Reasons You Can’t Change Twitter Display Name or Handle

Twitter is one of the early pioneers of social media, It started in 2006 when even Facebook didn’t exist Changing a username or handle name is not a big deal. If you have just created your new Twitter account you need to set an appropriate username for your profile. Also, many existing users search why they can’t change Twitter display name for various reasons say they want to optimize their Twitter profile.

Twitter handle or username begins with “@” and is unique to your profile(the letters after @). You log in to your account with this username. People also search you by your username which comes in your profile’s URL.

Change Twitter Display Name

Follow these simple steps to change your Twitter username.

Step 1: Log in to your Twitter account with your existing username or email id. You can do this on your mobile phones also.

Step 2: Go to the More > Setting and Privacy on the website or you can also tap on your profile icon in the app.

How To Change Twitter Display Name

Step 3:  Now click on the Account > Username. Here you get an option to get your unique username for your Twitter profile.

Can You Change Your Twitter @

Select an appropriate username for your account. You also get suggestions from twitters that are related to your profile. So it will become easier for to you set the right one.

Can't Change Twitter Display Name

Changing your Twitter handle does not affect your followers. If you can’t change Twitter display name on your own then this complete guide will help to do the same. They can identify you the same as they before with your profile. Our suggestion before you changes your Twitter handle, just ping to your follower regarding this new change.

How Long Can Username Be In Twitter

Your display name is different from your username. It will visible when someone sends or receive any messages from your account.

Your username might be up to 15 characters long and it must be unique.


Your Display Name might be up to 50 characters long

Tips & Tricks While Changing Twitter Display Name Or Username

Sometimes it is necessary to change your username if you are using your accounts for years.  Choosing an appropriate username is quite an important thing for your account as it will represent your brand, company, signature, and so on.

Things To Remember While Change Twitter Display Name

Change Twitter Name Not Handle

Display Name

The display name is different from your username and it should not be unique at all that is why most people think Twitter can’t change display name. Changing Twitter’s display name is a very simple and easy task. You can do this at any time and also you can use special characters or emojis in your display name.

Log in to your Twitter account > Click on Profile & click Edit Profile > And Simply change your Display Name.

Avoid using hate speech or any other certain words in your display name as it is against the term or services of Twitter. Make it simple and rememberable to your users or followers. The limit for display names is up to 20 characters long.

How Often Can You Change Twitter Display Name or Username

How to change your Twitter display name or Twitter handle a complete procedure is mentioned above you can follow the same step by step. But while making a change to it keep these things in your mind.

Keeping Username As Simple As Possible

There is a limit of 15 characters and as short as simple. Try to avoid choosing those words that are difficult to spell or type in.

Avoid Using Certain Words

Try not to use words like Twitter or Admin in your username. As Twitter doesn’t allow you to do so even if you are legitimately an admin. These Twitter & Admin handles are reserved for their employees.

Find Unique Word

The username must be unique and related to your account page. Twitter still claims users that are in use, suspended, or banned. You can cross-check twitter’s policy regarding inactive accounts on the web.

Try To Stay Identical

Either you are running a business or any brand then it is important to use your username identical across all your social media platforms.

Avoid Underscore & Numbering

Try to avoid underscore and numbering in your username as it might screw up the conversations and of course, it will be difficult to remember.

Therefore, if you can’t change Twitter display name then no worries it is not a big deal but yes it is something to be done carefully. This can help your business to grow or if you are using it for other purposes. Hope this article will help you to resolve your query, please let us know will these solutions are helpful or not in the comment section.