Hola Free VPN Review 2024 – Is Hola VPN A Luminati Network?

The VPN industry is full of free as well as paid virtual network providers. Hola VPN is one of the best Free VPN available in the market. You can easily enjoy secure browsing with Hola VPN to unlock restricted content.

The Hola Free VPN review 2024 is a comprehensive guide that will provide detailed insight into this VPN service.

Hola VPN Review 2024: Short Summary

Hola VPN is a great Free VPN service provider that will protect your online presence. A top-notch peer-to-peer VPN for safe browsing.

Hola VPN Strength

  • Worthy Free VPN Version For Basic Needs
  • Solid User-Experience
  • Fast Speed For Premium Plans
  • Support Multiple Devices Simultaneously
  • Unlock Netflix & Other Streaming Apps
  • Good One Gateway Endless Entertainment

Hola VPN Weakness

  • More Ads With Free Version
  • Limited Security Options With Hola Free VPN
  • Does Not Allow Torrenting

At the end of this Hola VPN Review, we will provide you with a bonus tip that will be very beneficial to you.

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Out of many Free VPN available in the market, Hola is the only one you can try for free. There are many myths regarding this VPN, to prove them wrong we provide this Hola Free VPN guide. You can make a better decision after analyzing this complete Hola VPN reviews.

Usually, customers seek strong security, high-tech protection, and an excellent encrypted network while using any VPN. That is why we don’t recommend you to use any regular free VPN service. 

First, you need to know the actual difference between Paid VPN vs Free VPN in depth. 

Now Check out this detailed Hola Review 2024 deeply for finding the various reasons for switching to Hola VPN.

Hola Free VPN Review 2024 – How Good It Is?

The company comes with a Free version for their users who has less concern about privacy or protection. Of course, the premium version is much better than the free version in providing better features and options. Check the difference between hola free vs premium VPN.

Let us discuss the major areas of Hola VPN that are pricing plans, free version, customer support, reliability, speed, and uptime.

How Much Hola VPN Cost?

hola vpn pricing plans

Pricing plans are very simple for this amazing VPN. the company provides a free version that does not cost a single penny to users. 

But is recommended to go for premium or ultra plans of Hola VPN to unlock various important features that may lack in the free version.

So basically there are four plans are provided by the Hola VPN. These plans are given below:

  • Hola VPN One Month Plan: This plan is mostly for those who want to use VPN for a limited time. You only need to pay $11.95 once but the plans are better if you want to use Hola many couples of times.
  • Hola VPN One Year Plan: In this plan, you need to pay $6.99 per month which is much better than the one month plan. Once you subscribe to this plan you won’t be allowed to cancel the subscription.
  • Hola VPN Two Year Plan: You only need to pay $3.99 per month with various astonishing features regarding privacy and security.
  • Hola VPN Three Year Plan:  With this VPN you have to pay only $2.99 per month with the same features getting the above-mentioned plan. 

The company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users. The Free Version of Hola VPN does not allow you to access multiple browsers and switch different IP addresses. There is a Hola VPN 5 year deal active for users by which you can grab a huge discount on its purchase.

If you want to unlock popular streaming networks like Netflix, Amazon, Disney +, then try to get a premium plans subscription. You can use the Hola VPN coupon code for getting a huge money-saving discount of up to 70% Off. 

How Strong Is Hola VPN Customer Support?

Unfortunately, customer support is not available for Free VPN users. Only premium users will get this opportunity to get expert support. 

hola vpn review

The company clearly mentioned on their official website that free users will not get as much sufficient security or privacy as premium one gets. 

You can directly approach the tech support team via email and within a few hours, you will receive your solution. 

This is an Israel-based company and somewhere you may have concerns about your network privacy which is right to think. Therefore be careful while using the VPN for a specific server.

How Good Is Hola VPN Peer-To-Peer Network?

The major performance of any VPN depends on its geographical servers. The distance of the user to its targeted server is more important. We have conducted some ratios before writing this Hola review guide and we find the actual speed of VPN.

Hola works on a US-based server with a speed of 48Mbps, and a European server works with a speed of 65-82Mbps.

Hola VPN For Netflix Streaming – Hola Free VPN Review 2024

hola vpn entertainment

You will be amazed at the streaming capability of Hola VPN. Even with its free version you are able to access Netflix easily without any lags. 

As per our research and testing for the Hola VPN review, we found that Hola will unblock Netflix in various countries including the US, Japan, the UK, and many more.  

Not only Netflix, but you can also access the Amazon prime videos based in the US and UK. Other popular platforms including Disney+(all countries), HBO, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Now, and many more. 

This will definitely surprise us to know that Hola VPN is very efficient in streaming these platforms.

Is Hola VPN Good For Gaming?

hola vpn for gaming

Yes. Hola VPN efficiently worked while testing it for gaming purposes. To provide this detailed Hola Free VPN review, we did a genuine test for this VPN to break the struggling myths speeded over the internet. 

While using Hola VPN for playing games we found very positive results on some servers. The loading spreading will be reduced and with any huge lags, you can easily play your favorite games. 

Therefore, you can try lag-free gaming by using Hola VPN Coupons. 

Does Hola VPN Works In China?

Unfortunately No. Hola VPN does not work in China. There are many other reputed VPN service provides that does not able to bypass China’s strong censorship. 

Therefore, in this Hola Free VPN review guide, you are aware of this major aspect. You can find the Best Free VPN For Kodi instead to unblock China’s Great Wall Of Firewall. 

You can use the Hola VPN alternative if you really want to run a VPN to bypass China’s censorship.

What Is the Connection Between Hola VPN And Luminati?

Okay so first understand that Hola VPN Luminati is not a kind of VPN. 

The founder of Hola VPN, Ofer Vilenski also founded Hola CDN and Luminati. So basically Luminati is not a pure VPN but instead of that, it sells secure networks to its customers.

The company claims that it will not share its user’s private information with other companies like Luminati. But you can see the presence of this network alternative on the official site of Hola VPN. 

Wrapping Up – Hola Free VPN Review 2024

We managed all the possible and genuine results for writing this unbiased Hola VPN review. There are some positive sides as well as negative sides of this VPN. 

Instead of using that expensive VPN that also does not claim that they are completely safe or not it’s better to use Hola VPN.

In this Hola Free VPN review, we had covered the important areas that usually users search. There is no harm to this amazing VPN for free. 

For better security and protection you can use the Hola VPN premium plan that is also available at a huge discount. So take advantage of this Hola VPN review and switch to this ultimate VPN service provider


These are some hidden amazing features that we found during our testing Hola VPN.

Reasons To Choose Hola VPN

  • You, Will, Get Outstanding Unblocking Capabilities With The Help Of Patented Technology.
  • You Won’t Believe But Yes Hola Is Ad-free.
  • Users Can Switch To Their Desired Locations.
  • Free Version Users Are Restricted To Intent For Using Hola Vpn Services.
  • Hola Vpn Plus Version Available For Only Those Users Who Wants Advanced Services.
  • Right Now Hola Vpn Is Actively Working In 200+ Countries With Solid Speed.

Reasons To Avoid Hola VPN

  • Hola Vpn Free Version Does Not Support Ios And Macos Devices.
  • There Is Some Limitation While Using Hola Vpn Free Version.

Hola VPN 2024 – FAQs

Here are the top queries regarding Hola free VPN that is asked by many users.

How to delete Hola VPN account?

If you have Hola on mobile then you can remove the app from the play store and search for Hola VPN Plus Proxy and cancel the payment. To uninstall Hola VPN from a laptop or PC then you can remove it from the control panel. This is how you can make Hola VPN removed permanently.

How to remove Hola VPN from chrome?

For this, you have to open Google Chrome, and then click on the three dots vertically at the top right corner > More Tools > Extensions. Search for the Hola VPN extension and click on the remove button.

Is there any Hola VPN security issues?

With the free plan of Hola, you get some of the security issues like it won’t provide you with top security features. Plus Hola free also keeps the data of their users.