Future Of Mobile Apps: Development Trends That Will Dominate In 2024

The current mobile apps field has leaders that shared the most of the audience and get the most revenues. Name Google apps, gaming, entertainment, and social apps. There are also solutions created by retail brands, banks, hotel chains, etc. Every business wants a piece of that mobile cake. And it is critical not just to follow the trend but to predict its development trends.

The mobile app market is growing very fast. It seems the right time to invest in mobile app development services like Jatapp or join them as a developer or designer, but in both cases, you need to know what to focus on. Which trends in mobile apps will dominate next year? Well, there will hardly be something completely new. The foundation for tomorrow is today.

Hot Trends In Mobile Apps Development For The Nearest Future?

Mobile Apps Development

If you have anything to do with mobile application development services, you already know about 5G. It is not a separate trend itself – it is the future default environment for mobile apps. 5G Internet will be 100 times faster than 4G, and the networks will spread, covering much wider areas. 

It will improve video streaming services, give more opportunities to the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality trends, and leave a tremendous impact on the Internet of Things. As for the particular application types and technologies, we can predict the following mobile development solutions taking the lead.

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Internet Of Things

There are hundreds of smart objects, from domestic appliances to medical devices. In the future, there will be more. They all can be in the Internet of Things network controlled through mobile applications. 

In fact, Android and iOS mobile app development services have already presented many IoT solutions in various fields. There are individual remote controls for any device or multi-featured controlling centers letting the users monitor and manage the entire network. Amazon, Microsoft, and SAP are offering IoT solutions right now. 

AI & Machine Learning

Applications that claim the status of future leaders need AI and ML. The capabilities of AI improve the app’s functionality and enhance the user’s experience. In conjunction with such popular technologies as AR, it brings mobile app options to the next level. The giant Walmart has implemented AI to run the processes and improve the entire business environment. 

Machine Learning is another extremely popular trend allowing software creators to deliver new experiences. In particular, Apple is one of the key players in ML. It uses smart ML models to develop new solutions with powerful functionality and the possibility to implement new features easily. 

Super Apps 

Many custom mobile app development services that once specialized in the creation of narrowly-focused apps are now turning to the “opposite” approach – bigger multi-purpose apps. Smartphones get more power and storage with each new model, and they are capable of running hundreds of apps. But it becomes uncomfortable for users to manage them. Instead of a dozen of solutions, each dedicated to one job only, users would prefer one app that can do everything. 

This trend is obvious for the leading iOS and Android app development services that work with big clients. Such users wish to have one mega application to cover many common tasks in a single interface. Electronic payments, booking, shopping, communication, health metrics, and other aspects can be included in one solution, visit this site if you want to know more. 

At this stage, the niche is barely occupied in the Western World – the trend came from Asia with Chinese WeChat as the most prominent example. Super apps have yet to be discovered by Western services and customers. 

Mobile Purchases 

The trend was always present here, but the COVID-19 pandemic gave the M-commerce sector an additional boost. When customers turned to online shopping, mobile apps could make the experience engaging for them. Add the increasing popularity of Google’s and Apple’s own payment systems, and you can see why this approach is winning. 

In the future, cross-platform app development services experts will use their skills to unite shopping and payment apps with smart wearables. Smartwatches or goggles will transfer the E-commerce experience to offline stores. As the lion’s share of online purchases happens on mobile devices, such applications will rise and gain more popularity. 

Mobile Learning

Another extremely popular type of online activity is learning. Schools are ordering mobile software development services to get their own applications. Besides making an online platform for their students and staff, such solutions improve brand awareness. Other resources get popularity in the mobile app’s format – the name Duolingo is the most obvious example. 

The possibility to learn online, from any location, using just the smartphone is a big plus for our competitive world. The demand for such applications is high now, and it will grow in the future. Even some enterprises run staff training programs with the help of mobile apps. 

It would be wrong to talk about the mobile app development trends without mentioning the UI design. The current trend is a simplification, but it has its limits. Soon, it will become impossible to simplify the graphic interfaces of mobile apps more. Most likely, trends will change and move toward touchless experiences. There will be voice assistants, gesture controls, and active usage of VR and AR in the interfaces. 


All the modern mobile trends did not come out of the blue – we saw them coming long ago. Most likely, they will evolve further and become more polished and powerful. We can already predict which of them will gain more demand in the future, and “demand” is the keyword. Demand creates supply. Understanding which trends in mobile apps will dictate their power in the future means that we can get to the niche before it is too crowded. Make sure, you have understood all the necessary key features and enhancement mobile apps development trends.

Thus, the trends that will shape the mobile app development services market in 2023 are more or less clear. Of course, it is possible that some product will jump out and conquer the audience all over the world unexpectedly – we saw such examples in the past. However, if you plan to develop your business with the help of a mobile app, follow the trends, and don’t miss the opportunities.