How to Choose Web Hosting Service Provider?

We are publishing content for the web hosting company regularly. Now a day’s people have different choices for hosting companies with lots of exciting offers and deals. But many people feel cheated in their first deal. How to Choose Web Hosting Service Provider So we here with this post with two reasons areas

1) We want to give some points that you should check before you buy your hosting.
2) We are adding a review section, and all these points are part of our reviews.

We want our viewers to know about the services and products they are buying. So it is our next step to give them maximum information in the form of reviews and user experience.

The Internet is the best medium to get yourself connected to the world. It also becomes the biggest business medium for all users around the world.

Easy Reach – It is the best way to reach people around the world.
Big Sales – Internet online shopping gives the most major sales funnel for both products and services.
Entertainment – It is the greatest way of time pass for users with music, Videos, and much more thing.
Adult Industry – The success of this industry is due to the internet.

How to Choose Web Hosting Service Provider

So every day thousands of new websites are coming up with old and new ideas. It is given a boost to the web hosting industry. Every month we see some new hosting companies with attractive offers are there. Also, older hosting companies like Hostgator & Godaddy are in the race of attracting users.
All users start with a shared web hosting package and then shift to the higher hosting package. So We will use shared web hosting as our basis. The higher you will go the point of attraction will decrease. So this post will help you select all types of hosting services like Dedicated Servers.

First, we will look into points that you should check for a Hosting company. After this, we will discuss the main attraction that different hosting companies offer.

Support is the Most Important Feature of Web Hosting Service

– It is the very first thing you should check before buying any hosting services.
Chat & Email – Start with live chat and email services. See how much time they took to reply. Email response should be with 6 hours on regular days and 12 hours on holidays. If they do not reply to your email, then just drop the hosting.
Call – After you have chosen 2-3 companies and you want to the final one. Just call their support number see that some are available on another side. If you want, you can ask some basic questions like how much time you will take to setup web hosting or about hosting a control panel. We just want to check that their support staff is here to help. Try to call 2-3 times with a time gap.

How to select Web Hosting Service Provider

Here you are going to get the best hosting company. Because support is the thing that can be required anytime. So we look after following things in our support.
How fast they react
How long they take to solve our problem
On phone support availability.
Supports is some things that tell about the service quality of hosting companies.
So it should be the topmost concern for you and will also be the most important factor in our reviews.

Other Important Factor which helps select Web Hosting Service provider 

Money-back Guaranty – You should go with the company Who gives the money back guaranty in the first month. If you not like their service, you can get your money back. But before that, please check the terms and conditions. Some company is there who will not give you money rather charge you for the next billing cycle.

It is an important factor in our review, and you should also check this. Because we advise buying web hosting for the longer term at least one year. So in any case, if you did not like the service your money is safe and will come back to you.

Term & Conditions – It is the hidden laws, which come when we have some issues with the company. Like all most, all companies will have the right to remove your account in particular terms. If you are using it for spam-like mass mailing and many other things. So you should go through major points of web hosting at least all points of your needs.

It is the place where most of the users feel cheated. When you face any problem and them, show you’re the part of term and conditions. Which is so big that you never bother to go through that. But we suggest going through at least those points that are important for you.

These are some most important factors that come before any price or free goodies that may part of their package. So we will consider these points at most high, and our half of the reviews points come from the above points.

Hidden Truth Ever Web Hosting Claim – But no one gives 

Now we will separate layer by layer of all hidden truth about the attractive offer provided by shared hosting.

Unlimited Hard Disk – It is the first attraction of all web hosting companies. And Our test 99.99 hosting company will never allow this. They have 100+ limitations which will come in the form of a warning after you eat around 50 GB of space. Even some will warn you with 10GB of hard disk utilization.

Unlimited Bandwidth – It’s some that seem right. But it comes to real-time environment shared web hosting has such a limit that you say that fuck off this Unlimited.

  • You have limited power and process which means you can cross any high bandwidth limit.
  • Easily connected time out limit which also stops doing something dynamically.
  • Cannot use the service as file hosting.

So it a truth that becomes limited with absolute terms.

Free Goodies – In my view, they do not give us anything free at all. They have a bunch of free goodies.
Free Domain Name – In 80% of cases it’s a tool to hold the clients. So it is not free you may have to pay extra to get your to name back from them

Free CPANEL – It is a control panel that all companies use for managers to manage multiple accounts. They already have the license for their server, and they can create an unlimited account within it.

Free Ads credits – You will get free Google and Bing ads credit. Everyone can get that directly from companies. As they offer this for all new accounts. Maximum of these free credits work in the USA only.

So one thing we make you explain nothing comes for free, and no one will give you unlimited things. So choose your hosting company with Support, reliability, and performance.

We will suggest you if you are a start-up go with Hostinger Web Hosting with Hostinger Discount Code. If you are an intermediate user, then see our Best VPS hosting post. Finally, if you are looking for high-end hardware like dedicated servers then see our Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting.

We just give you advice on our experience. But in your it may be different, So we request you to check our most important point.