How To Use cPanel in HostGator In 2022?

Do you know, How to manage cPanel in HostGator? As we describe here, cPanel is the web hosting control panel that is given by many web hosting providers to the website owner so that they can easily control and manage their web files. It is well known for its fully-featured stage. It is playing a very crucial role in hosting without that C-Panel hosting is counted incomplete. This tool is simply known for its speed and managing the website. In this article, we will explain how to use C-panel in HostGator. In your web hosting packages.

Things to know About Hostgator cPanel

Here are some important things that you must know about HostGator cPanel.

How to log in to Hostgator C-panel?

Hostgator web hosting is the first choice of every hosting buyer. If you are buying any hosting by Hostgator, immediately you will get an email in which all the details of your new hosting website are mentioned. Soon after that, you will get the login HostGator cPanel with details and the server name of your Hostgator C-panel. After that,  you can use your c-panel using a direct IP address before shifting your domain name to Hostgator web server. The Url will look like this or by (6074) is the common port of the c-panel. Now you can assess your Hostgator directly after the update of your domain name server setting to Hostgator nameserver. The process is the same for both Indian and international hosting providers for Hostgator channel. You also need your account c-panel URL, Domain name, and password. This all is a simple processor of login into Hostgator C-panel.

What Features are available in Hostgator cPanel

Hostgator is giving you a variety of application and features in c-panel which are :

File Manager

Here you will get all the knowledge on how to control and manage your website. Here they are providing a file manager in which they contain Directory Privacy. It will give permission to you about managing all directories in your account. It also provides an FTP option that makes it possible to adjust, remove or change the important FTP account from your account. This directly means that you can change anything in your server without login into a c-panel. They are providing you a facility of c-panel backup option with the backup of the entire website, it creates thumbnails and converts scale images while using the disk it shows you the amount which is left and disk space which you have used according to your plan.

Creating and Managing Data

According to its heading name. It deals with MySQL Databases which edit, create, delete, etc many tasks which are related to the Hostgator control panel.

Monitoring Website Traffic

It also takes care of how much traffic is coming and from where it is coming to your website. It includes managing the raw traffic and usage of bandwidth.

Increasing Security

It is giving a very high range of security to your account and website. It provides SSH, SHL, TLS access or root reach information.

Manage your Domain Name

According to your wish whenever you want to change and add your domain name you can do it by a very easy method. All processes of changing and adding are mentioned in the server. It also provides you the features of adding a subdomain by subdomain option.

Creating and Managing Email Accounts

There was an email option which is provided by the server for creating an email account for your domains and you have to login into the account for viewing your emails. You can ignore the spam emails and Apache spam because it also tackles all these problems.

One Click Install CMS

It is also giving the option of quick install in which you will get an easy install of many things only in one click. Because of this option, you get plenty of saved time. Also, HostGator offers cheap cPanel hosting to users.

Advanced Settings

They are providing periodic function features which are mostly used by WordPress and other CMS(Content Management Systems ) for publishing scheduled posts. Apart from this, they have given permission to use file extensions (jpg., png.,exe., pdf. And many more).In fact, it checks whether it is uploaded on the server or not. Also provides advanced Hostgator cPanel support services to its customers.

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