Hostinger is Partnering with Google Cloud Platform 2022

Here comes the best news for all the Hostinger cloud web hosting users. Now Hostinger is coordinating with the best Google Cloud platform. Now you can easily buy the Hostinger Cloud web hosting plan for better performance. Hostinger is partnering with Google cloud platform because of growing online business.

This newfound partnership will bring new advancements to hostinger infrastructure especially to Hostinger Cloud web hosting packages.

In this partnership, the user will get the best features and performance and some extra features. So let’s look at what are the benefits you will get with this partnership between Hostinger Web Hosting Company & Google Cloud Platform.

What are the benefits of the Hostinger & Google Cloud partnership?

In the new partnership first & foremost you will get all the benefits of Hostinger cloud web hosting services. The features you will get like a dedicated IP address, free domain & SSL & unlimited bandwidth, these are the common features in the cloud hosting package of the Hostinger. So what extra features are add in Hostinger Cloud hosting package are:-

Hostinger Features

Better Stability, Speed & performance

Now if you go with the services of Hostinger then you are going to boost the speed of your online projects easily. Get the better Speed, Scalability, and storage department. 16GB of RAM, up to 8 CPU cores per plan, and up to 200GB of disk storage the features you are going to unlock with this plan with the online achievements.

To serve these services all around the world hostinger started this from the US & UK. Now they are planning to introduce this Google Cloud in up to 20 locations soon.

With the Google Cloud Global, you will not face any kind of hurdle in uptime, server stability, website speed & data storage.

Better backups

No worry of heavy loads and data with the best services of Google Cloud. Now you will get a better framework for reliable and long-lasting growth. A website hosted on the Google cloud platform is safer in the form of data and equipment.

They do not have to rely on the hardware redundancy that is handled by Google since Google is used as a cloud-based system. If anything happens to the website then a new virtual machine can be activated in seconds to take a load of the website.

This process will take a better ability to run a website successfully without facing any kind of trouble. In short, you are going to experience the problem-free website if you use the services of this new partnering.

Why Hostinger is partnering with Google Cloud Platform?

Choosing the Google Cloud platform is the best and venerable choice due to the all best features. The bunch of features mentioned in the services of Google cloud is the biggest advantage for all the users. Hostinger chooses Google cloud because of such reasons.

Hostinger Trustworthy


Google network insures the better speed & SEO results. Many of the users are using the google platform and they have several trustworthy users. So Google is one of the best & trustworthy platforms to select.

Better for the environment

The energies used by the google data centers are matched with the renewable energy that is good for the environment.

More in the Google Cloud

Cloud Global is a better option to run a website effectively and efficiently. They are providing a better hosting plan to host a website at a reasonable cost.  If you are using its services now then you will get many benefits while hosting a site.

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