FilmoraPro Vs Filmora X 2022 – Which Product Is Better?

Wondershare is one of the best firms that provide creativity, utility, and productivity software. The company provides different versions of Filmora and most of the users are confused between FilmoraPro vs Filmora X. The parent company of both the software is Wondershare.

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In this article, we will find out all the key differences between the Filmora Pro and Filmora 10 2022. This will help you to find out the right video editing software.

The graph will explain to you for whom the software is the right choice and which one is easy to use Filmora X Or Filmora Pro.

Filmorapro Vs Filmora 10

Difference Between Filmora Pro Vs Filmora 10 2022

The whole article will help the reader to figure out which is the best Filmora X or FilmoraPro. First, we will go with the introduction of both software then you will read further details.

Introduction of FilmoraPro And FilmoraX

FilmoraPro Vs FilmoraX

FilmoraPro – Best For Professionals

It is one of the best video editing software for professional users. The creator can make professional video editing easier. The software support both Windows and macOS. With a professional look, you can create anything according to your imagination. The software is filled with multiple features that are easy to use and give you a professional look

FilmoraX – Beginners Choice

Filmora X is the best choice for beginners. It provides easy-to-use and manageable features. The software is filled with an easy-to-use interface, a wide range of video effects, and tons of pre-built templates. The software support both Windows and macOS.

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Purpose of FilmoraPro Vs Filmora 10

FilmoraPro Vs Filmora X

Both the software are designed for different purposes. As you read above that Pro is the best choice for professionals and X is an excellent option for Beginners. The main purpose of each software are:-

Filmora Pro

  • Good Option for Intermediate and Professional Users
  • Provide you more freedom to customize your videos professionally.
  • Gives advanced features to create attractive videos easily

Filmora X

  • Best choice for Beginners and Intermediate
  • Perfect features to create videos for youtube
  • Suitable for anyone who wants simple and quick to learn video editing software

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What are the Key Features of Filmora 10 And Filmora Pro?

Filmora X and Pro work according to their functions. So before you invest in any software let’s compare the basic key features of them. Through this, user can easily explore their skills Or decide which they want to invest money. We will explore the qualities one by one.

FilmoraX Features

FilmoraX Features

Easy to use

Filmora X is easy to use video editing software. The software provides you an intuitive, modern, interface that makes rotating, trimming, cropping,  merging, and splitting simple.

Explore Different filters and Coloring Tools

To change the look and feel of the videos add multiple filters with a drag and drop feature. You can add colors and customize the color of your videos exactly the way you want. It has advanced coloring tools like auto color matching and color correction.


Within few clicks, you can create a simple animation with custom animation. This one is an excellent and easiest keyframing experience for the users.

Music and Sound Effects

Inside Filmora X users will get a royalty-free music library and sound effects. You do not need to save extra time for finding a perfect song.

Buil-In videos effects

To enhance the quality of your videos creators can add titles, filters, overlays, and motion graphics.

GreenScreen Effects

Reimagine your world by changing the background of your videos. With the green screen effects, you can add imaginary elements in your videos like “Harry Potter Room Of Requirement” or “A Quidditch Match”.

When you get familiar with the characteristics of Both software then you will find many Similarities between Filmora X and FilmoraPro.

FilmoraPro Features

The Wondershare FilmoraPro features are quite advance as compare to the Filmora X. Filmora X is simple to use and designed according to beginners. Whereas, FilmoraPro is a bit advance and designed for professionals.

FilmoraPro Features

Advanced Editing Modes

In the advanced editing mode, the user will get many different video editing features. Without any limit, you can explore your imagination and video editing skills with:-

  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Advanced Editing
  • Preset Transitions
  • Automatic Stablization
  • Built-in Screen Recorder

Sound Editing

To create your story with clarity perfect audio you can use the excellent audio editing feature of FilmoraPro.

  • Automatic Audio Sync
  • Audio Compressor
  • Noise Reduction
  • Audio Transitions


To build a video with more catchy effects add animation to it. Give your videos and images realistic effects with the animation effects.

  • Motion Tracking
  • Animation
  • Ease in/Ease Out Effects
  • Pan & Zoom

Make Movie Magic with Effects

Large effects library to customize your videos according to your work and desire. In this, you will get amazing effects that make videos more impressive.

  • Text & Titles
  • Lights and Flares
  • Warp & Distort
  • Masking

Add Effective Color Grading

Get the highly detailed color correction and presets for advanced color effects.

  • Auto-Correction
  • Control Settings
  • Color Wheels
  • Scopes

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What are the prices of FilmoraPro and Filmora 10?

Prices of Filmora 10 And Filmora Pro

Filmora X and Pro software support both Windows and macOS devices. The packages of macOS and Windows software are the same. While purchasing any software users can freely apply the Wondershare Coupon Code. Now you can update to Filmora 11 that is the latest Filmora X versiomn launched by Wondershare.


The company provides Annual and lifetime license options to the users. If you want to buy Filmora X annual plan then it cost $51.99 and the lifetime plan costs $79.99 after using Filmora X Coupon Code.


FilmoraPro is expensive as compare to the FilmoraX. But, as per the need of the Professional creator pro is the best choice. Pro version annual plan cost $89.99 and lifetime plan cost $149.99 with Filmora Pro Coupon.

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Which one is worth to buy FilmoraX or FilmoraPro?

The worth of the software depends on the users. We mean to say, If you are a beginner then you must try FilmoraX. Because the software is designed according to the beginner’s choice and pocket.

Therefore, If you are a professional then FilmoraPro is a reliable choice for you. Because of its extra advanced features and quality.

Which is the right option for Youtubers?

The video editing software is very essential for Youtubers. When you are a Beginner or Intermediate Youtuber it becomes trouble for you to choose the best editing software.

If you are a newbie and recently affix the family of video editing then FilmoraX is the right choice for you. Now there is another option for professionals which is Filmora 11. This is the latest version of Filmora launched by Wondershare with immense video editing features.

Is Filmora X and Pro Free to use?

Yes, Anyone can utilize the services of Filmora video editing software free of cost. If you use the free version then you have faced few drawbacks like:-

  • Time Limit
  • Watermark of Company over your video
  • Few Features are absent and Found only in the Premium version

What are the Pros and Cons of Filmora?

Below you will find the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Filmora X and Pro version.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Pros and Cons of Filmora X


  • Value For Money
  • Easy to manage
  • Provides both basic and advanced features
  • Support Windows and macOS


  • Add new Plans every month for paid plans
  • The free plan contains fewer features

Pros and Cons of FilmoraPro


  • Best Option for professional use
  • Worth Buying
  • Easy to edit Features


  • Log in is needed to export videos
  • Doesn’t support Windows 32-Bit and Mac OS X 10.10

Conclusion- Which is better Filmora X or FilmoraPro?

Before comparing FilmoraX Vs FilmoraPro, You might be confused between is both are the same or have different properties.

Now, We hope after reading a comparison of Filmora X and Pro you can figure out which one is the right option for you.

Above We have mentioned that the Pro version is designed for professionals and X is for beginners. Now the choice depends on your work and requirement.

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FAQ- Which is a better choice Filmora Pro or Filmora X?

 Which one is a better choice for Beginners?

Filmora 10 is an excellent choice for beginners. Reasonable to buy and easy to use.

Which is the right option for professional users?

FilmoraPro is the finest option for professional users. The features are effective and value for money.

 Is Filmora X the Same as Filmora Pro?

Most of the features are similar but Pro is designed for a professional video editor. Another hand 10 is designed for beginners and Intermediate.

 Is Wondershare a Chinese Company?

Yes, Wondershare is a Chinese Company.

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