Elementor Review 2021 – Elementor Pros and Cons

With the growing time, most of the businesses and professionals are looking forward to having more online presence for their brand. Today almost 35% of the website uses WordPress making it one of the most widely used CMS. There are different website builders available in WordPress and Elementor among them is one of the most used website builders. In this Elementor review, we will look into detailed features of Elementor will also know the major Elementor Pros and Cons. 

About Elementor

Elementor was born in Israel in 2016. It gained immense popularity in a short time span owing to its innovative drag and drop interface making it one of the most popular WordPress website builder plugins. 

Since the launch of Elementor WordPress Plugin, it has more than 5 million successful installs till now. It is also actively used in almost 180 countries. And it is rated 3.1 in the Trustpilot Elementor review, which is quite good. 

Can you use Elementor for free?

Yes, Elementor can be used for free and the tools that you can access with Elementor Free area:

  • Drag and Drop Editor: You can use this free plugin for making a website by just dragging and dropping elements. This helps in creating a site at a good pace.
  • Responsive Editing: This tool helps in creating responsive sites for various kinds of devices.
  • 40+ Basic Widgets: Elementor provides a pack of more than 40 basic widgets. So you can use any of these widgets while making a site. However, these are very basic and you can create only ordinary-looking sites with them.
  • 30+ Basic Templates: Apart from free widgets, free Elementor also provides 30+ basic free templates. You can use these if you want to make a normal looking site.
  • No website limit: The biggest advantage of the free version is that you can use it for as many sites as you want. So, you can use it for learning purposes or for making experimental sites.

These are the major attributes that Elementor Free provides. These might look awesome but when you will start working with them, you will feel that you cannot make a sophisticated site with them. So, if you want to provide a genuine look to your website, then it is better to use its paid version.

What is Elementor pro?

Elementor offers both free and paid versions and Elementor pro is nothing but just an add-on to the free version. With the help of the paid version, you can access the advanced features that Elementor provides along with free ones. So, it is better to switch to any of its paid plans if you want more features that are not available in the free plan.

How much does Elementor cost?

It provides three paid plans from which you can choose anyone and the Elementor Pricing are as follows:

PlansPricing/yearNumber of sites


These are the prices that one has to pay for different plans of Elementor. And you can take the help of the Elementor Discount Code for enjoying price cuts.

Elementor Review- Features that you can get

There are a lot of advanced features in comparison to its free version that you can get with it. Major features out of all the pro features are:

Elementor Review Widget

These are the major tools that one can enjoy with Elementor Pro and these can help in providing a delicate look to your website. We have also mentioned the major Elementor Pros and Cons in the further parts of this article.

Which is the best Elementor Pro Widget?

For making an attractive site, various kinds of widgets are required, and purchasing all of them separately involves huge costs. Elementor resolves this problem by providing a huge variety of widgets to its pro users.

There are a lot of Widgets that are available with Elementor and out of these, we are going to discuss the 4 best Elementor Pro widgets.

  1.  Elementor Posts Widget: This widget lets you display your posts in any kind of layout you want, like classic, cards, or full content. You can also select the elements that you want to display on your post. This also allows you to set the styling, typography, and overall appearance of the post.
  2.  Elementor Login Widget: This widget helps you in creating attractive login forms by just dragging and dropping elements. It also helps you in creating login buttons and redirecting users to any page if they successfully log in. 
  3.  Elementor WooCommerce Widget: With this Widget, you can easily create an online store. With this, you can add pricing tables, various product categories, product filters. In addition, you can also create Add to cart button and cart pages.
  4.  Elementor Global Widget: This is one of the popular Widgets and helps you in saving the setting of any of the widgets you like. And lets you use that particular Widget on your page.

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Elementor Customer support

WordPress review plugin

Elementor believes in delivering better services to its users and in assisting its users, it provides 24/7 voice call support. However, this advantage is only available for pro users. If you are using its free version, then you can take the help of its video and blog tutorials. And for more guidance, you can check-out its FAQs or join its community group. 

Divi vs Elementor Review- Which is better

Elementor vs Divi

Both Elementor and Divi are leading website builders for WordPress, and it is really hard to choose one. Both of these have some advantages and disadvantages that one can get and both provide some different features. 

Like if you want a popup builder then you should choose Elementor as Divi doesn’t provide it. And if you want A/B testing then you should choose Divi. If we compare prices, then for a single site usage Elementor will be cheaper than Divi. But in case of multiple site usage, Divi will be economical.

So, at last, you should always choose the platform that best matches your requirements.

Elementor Pros and Cons

Elementor pros and cons

Elementor is without any doubt one of the greatest website builders available in WordPress. With Elementor even a beginner can make a great looking website without any advanced technical knowledge. Further Elementor has ushered a new category of website builders that previously didn’t really exist. The best part is Elementor is available in the free version and can be used by anyone. While the free version is limited in some features nonetheless it is quite impressive.

Like everything out there Elementor WordPress Plugin has both Pros and Cons and the major aspects where this plugin needs improvement are:

  • As compared to its competitors, it has a very small library of templates.
  • Its support is poor and doesn’t provide relevant solutions to the queries of users. And for the free version, it doesn’t provide any kind of support.
  • Many of its templates are boring and seemed to be useless.
  • Its starter plan is very expensive if compared to its other plans.

So, these are the major Elementor pros and cons that a user may experience while using it. And just to remind you as we write this article, Elementor Website Builder is evolving and updating each time as the developers receive feedback from lakhs of people using this plugin. 

Final Thoughts

Elementor has brought the next revolution in the WordPress platform by providing every user with easy to use website builder. Elementor makes website building far easier than directly making it on WordPress. And its Pro version is also equipped with too many advanced tools than its free version which makes website building very easy. So, you can use Elementor Pro if you want to seek attention by making an attractive site.

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Q1. What happens if I remove Elementor Pro?

Answer. If you remove or uninstall Elementor Pro, then all the advanced designs created through it will vanish. However, you can regain those designs by reinstalling Elementor.

Q2. Does Elementor work with any theme?

Answer. Yes, Elementor WordPress Plugin works with almost every WordPress theme. So, you can use it with most of these themes.

Q3. What is the Elementor theme builder?

Answer. Elementor theme builder is one of the tools offered by it. By using this tool, you can create any theme of your choice.

Q4. What is the best theme for Elementor?

Answer. There are a lot of themes that are best suited for Elementor. But the fastest theme that Elementor itself recommends is Hello Elementor. However, for speed and WooCommerce you can use Astra and BuWoo.

Q5. How to install Elementor in WordPress?

Answer. For installing Elementor, you have to follow some simple steps and these are:

  • Visit your WordPress dashboard, after reaching their first click on Plugins. After that click on add new.
  • After that search Elementor there and choose Elementor Page builder. By doing so, it will start downloading.
  • Once it gets downloaded activate it by clicking on the activate option.

Q6.Is Elementor Safe?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to use and is being used by millions of people.