How to Login to the Hostgator Cpanel?

For account management in the hosting, cPanel is proved to be the best tool that comes at free of cost with the hosting. Just like all the web hosting providers, HostGator also provides cPanel for all different types of hosting. Actually, it has the most beneficial properties on which experts rely and make use of every time. But beginners face problems while using this tool and some of them do not even have a clue how to login to HostGator cPanel. This lack of knowledge creates the circumstances of confusion and less productivity at work.

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To be honest, every webmaster must know how to make proper use of cPanel. With the help of cPanel, you can perform the different task and some of them are as follows:

  1. Adding or removing user
  2. Create or delete the database of the website
  3. Managing the data of the website
  4. Add or removing scripting of the website

The benefits of cPanel are endless but for that, you must know how to get access to HostGator cPanel. The below easy steps will teach you all the login process of HostGator cPanel. Other Hostgator Login methods & Details. 

The Easiest Way to login to HostGator cPanel

Ways to Login to the Hostgator Cpanel

Basically there are two different ways to login to HostGator cPanel. Both of them use a different environment but quite easy that everyone can use.

HostGator Hosting Panel

When you log in to your HostGator hosting account, you will see multiple options there. Into these options, cPanel also an option you can find on the menu screen. The cPanel option available in Shared and Cloud hosting and some other hosting plans. Here the easiest method to get into your cPanel tool with your hosting panel.

  1. First, log in to the HostGator Customer Dashboard.
  2. Now you will reach on the Dashboard, if not then you have to login first.
  3. Search for the cPanel option that you can find on the Shared or Cloud hosting plan.
  4. Find the orange color “Launch cPanel” button and click on it. (The button will be available on either the menu or the dashboard).
  5. Now it will automatically open a new tab that will log in to your cPanel.
  6. Finish.

Direct Access of cPanel Using Domain and Ports

Did you know that you can directly access the cPanel using the domains and ports? But some beginners find it difficult compared to the first option but this also used by many webmasters. Here’s the detailed way to log in to your HostGator cPanel account.

Method 1:

  • Use https or directly enter the Server Hostname directly in the browsers and enter the port number 2083 at the end of the link.

For example, https://ServerHostname:2083

Method 2:

  • Apart from the domain name, you can directly enter the IP address of your website and enter the port number 2083 at the end:

For example, https://Server-Site-IP-Address:2083

Method 3:

  • Also, by entering the domain name of your website that contains port number 2083 at the end will take you to the dashboard of HostGator cPanel:


  • If you are struggling to find the Server Hostname and Site IP address of your website then you can find it into your email.
  • It should be beneficial for you to use a secure connection while accessing your website cPanel. Enter the HTTPS before the domain or IP address with the port address 2083 to login to your HostGator cPanel. This will secure your connection with the highest encryption.
  • The Server Hostname for HostGator shared web hosting for customers will look something like or