.95/month.
  • Advance: 75GB SSD and 150 DirectAdmin accounts are the main features of this plan. And it costs only $15.95 to own this plan. All the other features of the plan are the same as the features of the Starter plan.
  • Expert: $24.95 is the price at which this amazing plan can become yours. This plan provides 250 DirectAdmin accounts that are amazing. Apart from that, it provides 100GB SSD and the rest of the features are the same as the Advance Plan.

So these were the plans on which you can get great HostMantis Reseller Hosting Deals.

Why go for HostMantis Reseller Hosting Plans

why to go for Hostmantis

From the above-discussed things, it is clear that HostMantis Reseller Hosting Price are very cheap. And it also provides great savings when HostMantis Reseller Hosting Promo Codes are used. Apart from this, there are a lot of reasons to go with HostMantis and these reasons are:

  • Simple and low priced plans with all basic requirements
  • 24X7 customer support
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Provides daily backups
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

These were the reasons after reading which, anyone can go for the HostMantis Reseller Hosting Plans.

Are HostMantis Reseller Hosting Plans the best?

There is no doubt that the plans of HostMantis are very great and anyone can easily afford them. But saying that they are the best is not going to be fair. There are a few things in which HostMantis lacks and these are:

  • live customer support options provided by HostMantis
  • There are very big names in the industry due to which it is not able to make a big impact in the industry
  • It does not provide any domain registration facility or free domain
  • There are no fully managed servers

So, these were the thinks in which HostMantis Reseller Hosting Plans lacks.

How to use HostMantis Reseller Hosting Coupon Codes

HostMantis Reseller Coupons Code are very great and with that, you can a lot of money. If you want to use HostMantis Reseller Hosting Promo Codes then follow these simple steps to grab great deals:

  • First, simply visit our homepage by searching
  • After reaching the homepage simply click on stores and after reaching the store, simply select the HostMantis store
  • After reaching the HostMantis store, find the deals and coupons related to HostMantis Reseller Hosting
  • Now if you want to redeem a HostMantis Reseller Hosting Deal then click on that particular deal. After clicking the deal will get activated for you.
  • And if you want to redeem a HostMantis Coupon Code, then simply click on that coupon. The coupon code will get copied and now paste that in the HostMantis checkout page.

So by following these simple steps, you can grab amazing HostMantis Reseller Hosting Deals.

Save up to 60% by HostMantis Reseller Hosting Coupon Code

Being after providing plans at low prices, HostMantis additionally provides many great deals to its users. Currently, HostMantis is providing up to 60% off on all reseller hosting plans by using HostMantis Reseller Hosting Promo Code. So, grab this hot deal from HostMantis before it gets expired.

HostMantis Reseller Hosting Coupon Code 2022 for Discount
HostMantis Reseller Hosting Coupon Code 2022 for Discount
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