5 Easy to use cloud monitoring tools- Pick The Best One!

The rise in demand for Cloud service in recent years makes it an easier way to store & protect our crucial data. This rise directly impacts Cloud monitoring services the main task of monitoring services optimally arrange the user’s previous and current data. 

So that minimal use of storage is involved and the user can store more data in their mobile storage. For those monitoring tasks, Our Cloud monitoring tools list helps you in managing your data and ensures that a cloud structure or platform performs sophisticatedly.

Here, we have listed 5 easy to use cloud monitoring tools that can manage and arrange your cloud data. Before that, You must know about cloud monitoring best practices before setting up a Cloud in your organization.

Cloud Monitoring Best Practices- Is it the right time to implant?

Cloud Monitoring Best Pratices

Cloud service offers many vast benefits and services, this will result in an overload of storage and further lead to improper management of data. As a result, you need the best cloud monitoring tool that is discussed below. Also, the best cloud monitoring solution for tools that are required in cloud monitoring best practices. 

Does your organization need cloud implementation or do you need it later? Through these ways to implement the cloud, you can analyze and predict the right time to an implant for your organization. 

Also, best practices related to the implementation of the cloud can provide a boost to your business. For this here are some cloud monitoring best practices that will help you:

  1. Asset your business model: You must analyze your end-to-end assessment of your organization. Your current environment of the organization and the future goals, risks involved in it, opportunities, and costs.
  1. Select the Matrics that you need: Cloud offers you many different varieties of services. In which select the matrics that your business model needs for long survival. Like: Response time, Latency, Security threats.
  1. Choose the Best Cloud monitoring tools for you: If your previous tool is not compatible and according to you then this will not provide any growth. So choose the best tools according to your need not to the cloud service.

Which tools and services can you use to monitor your cloud application?

There are cloud monitoring tools lists that can help you to achieve your infrastructure, manage data, provide vital services and enhance performance. Our discussed best cloud monitoring tools provide you with some extra monitoring services that are needed for proper cloud monitoring.

After purchasing the best tool your all monitoring activity is done on a single subscription and on a single platform. For Cloud monitoring tools comparison you must prefer these key performance metrics and events, logs, indicators, etc.

A list of cloud monitoring tools is easy to set up without any guide & tutorial otherwise they also provide their customer support 24/7. Our criteria for choosing these 5 easy to use cloud monitoring tools are based on their pros and cons, price, and performance. 

First, we took the top 10 cloud monitoring tools from the huge provider in the market and here, is our full comparison of the best 5 easy to use cloud monitoring tools:

 1. Datadog- Modern monitoring & security

DataDog Cloud monitoring Tool

It is one of the best and easy-to-use cloud monitoring tools from all providers available in the market. This comes at the top list only because of its availability of tremendous features available in the free version. 

With the high availability of flexibility and functionality on their web-based devices, they eliminate your time-consuming process. 

Simply means that it is the monitoring, security, and analytics platform for users of the cloud. You also can use it as an open-source cloud monitoring tool because of its log-in policy through email without purchasing their plan.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Datadog

Pros Of Datadog
  • Used by Popular and beginners organizations of all sizes worldwide
  • In manual real user and synthetics monitoring.
  • Collaboration tools for team-based discussions & for enhancing performance.
  • Best Machine learning capabilities and tasks doing AI. 
  • API also allows working with tags, alt tags, and data.
  • 500+ built-in integrations to bring together all the technical algorithms like metrics, logs, apps, and services.
Cons Of Datadog
  • Newcomers face some problems like while installation steps are ongoing must refer to their guide & tutorials that are literally beyond basic metrics.
  • For building a dashboard newer one may have to give more time on metrics if the pre-built dashboard is not according to your need. Must be able to make full use of the solution. 

Pricing Structure Of Datadog: 

It comes with 4.8/5 ratings from the users and also meets the user’s needs in every update. There Free trial and a Subscription Starting price of $15/host/month.

There Feature, host, and volume all pricing are combined or add others part also on-demand. For more info reach directly to their website

Official Site link: https://www.datadoghq.com/

 2. Sumo Logic- Faster monitoring and troubleshooting

SumoLogic Cloud Monitoring Tool

Sumo Logic provides the Best cloud monitoring solutions related to Financial Services, Amazon web services, Cloud migration, and Security Analytics. Also, its tools mainly focused on working with logs, traces and matrics. 

Tools are cloud-native, the multi-tenant, secure platform that helps you to decide data-driven decisions and can minimize your time.

Combining that with their metrics and more than 400 integration resulted in providing a great tool to monitor your environment. Also, an Open-source notification cloud monitoring tool for users who use it for free but the free version is limited keep reminding that. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sumo Logic

Pros Of Sumo Logic
  • Special Analytics made for Modern Business.
  • Collect real-time data from any site 
  • Provides so many integrations with AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.
  • User-friendly interface with their optimized navigation AI.
  • Also, can enable Field extraction or rule-based data extraction from unstructured data.
  • The free trial is also available and the best option for small businesses.
  • The free trial is also available and the best option for small businesses.
  • Get Operational algorithm, Security, and Product visibility. 
Cons of Sumo Logic
  • If you are looking for full-stack observability then you have to spend more time on site.
  • Some users face the problem with their pricing issues.
  • Their CI visibility will fluctuate and be time-consuming.

Pricing Structure Of Sumo Logic

You don’t need to buy a subscription package with your Credit card. You also simply have an option of choosing a free trial of their all subscription package. They mainly provide free, essentials, enterprise operation, enterprise security, and enterprise suite. You simply get higher quality, features, tools, and performance by upgrading your subscription pack. 

Cloud Log Management– $3.00/GB*

Infrastructure monitoring– $0.45/1000DPM

Software development optimization– FREE and many more

Official site link for pricing T&C: https://www.sumologic.com/

3. New Relic- Debug and improve your Stack

New Relic Cloud Monitoring Tool

New Relic is another one of the best and easy-to-use cloud monitoring tools from thousands of cloud monitoring providers. Its monitoring facilities include high-quality dashboarding support for mobile, web, and server-based applications for enhancing performance. 

New Relic is an Open source cloud monitoring tool also because of the free version available for all users. You can get basic and useful knowledge about your stack after that you can see inside your stack to resolve issues quickly.

New Relic cloud monitoring tools comparison, we get Application Monitoring(APM), CS, Model monitoring, and Error tracking tools that perform best for every business model. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Relic

Pros Of New Relic:
  • All your telemetry is available in one secured cloud 
  • Your Metrics, events, traces & logs are in one place changed or ensured anytime and from anywhere. 
  • Available Query, dashboard & alert in your single subscription pack no need to purchase it personally. 
  • 100GB/Month in the free trial also.
  • Correlate issues with 24/7 available support service.
  • AI assistance helps and guides users in every step.
  • Free trial and free demo available for newer users must test their risk-free dial.
Cons Of New Relic:
  • Lack of prebuilt dashboard/UI to see the overall status. 
  • No feature to turn off an alert policy from the UI, we have to start and stop individual alerts.
  • Metrics can be confusing, at the beginning.
  • The mobile app should be more enhanced for users.

Pricing Structure Of New Relic

They offer free(forever), Standard, Pro, and Enterprise packs. In the free pack, users have unlimited free basic control and 1 has users full control. By upgrading packs get advanced troubleshooting & admin capabilities. More knowledge gets directly on their page and through their sales executive.

Official site link: https://newrelic.com/pricing/

4 Auvik- True network visibility and control

Auvik Cloud Monitoring Tool

Auvik is fourth on a list of cloud monitoring tools but its features and the support by vendors make it top on your list. Moreover, it is easier to use even by newer ones because of its user-friendly interface and quick navigation algorithm. 

It originally is cloud-based networking management and also provides monitoring software very actively & optimizable. In Cloud Monitoring tools comparison Auvik have largely available tools that are even purchased separately by users.

They are available in both software and on-premise models as a service. It will fulfill most of your monitoring needs like best cloud monitoring solutions related to DevOps, hybrid cloud monitoring, public sector, and technology, etc.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Auvik

Pros Of Auvik
  • Trusted on 54,000+ network connections across the world.
  • Most Popular Vendors like Aruba, cisco painter, Dell technologies, Sonic wall, and many more support Auvik.
  • You simply prevent, detect and resolve the issues quickly by timely notification through pre-configured monitoring & alerts.
  • Always know about your network connections that last connected location, secured and private.
  • You knew about every single configured change happening in real-time.
  • Network data is encrypted with AES-256
  • No ongoing maintenance. 
  • It was a lightweight application that will be installed quickly on any device.
Cons Of Auvik:
  • For Novice users this sometimes may be considered complicated.
  • Sometimes observed that enterprise customers may be Targeted through unlawful activities.  
  • Some misleading products are also promoted with higher prices.

Pricing Structure Of Auvik

Auvik provides their two main plans and you can also be started for free and choose a plan later. The number of users, network sites, and endpoints are unlimited. 

First, you get a Custom Quote, and after filling up that form you can get prices according to you and even consumed with their sales executive. For further knowledge and information, you must prefer their site.

Official site: https://www.auvik.com/

5. Google Cloud monitoring tool

Google Cloud Monitoring Tool

Google is the most trusted site all over the world which seems to dominate and start entering other platforms also. As they provide their cloud service and now cloud monitoring tools. 

This is the last in our list of 5 easy to use cloud monitoring tools because Google needs experience in it to build trust among cloud monitoring users. It mainly provides 5 tools that are directly or indirectly joined with google cloud monitoring tools.

Here is a list of the 5 best google cloud monitoring tools.

Site24x7 Infrastructure
This is a Cloud-based service. A well-sophisticated & optimized monitoring tool for all Google CP services. From that users can easily simultaneously monitor services of their cloud platforms plus on-site systems.
Datadog Infrastructure
Datadog is especially a vendor towards google in the field of cloud monitoring. They collaborate and make a high cloud-based package of monitoring tools. For all applications, virtual environments, services, and server resources can be monitored since they have included a plug-in. 
Paessler PRTG
All Google Cloud platform services that are supplied by PRTG are able to manage all these also with extract of cloud monitoring. It is simply classified as a collection of monitors that cover networks, servers, and applications. It can monitor all sites that are installed on your device or you earlier set it on PRTG.
ManageEngine Applications Manager
It is especially known for its monitor applications and servers that are able to supervise cloud resources and on-premise systems also. On your Google Computer, The Applications Manager will observe CPU statistics on your account. Users also get extra storage capabilities if they subscribe to GCP plans.
This Cloud is the solution that provides you with reactive and predictive monitoring both with an easy analysis purpose of delivering a tremendous experience to your users. And also, able to present a view of a hybrid system, and provide resources that are needed while monitoring anywhere. There is an ops pack for the Google cloud platform also.

Pay Attention!

Some Provide free trials available for limited users and for a limited time. So, check its prices from their official site to better understand their Terms and conditions.

Winding Up Now!

This article may help you in choosing the Best cloud monitoring tools according to your need and that tool is easily available in the market.

Before choosing, the best cloud monitoring tools make sure your cloud is also compatible with it and provide more storage, features and is considered as the best cloud storage provider. 

According to our research team, Pcloud is one of the best cloud storage service providers which offers all features, excellent customer support, and also performs tasks other than storage. Like: File sharing, File storage, Backup data can be remotely accessible with off-site location either through a public network or private network connection.

Some features of Pcloud storage are:

  • Great Collaboration– nowadays you simply can share your files and folder with your friends without the need to download Pcloud on their device. Just by sending them to download or upload links.
  • Access And Syncing– Pcloud software automatically syncs your data to its storage, also it uploads all your photos from your photo gallery. It definitely works offline too.
  • Data Security– This is the most important feature that every user must consider before purchasing their subscription. Because data is very precise and needs the utmost security nowadays. Pcloud does not even read your data; they use the TLS and SSL plus, and zero-knowledge encryption for encrypting your data safely. 

Through Pcloud you can be compatible and perform excellently with all the above-discussed tools also their features and pricing are affordable. 

To summarize, analyze cloud storage best practices and choose the best cloud monitoring tools according to your needs: Datadog, Sumo Logic, New relic, Auvik, Google cloud monitoring tools like site 24×7, Datadog Infrastructure, Paessler PRTG.

Importantly choose the best cloud storage that is compatible and the best one in the field of the cloud storage market i.e pCloud.We have discussed all the best cloud monitoring tools, their key features, pros and cons, and also pricing. So choose and also do self cloud monitoring tools comparison according to your requirement and budget towards cloud storage.

How do I monitor my cloud?

In a modern world after choosing the best cloud storage i.e Pcloud. Users need the best monitoring service to monitor your cloud. You need to subscribe or buy a plan of the best cloud monitoring tools. That we discussed in our article above.

Which of the following is a cloud monitoring tool?

If you are confused about which is the Best cloud monitoring tools then our list helps you:
> Data dog
> Sumo logic 
> New relic 
> Auvik
> Google cloud monitoring tool

Is Google cloud monitoring free?

Not all google cloud monitoring is free you need to purchase their subscription package for better performance and better quality.

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