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Rexing is one of the biggest Dashcam brands in the United States. It provides a lot of highly featured cameras and Rexing M2 is one of them. You can take the help of the Our Rexing M2 Discount Code as it can provide amazing monetary benefits. 

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What kind of Dashcam is Rexing M2?

Rexing USA deals in three types of Dashcam- solo dash cams, dual dash cams, and 3 channel dash cams. And Rexing M2 is a dual dash cam with front and rear cameras that can continuously record 1080p / full HD videos. It is very light weighted and weighs around 2lbs. And for enjoying some cash benefits, you can also take the help of Rexing M2 Discount Offers and Rexing holiday sale while purchasing this amazing dashcam. 

Features of Rexing M2 Dashcam

Rexing M2 Discount Deal

This dashcam is equipped with a lot of advanced features and with the help of Rexing M2 Discount Offer you can make these features yours. Some of these features are:

  • Full HD recording: It has full HD rear and front cameras that can record two different angled 1080p videos simultaneously. 
  • Inbuilt GPS: It is equipped with an inbuilt GPS system and you can use it for locating yourself on Google Maps. You can also use this GPS for navigating routes while traveling.
  • ADAS: It is equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System) that helps you in detecting the blind spot with the help of advanced radar sensors. It also helps you in easily changing lanes by alerting you.
  • G-sensor and parking monitor: A Gravity sensor is fit in it and this sensor detects if any collision happens. And the video of the time of collision gets locked. It also contains a parking monitor that makes 20-second videos if it feels any vibration when the car is being parked.
  • Loop recording: This feature allows to record videos in the interval of 1, 2, or 3 minutes. And if your storage gets full, then it automatically clears space by deleting the old videos.
  • IPS touch screen: It allows you to live-stream footage on a 12” rearview mirror. It can also operate this IPS touch screen with your fingers.

So, these are the major features that one can get by purchasing the Rexing M2 Dashcam.

Additional features with Rexing M2 Dashcam

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are some secondary features too that this Dashcam delivers and these are:

  • Product warranty: With this product, you will get an 18-month warranty. If your dashcam starts malfunctioning within the 18 months of purchase then you can ask for a replacement. However, replacement would not be applied in the case of physical or liquid damage to the device.
  • Money-Back policy: With Rexing M2, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you didn’t like it, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase.
  • Customer assistance: If you are having any problem in installing it or have any query, then you can contact their user support anytime from anywhere.

Comparison between Rexing M2 vs Rexing V1P Dashcam

Rexing V1P is another dual dashcam that you can find with the Rexing USA. Here we have done a comparison between Rexing M2 and Rexing V1P on the basis of some primary dashcam features.

Rexing M2 vs Rexing V1P

FeaturesRexing M2Rexing V1P
Video Resolution1080p + 1080p1080p + 1080p
Blind Spot DetectionIncludedExcluded
GPS SupportYesNo
Battery TypeLi-ion BatterySuper-capacitor
Loop Recording1 min / 2 min / off1 min / 3 min / off

This comparison shows us that Rexing M2 is better than Rexing V1P in detecting blind spots and also supports GPS. But when it comes to battery, Rexing V1P has powerful battery than Rexing M2.

How much can you save using  Rexing M2 Discount Code?

Being an affiliate partner with Rexing we offer exclusive Rexing M2 Discount Deal for our users. By using this, you can make a maximum of 35% savings on purchasing this amazing dashcam. There are a lot of other Rexing offers too that are currently live and you can find them in our store.

Rexing M2 Discount Code
Rexing M2 Discount Code
$139.99 $199.99
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