Filmora X Vs Filmora 11 In 2023: What Are The Differences?

Filmora is one of the best video editing software available in the market and comes in different versions. The two most popular Filmora versions are Filmora X and Filmora 11. Both provide easy-to-use tools and enhanced features for new and pro users. However, Filmora is a newly launched by Wondershare company that provides more enhanced and updated features for professionals. So let’s begin the differentiation between Filmora X vs Filmora 11 to know which one is a better video editor. 

Bottom Line
Filmora X
Older Version
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Bottom Line
Filmora X is the previous video editing version that provides easy-to-use features and is best for beginners.
Filmora 11
Latest Version
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Bottom Line
Filmora 11 is the latest version launched by Wondershare with advanced and enhanced features that are suitable for both intermediates and pros.

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Our Opinion: Filmora X Vs Filmora 11

Filmora 11 is much better because it is an upgraded version of Filmora X. It is usable for both beginners and pro users. It is easy to use and provides advanced video editing features as well. Whereas Filmora X only offers beginner-friendly video editing tools.

Difference Between Filmora 11 Vs Filmora X

Difference Between Filmora X vs Filmora 11

Both Wondershare Filmora X and 11 provide the best video-editing features that are enhanced and easy to use. So let’s begin with the features comparison of Filmora 10 vs 11.

Key Features Of Filmora X Or Filmora 11

Filmora X FeaturesFilmora 11 Features
Easy to useSpeed Ramping
Music and sound effectsAuto-beat sync
GreenScreen effectsMotion Tracking
Multiple filters and coloring toolsColor Match 
Pre-made video effectsAuto-Synchronization

These are some basic features of both Wondershare Filmora X and 11. Now we will compare them one by one to know the main difference.

Easy To Use

Both Filmora 11 and X have a user-friendly interface by which you can easily operate them. But it might be difficult for new users to access Filmora 11 because of its new and advanced features.

Video Editing & Effects

Filmora X has built-in video effects by which you can add titles, text, filters, and motion graphics. But Filmora 11, allows you multiple motion elements, filters, titles, and more. This lets you create more professional and immense videos.

Auto-Beat Sync

In the differentiation of Filmora X vs Filmora 11, this feature is only available in Filmora 11. This feature let you combine multiple scenes shot by different cameras with ease. Whereas in Filmora X it just allows you to match the colors of different clips.

Music & Sound

In Filmora X video editor there are just rights-manged audios available which you have to put according to the video. While in Filmora 11, the software allows you to create videos by selecting music and adding more effects to it. Also, you can give voiceover to your video this is a newly updated feature of Filmora 11 for users.


These brand-new features are only available on Filmora 11 by which you can convert text to voiceover and voice to subtitles. Whereas there is no such feature available in the previous Filmora X version.

Price: Filmora 11 Vs Filmora X

Prices are the main factor in the comparison between Filmora X and Filmora 11. There is not much difference in the price of both Filmora X and 11. So let’s have a look at them:

Filmora X Price

Filmora X annual subscription plan costs you $51.99 and $79.99 for a lifetime plan for both Windows and Mac. These are two pricing plans offered for users. You can also reduce these costs just by using the Filmora coupon code at the time of making the purchase.

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Filmora 11 Price

The annual plan of Filmora 11 costs you $68.98 and you have to pay $79.99 for its lifetime plan. Other than this, there is also a monthly plan that costs $28.98 per month. These prices are the same for both Windows and Mac devices.

If you want to add more effects and plug-ins to your subscription that cost extra dollars. With Filmora X you can also grab a discount on the purchase of this version by using the Filmora 11 coupon code. There are also various Filmora 11 student discount offers available that make it an affordable software for students and educators.

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So the price of both versions is quite similar except for the annual plans. Both Filmora 11 annual subscription is expensive than Filmora X. You can also check out Filmora paid vs free comparison before purchasing their subscription to know if is it worth buying or not.

System Requirements: Filmora X Vs Filmora 11

Filmora 11 and Filmora X, both have different system requirements to operate. So before buying any of them first know their needs and device compatibility.

Filmora X Minimum Requirements [Windows & Mac]

Filmora X can be accessible on Windows 7,8, and 10 or MacOS X 10.12 or later. Besides this, it needs 10GB of free hard disk space, and 8 GB of RAM for 4K and HD videos.

Filmora 11 Requirements [Windows & Mac]

Filmora 11 system requirements are quite higher than Filmora X as it is an upgraded version. It supports Windows 11 or below and Mac 10.14, 15, 11, and 12. This also needs 8GB RAM for HD and 4k videos.

In the system requirements differentiation of Filmora X vs Filmora 11, there is less device compatibility in the previous version as compared to Filmora 11.

Is It Possible To Update Filmora X To 11?

Yes, you can easily update Filmora X to 11 without any effort. Just open your Filmora application and there will be an update notification will appear on your screen. Click on it and download it to your device. But for that, you must match the system requirements of Filmora 11.

Does Filmora X Or 11 Provide A Free Trial?

Yes, you can use both Filmora X and Filmora 11 free trial for 30 days. But during this period you are only allowed to access its limited features.

Is There Any Alternative To Filmora X And 11?

Yes, there is an alternative to both Filmora 11 and X software which is Camtasia. This software can be used for both screen recording and video editing because it provides the best features for that. Also, it is budget-friendly software and you can make huge savings on this software with the Camtasia codes.

Filmora 11 vs 10: Which One Is Better?

Filmora 11 is better than Filmora X because it provides more advanced and enhanced video editing features. This latest software is good for both beginners and pro users whether Filmora X version is only for intermediates. Also, there is no such big difference between their prices so it is best to use Filmora 11 instead of the previous version with limited features.

Is Filmora 11 Good?

Yes, Filmora 11 is a great video editing software for beginners and pro users with various advanced video editing tools.

Is Filmora X Available To Buy?

No, Filmora X is upgraded to Filmora 11 so you can only purchase Filmora 11. With it, you will get the same features as the previous one with new enhanced quality.

Is Filmora X Same As Filmora 11?

Yes, Filmora 11 is the upgraded version of Filmora X with new and enhanced features.

Which Filmora Version Is Best To Use?

Filmora 11 is currently the best video editing software which is best for both intermediate and professional users.

Is Filmora 11 Better Than Filmora9?

Yes, Filmora 11 is better than Filmora 9 as it provides plenty of new and updated features for video editing.

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