Fusion 360 Version History [Updated 2024 Fusion 360 Version List]

Fusion 360 has been updated many times since its launch in 2010. Every year, it has incorporated many new beneficial changes that have made Fusion 360 the best design and manufacturing software. So, you must go through the Fusion 360 version history, to see the changes it has made over the past years.

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Since Fusion 360 release date, they have always tried to make the software application better. We have provided a Fusion 360 history timeline from the oldest version to the latest version.

What Are The Versions Of Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 is not a very old app, so it has a very small number of versions. But it has been upgraded many times to get the best and latest version of Fusion 360. So, let’s check out the Fusion 360 version history:

  • Version 1: Oct. 2010
  • Version 2: March 2011
  • Version 3: Sept. 2012
  • Version 4: March 2013
  • Version 5: Sept. 2014
  • Version 6: March 2015
  • Version 7: Sept. 2016
  • Version 8: March 2017
  • Version 9: Sept. 2018
  • Version 10: March 2019
  • Version 11: Sept. 2020
  • Version 12: March 2021
  • Version 13: March 2022
  • Version 14: March 2023

These are the total Autodesk Fusion 360 version history. Now, let’s check out the detailed history of Fusion 360 and its versions.

Fusion 360 Version Features

Fusion 360 Version 1 (2010)

The first version of Fusion 360 was released in October 2010. Initially, Fusion 360 introduced a CAD or CAM platform with many advanced features, like data management capabilities. Since then, it has brought many new features, and Fusion 360 current version number is 14.

Fusion 360 Version 2 (2011)

Then, a few months after the release of Fusion 360, it made some changes and brought new features in March 2011. It introduced new features like 3D printing, which would greatly help architects and engineers. Along with this, a set of tools for 3D modeling and parametric design was introduced.

Fusion 360 Version 3 (2012)

This version of Fusion 360 history timeline was a boon for architects and woodworkers. Autodesk introduced creative features like sheet metal design and generative design. With this, you can create and generate impressive patterns for manufacturing.

Fusion 360 Version 4 (2013)

In March 2013, the next update in the Autodesk Fusion 360 version history came. They introduced a cloud-based collaboration feature. It was one of the most important Fusion 360 versions. With its help, you can connect with and collaborate with a wide range of audiences. In the same year, a simulation feature that aided the manufacturing process was introduced. 

Fusion 360 Version 5 (2014)

This version history of Fusion 360 had a lot more to offer the audience. As we said earlier, Autodesk Fusion 360 just kept getting better with new updates. It added a Computer-Aided manufacturing feature to the software application.

With this CAM functionality, you can directly make toolpaths for CNC machining operations. This Fusion 360 version also added a visual simulation feature

Fusion 360 Version 6 (2015)

Some new features and updates came up in this Autodesk Fusion 360 version history. This time, too, the design software didn’t upset us with its intriguing features. In this Fusion 360 version number, new features like multi-body modeling and design automation were added. 

Also, some more new updates, like visualization tools, came up so that you could create realistic renderings of the designs. This way, you can find any defects before the actual manufacturing of the product.

Fusion 360 Version 7 (2016)

Not so many new features were seen in the new version of the Fusion 360 update. It launched generative design improvements, allowing you to work on the minute detail. This feature also allowed the software to generate optimized designs automatically. Apart from this, cloud-based rendering was also introduced in the software.

Fusion 360 Version 8 (2017)

In the 8th update of the Fusion 360 version history, you can notice a lot of new features. The most important and best one was the real-time collaboration, which allowed you to work on the same project with other people. This helps to create diversity.

In this update, Autodesk Fusion 360 also came up with the idea to create and edit sheet metal designs and also create 2D drawings. So, you can document and generate the drawings for manufacturing.

Fusion 360 Version 9 (2018)

This latest version of Fusion 360 has added features like machine learning-powered tools and cloud-based design reviews. This obviously helped to improve performance and collaboration. In the Fusion 360 version history, they introduced the simulation workspace.

Fusion 360 Version 10 (2019)

Fusion 360 version 10 was launched by Autodesk in March 2019 to improve the software. With this update, the performance quality of the software application was greatly improved. Even the use of the software became easier with this Fusion 360 version number.

Apart from the increased quality of the software, some new tools were also launched by Autodesk Fusion 360. The collection of new tools included the capability to generate exploded views and animations.

Fusion 360 Version 11 (2020)

In this update to Fusion 360 version history, some great features were added to the software. This update enhanced the performance and usability of Autodesk Fusion 360.

Along with that, new features for design for manufacturing were introduced in the app, which made the process easier for hobbyists, architects, and all. This year, they also added the generative design extension. This feature allowed the users to optimize their designs from any angle.

Fusion 360 Version 12 (2021)

Autodesk, continuing to improve the software, launched its 12th version of Fusion 360 in 2021. Some new features related to the generative design improvements were seen. This stimulated the design manufacturing process in an efficient way.

In the Fusion 360 history timeline, we can clearly notice some improved performance of the software application. As it got better in its usability. 

Fusion 360 Version 13 (2022)

The second last version of Fusion 360 was launched on March 2022. It was the 13th version number of Autodesk Fusion 360. In this update, you can clearly see cloud-based rendering improvements, allowing you to work on your project in offline mode. Surely, this update has increased the performance of Fusion 360.

Fusion 360 Version 14 (2023)

Finally, the last update in Fusion 360 version history came on March 2023. So, Fusion 360 current version number is 14. This year, it didn’t bring much of an update. But surely Autodesk Fusion 360 has introduced some quality updates and features.

It introduced some improvements to the design for additive manufacturing. They also launched their manufacturing extension this year. With the manufacturing extension, you can get advanced CAM features.

Fusion 360 Version History: Summary

In the following table, we have summarized the Fusion 360 history timeline, along with the new updates made to it. So, go through it to check the year, version number, and new updates.

YearFusion 360 Version New updates
2010Fusion 360 version 1Data management capabilities and CAM
2011Fusion 360 version 23D printing, 3D modeling, and parametric designs
2012Fusion 360 version 3Sheet metal design and generative design
2013Fusion 360 version 4Cloud-based collaboration feature and simulation feature
2014Fusion 360 version 5Visual simulation feature and introduction CAM tools
2015Fusion 360 version 6Multi-body modeling and visualization tools
2016Fusion 360 version 7Generative design improvement and cloud-based rendering
2017Fusion 360 version 8Real-time collaboration and create 2D drawings
2018Fusion 360 version 9Machine learning-powered tools and cloud-based design review
2019Fusion 360 version 10Generating exploded views and animations
2020Fusion 360 version 11New features of the design for manufacturing and Generative Design extension
2021Fusion 360 version 12Improved performance and usability
2022Fusion 360 version 13cloud-based rendering improvements
2023Fusion 360 version 14Design for additive manufacturing and manufacturing extension

When The Latest Version Of Fusion 360 Is Launched?

Currently, the Fusion 360 version number is 14, which was launched on March 2024. In this latest update, they have added the manufacturing extension. You can check the Autodesk Fusion 360 version history to learn about other updates. It is also the best version of Fusion 360 for startups license with amazing features and better prices.

How Many Fusion 360 Versions Are There?

Since the launch of Autodesk Fusion 360 in October 2010, it has been updated many times. Moreover, it has a total of 14 versions and no Fusion 360 deleted versions.

How Much Does Fusion 360 Latest Version Cost?

The latest version of Fusion 360 has three pricing options, and the minimum plan costs $56.97 per month. Check out the other plans and pricing for Fusion 360 current version number 14:

Plans of Autodesk Fusion 360Pricing
Monthly plan$56.97 per month
Yearly plan$388.71 per year
Every 3 years$1166.14 paid every three years

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Are Old Versions Of Fusion 360 Free?

Yes, you can download for free the old versions of Autodesk Fusion 360 for design and manufacturing. You can check the Fusion 360 version history and select any of them to use for free.

Can I Download Fusion 360 Old Version?

Yes, definitely. You can download the old versions of Fusion 360. Select any one of these Fusion 360 versions according to your needs and convenience. Otherwise, check out our table on the version history of Fusion 360.  Also, check out the best CPU for Fusion 360 to run this software smoothly in your device.

How Do I View Previous Versions Of Fusion 360?

If you want to check the Fusion 360 version history, then the procedure is very simple and easy. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the software application.
  2. Click on Show Data Panel in the top-left corner.
  3. Find your design and click on the version button.
  4. Go to the version that you want to use and click on the three dots that appear.
  5. Click open.

Is There Any Free Trial Of The Latest Fusion 360 Version?

Yes, you can get free trials of the current Fusion 360 version. So, we can use the design and manufacturing software for 30 days for free. However, you have to purchase the plan once the free trial is over.

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