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3-channel dashcam | Equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi & G-Sensor | 24/7 Parking Monitor | 64GB internal space

Rexing USA has a lot of Cams in its store and Rexing S1 Pro is the one out of them. It is a kind of 3 channel dash cams and is one of the most popular. It is one of the enhanced cams from Rexing and is capable of recording continuously at 1080p. By using our Rexing S1 Pro Discount Code while purchasing this dash cam, you can get some amazing deals.

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About Rexing S1 Pro

Rexing S1 Pro is the most advanced 3-channel dash cam that you can find with Rexing USA. Its dimension is 7 × 5 × 3 inches and is also very light weighted and weighs around 1 lb (0.45 kg). It is equipped with 3 cameras (front, rear, and in the cabin) that can record simultaneously at 1080p. There are a lot more benefits that Rexing S1 Pro delivers and with the help of Rexing S1 Pro Discount Deals, you can purchase it by spending way less than its original price.

Features of Rexing S1 Pro

Rexing s1 Pro Discount Offers

This Rexing S1 Pro dash cam is equipped with a lot of advanced features and these features are:

  • 3 Channel Dash Cam: It is a three-channel dashcam having front, rear, and inside cabin cameras. All three cameras can record up to an angle of 170°.
  • Continuous recording: All the cameras can record simultaneously at a quality of 1080p (Full HD) without having any quality loss.
  • Built-In Storage: It is equipped with a built-in high speed of 64GB of Memory and is expected to last 10 times more than the life of normal SD cards. And in case if you want more space, then you can also add external SD cards to it.
  • Wi-Fi: It has built-in Wi-Fi and through this; you can connect it to the Rexing mobile application. From there you can manage the recordings and can also download or share them.
  • GPS: It has an in-built GPS that accurately records your driving location. This can also be used for finding routes through Google Maps.
  • G-Sensor: It has a G-Sensor that locks the current videos when it detects that a collision has happened. That locked video remains safe and doesn’t get removed from the cam.
  • Loop Recording: This amazing feature manages your recording when there isn’t sufficient storage space. In this case, it automatically deletes the previously recorded videos.
  • Parking Monitor: It will automatically record a 20-second video when it will feel any kind of vibration when the car is being parked. It can also record 24/7 time-lapse videos, but for that smart hardwire kit is required.
  • Sony Super Night Vision: It can capture clear images even in the dark. This could only be possible due to the Sony Super Night Vision Technology.
  • Supercapacitor: It uses a Supercapacitor instead of lithium-ion batteries, which help in proper functioning even in bad climates.

So, purchase this highly equipped dash cam by using the Rexing S1 Pro Discount Offers at very low prices. You can also get heavy discount on this dashcams during Rexing holiday deal.

Additional benefits of buying Rexing S1 Pro

With Rexing S1 Pro Dashcam, you can also avail of a 30-day return policy. That means that you can return this product and get your money back within 30 days of purchase in case you do not like the product. It also provides 24/7 user assistance. In case of any query related to Rexing S1 Dash Cam, you can contact them anytime from anywhere. It also provides an option of saving money through the use of Rexing S1 Pro Discount Offers.

Apart from all these features, it also comes with an 18 months warranty period. If it starts malfunctioning within 18 months of purchase then you can ask for a replacement. However, the warranty won’t be applied in cases where physical damage or liquid damage will be caused to the device.

Rexing S1 vs Rexing S1 Pro

Rexing S1 is also a kind of 3 channel dashcam and Rexing S1 Pro is its upgraded version. The extra features that Pro cam delivers in comparison to the Rexing S1 are:

  • Recording quality: With the pro version, you can capture videos at 1080p resolution with all three cameras at a time. But resolutions supported with Rexing S1 are 1080p + 720p + 720P.
  • Storage space: In the pro dashcam, you can get an internal space of 64GB. But no space is provided with this version.
  • LCD screen: With Rexing S1 you will get a 2” LCD screen but the Rexing S1 Pro provides a 3” LCD screen.

Up to 30% savings with Rexing S1 Pro Discount Code

If you are planning to purchase this amazing dashcam then Rexing S1 Pro Discount Code can be too beneficial for you. This code can help you in getting a maximum of 30% off while purchasing this dashcam. And there are a lot more offers that you can find in our Rexing USA Coupon Code page.

Rexing S1 Pro Discount Code
Rexing S1 Pro Discount Code
$189.99 $259.99
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