Hoxx VPN Review 2024 [Must Read Before Buying Hoxx VPN]

Check the Hoxx VPN review before buying its subscription. With a detailed review of Hoxx VPN, know its streaming and online security features.

Hoxx VPN is launched by an American company named VPN1 LLC which offers both Free and Paid VPN plans. It claims to provide 100% privacy and ultra-fast connections across 50 countries. That’s why our team decided to test Hoxx VPN if it gives what it is promising.

In this article, we are going to test all the features of Hoxx VPN. Whether you can play games and stream online content using Hoxx VPN or not. So, keep reading below to find out how Hoxx VPN performed in all tests.

Hoxx VPN Review Score Chart 2024

Here is the scoreboard of Hoxx VPN features and services after hours of testing:

Hoxx VPN SpecificationsRatings (Out of 10)
Security Features2.1
Server Locations4.0
Customer Support3.5
Plan Prices 5.5

How We Tested Hoxx VPN For Review?

Our team has spent thousands of hours testing all features of Hoxx VPN deeply. Speed tests were run every day of the week at different time intervals to check how fast connections were. To check how good Hoxx VPN is at streaming, we tested its performance with 45+ streaming platforms every day.

We have installed Hoxx on different devices such as Android, iOS, PC, and web browsers to find compatibility issues. There were multiple DNS and WebRTC leak tests performed using IP leak tools to ensure that Hoxx VPN offers online security.

After doing countless hours on tests, we are providing honest Hoxx VPN reviews about how it performed in each test. 

Speed: Hoxx Server Locations Speed Test 2024

check Hoxx Server Locations Speed Test

The speed of Hoxx VPN servers is very slow and you will often face massive delays in connection. We connected to different server locations of the Hoxx VPN and tested how much upload & download speed it offers.

While testing the nearest Hoxx VPN servers we face huge drop-offs in connection speed. The connection was even slower when our team tested servers that were far from our location.

Here is the server speed given by different locations during our Hoxx VPN review test:

Hoxx VPN ServerPingDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Australia390ms7.10 Mbps6.50 Mbps
Canada490ms3.80 Mbps4.90 Mbps
France320ms2.93 Mbps1.80 Mbps
Germany328ms1.20 Mbps0.80 Mbps
India255ms2.65 Mbps6.54 Mbps
Italy280ms5.71 Mbps6.20 Mbps
Japan620ms2.10 Mbps4.95 Mbps
Netherlands322ms3.16 Mbps8.90 Mbps
Poland360ms9.70 Mbps5.81 Mbps
Russia355ms6.23 Mbps8.20 Mbps
South Korea750ms0.40 Mbps0.10 Mbps
Singapore215ms3.15 Mbps7.10 Mbps
Switzerland310ms1.25 Mbps1.54 Mbps

As you can see, there are huge drop-offs in download and upload speed of Hoxx VPN servers.

Streaming: Can Hoxx VPN Unblock Netflix?

We tested Hoxx VPN with various streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. During the streaming test, we found that Hoxx VPN can not unblock US Netflix in some locations. Also, you will have to face delays and buffering when streaming using Hoxx VPN.

When our team tried to unblock Hulu and Amazon Prime with Hoxx VPN, they faced an error because of VPN detection. That’s why we recommend using another VPN for Netflix or other streaming service and avoiding Hoxx VPN. 

Torrenting: Is Hoxx VPN Good For Torrenting?

We suggest you avoid Hoxx VPN for Torrenting purposes. Also, Hoxx VPN has mentioned a separate section for copyright infringement in their DCMA policy. So performing any kind of torrenting activity using Hoxx VPN can get you in real trouble.

As there is an absence of Kill Switch in Hoxx VPN, you should not think of accessing Torrents using this VPN. So if you really love torrenting then you might have to go with other Torrenting VPNs that provide Kill Switch.

Security Features: Is Hoxx VPN Safe?

Hoxx VPN is not considered safe as there is no encryption supported on its free version. The premium version of Hoxx VPN offers outdated 4096-bit RSA encryption which is not secure enough.

The protocols used by Hoxx VPN are HTTP and Shadowsocks which are quite outdated as compared to OpenVPN and WireGuard. When our team tested Hoxx VPN for the WebRTC leak test, we found that our public IP address was revealed.

So you will not get security features like Kill Switch, 256-bit Encryption, MultiHop, WebRTC leak protection, etc. with Hoxx VPN. That’s why we suggest you use a safe and top rated VPN providers that offers complete online security.

Privacy: Does Hoxx VPN Logs User Data?

While Hoxx VPN review, our team found that your online privacy is not guaranteed if you are using its services. In the privacy policy of Hoxx VPN, it is mentioned that the service provider will keep your data logs. However, Hoxx VPN didn’t disclose how long it will keep your data.

Hoxx VPN will store the user’s contact number, email address, password, IP address, browser type, visited web pages, etc. It also uses Google Analytics and Google Advertising to track its users.

As Hoxx VPN’s headquarters is located in the US, it is under the laws of the Five Eyes Alliance. So your data can be shared anytime if government authorities ask for it.

Server Locations Review: Are 50+ Locations Really Available?

Hoxx VPN claims to offer 50+ server locations on its website but our testing team found that its Chrome extension has only 37 locations. If you are a free user then you will get access to 16 locations out of 37 locations.

During the Hoxx VPN review, we noticed that it provides only 6 free server locations on Windows app. That allows you to connect with US, Japan, France, Canada, Germany & Netherlands servers. Whereas, iOS users can access only 1 free server location on Hoxx VPN.

If you are an Android user then you have to buy Hoxx VPN premium plan to get access to 12 locations. While you are on free plan, you will only get 1 server location. Otherwise for streaming you can also check the free alternative of premium streaming service which offers you diverse entertainment options. 

Compatibility: Does Hoxx VPN Install Easily On All Devices?

Hoxx VPN provides a dedicated app for lots of different platforms which means it is widely compatible with all devices. While writing this Hoxx VPN review, it is compatible with Windows, iOS, Linux, and macOS.

If you want Hoxx VPN browser extension then you will get support on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. However, the support for the Opera browser is still in process and will launch in the future.

There’s one major drawback that you can’t install Hoxx VPN on Smart TVs, Routers, and Gaming Consoles like PS5 and Xbox One.

Customer Support: Does Hoxx VPN Offer Live Chat Support?

With Hoxx VPN, you will not get any 24/7 live support like other VPN services as there is no live chat support at all. If you have any issues then you can contact the support executive via email, FAQ page, and Query form.

When our team sent an email to Hoxx VPN customer support, the first response arrived after 24 hours. Whereas contacting Hoxx VPN on their official Twitter account had a lesser wait time of 3-4 hours. Customer support is available on Mon to Fri between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.(ET).

Plan Prices: Is Hoxx VPN Affordable?

Hoxx VPN offers a free plan which makes it affordable for those who can’t spend money on VPN services. However, the free Hoxx VPN plan comes with limited server locations, no encryption and lots of other restrictions.

The premium plan of Hoxx VPN is priced at $1.99/mo which is quite within the budget range of many people. You will not get any free trials but there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee by Hoxx VPN.

Does Hoxx VPN Allow Simultaneous Logins?

Yes, Hoxx VPN offers multiple simultaneous connections if you purchase its premium plan. It allows you to share a single Hoxx VPN license on more than one device to get online security.

So you can purchase a single Hoxx VPN plan and share it with your friends or family members. It means one Hoxx VPN plan can work on Android, iOS, and Windows devices at the same time without purchasing a second subscription.

Does Hoxx VPN Slow Down Internet Speed?

Yes, you will face a slowdown in your internet connection with Hoxx VPN whether you are using a free or premium plan. If you want fast speed then try any other VPN provider.

Is Hoxx VPN Same As Proxy?

Hoxx VPN fails to bypass Netflix restrictions and also leaks IP addresses in the WebRTC test. So Hoxx VPN behaves more like a proxy as it doesn’t hide your private details.

Is Hoxx VPN Good?

Hoxx VPN is good if you are looking for a budget-friendly VPN service that costs very little. While seeing on the basis of privacy and online security, Hoxx VPN is not recommended.

Final Words

In the Hoxx VPN review, we have discussed all specifications and provided you with actual information. After testing Hoxx VPN for 9 major categories, we don’t recommend you use its services.

While reviewing Hoxx VPN, our team has found critical issues like slow connection speed, no Kill Switch, poor online security & below-average customer support. However, Hoxx VPN is less pricey and if you don’t care about your online privacy & security then go for it.

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