An Easy Guide to Renew Kaspersky Endpoint Security With Simple Steps

The protection of sensitive data is very important nowadays because of different trending cyber-attacks. Kaspersky endpoint security is a very helpful tool that secures confidential data whether it’s related to your personal or office. A high level of world-class leading encryption method is used on Kaspersky endpoint security that is rare to get any other software. Because of these quality features, millions of people use it but some of them don’t know all the processes. When the license ends some people struggle to renew Kaspersky endpoint security that becomes a common problem for beginners.

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Well, it’s not that hard to activate, renew, or update, if you know the simple trick to perform such activity. That’s the reason here’s the easiest guide which helps you into the renewal of Kaspersky Endpoint security. 

Renews Kaspersky Endpoint Security With An Easy Way

Renew Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Actually, there are multiple ways by which you can renew the activation code. Either you can use windows locally or remotely via Kaspersky Security Center to renew Kaspersky Endpoint Security. 

You can renew the Kaspersky Endpoint Security license with a key file or an activation code that can be obtained via the official site.

Stand-Alone Activation Method

  1. First, you have to run the application.
  2. After that click on the License tab which is below.
  3. Now you will see two options “renew license” and “Activate the application with a new license”.
  4. Select the Activate the application with a new license option.
  5. Now you will see two different options “Activate by using the activation code” and “Activate by using the key file”.
  6. If you select the first option then “Enter your activation code” for renewal.
  7. If you select the key file for renewal then visit at the official website link which is
  8. Now just click on the Next button and Finish to complete the stand-alone activation method.

The Security Center Activation Method

  1. First, run the Administration Console.
  2. Now visit the node Repositories and then the Keys option.
  3. Click on the Add key link option to add the key.
  4. Now you have to choose the “Select Load from a key file” option. Now explore the specific location to find the key files to process on the next step.

If you already have the activation code then visit to get your key file. 

  1. Now browse the key file.
  2. Just click on the Next button and after the Finish button to complete the process.
  3. Your Kaspersky endpoint security application will be activated soon after completing the above process.
  4. Now click on the Next option and select the checkbox to automatically deploy the key to your devices.
  5. To get the new license automatically you just have to select the option Automatically deploy key into your device.
  6. Verify that the key is successfully added to the Kaspersky Endpoint security software. 
  7. In the end, just click on the Finish to complete the installation process of the key file.

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