How To Send Pictures In YouTube Comments Box?

Hello, there are you searching for how to send pictures in YouTube comments box then continue reading this blog. As I will guide you through the simple steps to post pic on YouTube. We all know that text messaging is very easy in the comment section. 

But when it comes to pictures you might get confused about how to comment picture in YouTube comment section so, let’s get started.

How To Insert Picture In YouTube Comment? 

There are two simple steps to send pictures in YouTube comments box. Which are given below 

  • Use Google Drive 
  • Use your YouTube Channel Logo

Now, you know there are two ways to YouTube comments and pictures. So, let’s have a brief discussion on these steps. 

Send Pictures In YouTube Comments Box With Google Drive 

Follow the given steps and upload YouTube Comment with image. These steps are 

  • Go to Google Drive 
Go to Google Drive to post pictures on youtube comments
  • Select the Pic that you want to post in the YouTube comment section
  • Click on three dots and click on share 
  • Copy the share link with viewer permission 
Copy the share link with viewer permission 
  • Visit the YouTube comment section of the channel where you want to post pic 
  • Select the comment 
  • Paste the Link with some text message 

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How To Insert Picture In YouTube Comment With Channel Logo?

If you have a YouTube channel then follow the given below steps to post pic on YouTube. Otherwise, create a YouTube channel to YouTube comments with pictures. 

  • Choose the picture you want to post on YouTube comment section
  • Go to the channel dashboard
  • Change the logo of your channel 
  • Save image
  • Go to comment Section
  • Comment some message
  • After commenting you can see the image is displayed on the comment section 

Can You Put Picture In YouTube Comments? 

Yes, you can put a picture in YouTube comments just use google drive on your device and paste the URL of the image in the comment section.

How Do You Post A Picture On YouTube Comments From Your Phone?

You can add a picture on YouTube comments from the phone by using google drive. Upload a picture from google drive then comment with some text. 

How Do You Put A Picture In The YouTube Comment Section? 

Here are some simple steps for YouTube comment picture first step use google drive second use channel icon.

  • Go to google drive
  • Select image 
  • Click on the share link with viewer permission
  • Paste link in the YouTube comment Section

For the second step create YouTube channel on your phone. Then you can use your channel logo as a picture. Also, you can invert colors on a picture on iPhone before posting image.

How To Comment Pictures In YouTube Comment Box?

There are two steps to YouTube comments pictures. First, upload a picture with google drive, and second comment with your YouTube channel.

How To Comment Picture In YouTube Comment Section With PC? 

If you want to comment picture in YouTube comment section with PC. Then go on Chrome> open New tab> click no 9 dots> click on google drive> select image> click on share link> paste link in YouTube comment section. 


I hope you will get the answer to your question how to send Pictures in YouTube Comment box with the help of this blog. Because I have shared with you the easy ways for YouTube comment with picture/image. 

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