Icedrive Vs pCloud 2022 – Comparison Of Features, Pros, Cons & Price

A personal cloud storage program gained popularity as it becomes a need for everyone who wants to save their data. There are a variety of options for cloud storage in the market. Here we will give you all a detailed analysis of the Icedrive vs pCloud storage application. They are amongst the best tools that help you to keep safe your audio, video, and document files.

Both of them are the dominant storage apps and we will help you to choose a better one. You’ll get aware of every aspect of these two cloud storage programs.

pCloud Vs Icedrive An Overview

At first, you know about the roots of these cloud storage apps to know the difference between Icedrive & pCloud.


Icedrive is a cloud storage solution developed in 2019 by ID cloud service Ltd., located in the UK. It supports almost every device like laptops, desktops, phones, and web-based. This server always provides you new updated features and let you know quickly.


pCloud is a Switzerland-based cloud storage app developed in 2013 by TechRadar, which has more than 12 million active users. It offers a secure storage option for files & folders for its customers. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS devices or you can also login pCloud through any browser.

Feature Comparison Between Icedrive Vs pCloud 

Here is a quick view that can help you to know more about this pCloud Icedrive vs comparison:

Here is a quick comparison of Icedrive and pCloud features to know the basic core functionality that they provide.

Icedrive cloud storage
It offers Twofish client-side encryption and generates encryption keys.
Zero-knowledge encryption that does not share your info with even Icedrive
It works as a virtual drive but there is not any versioning option.
Upload & Store files and folders safely, but does not have a file management option.
It does not need any sync and control cache.
Mobile and Tablet sharing but not advance sharing option.
pCloud storage
It uses TLS or SSL with client-side encryption & keeps data safe at 3 safe storage servers.
Its 256-bit encryption keeps safe your every file information.
File versioning & Backup option that keeps your old files available.
File management option of search and filter files & folders. 
It has a digital asset management option.
More options for file sharing like direct link, invite to the folder or allow access to edit.

Feature Of Icedrive: Is Icedrive Good?

Features of Icedrive

In this Icedrive vs pCloud Reddit comparison, let’s get a quick look at the functions of Icedrive:

Twofish Encryption

It is the fastest encryption algorithm that uses 128-bit keys. This makes your files & folder safer and doesn’t let anyone get access to them. You can rely on it and store your audios, videos, & documents files and folders.


Icedrive ensures that everything even your files name is also encrypted. It won’t get any sensitive or personal leaked or decrypted. This function won’t let even the Icedrive service to get access your data.


In cryptography, only an individual can get decrypt or access the saved files. This makes Icedrive more effective cloud storage in this comparison of Icedrive vs pCloud. This means only you can access your files it does not even allow Icedrive to get a look at your personal information.

Generate Encryption Key

Icedrive generates a 256-bit encryption key, which is generated from the client-side. This never gets passed to Icedrive servers that create more privacy for customers.

Upload Files & Store Data

You can upload each audio, video, PDF, and apps file to the Icedrive secure server, and every file would be double encrypted.

You can store your files safely in the encrypted cloud server of Icedrive.

Virtual Drive

Icedrive works just as any hard disk or USB does. In this, pCloud vs Icedrive this cloud storage substitute the need for any USB. You can edit, delete, upload, and open your files on your laptop or desktop. This makes it work like another operating system.

No Sync Necessary & Cache-Control

It does not require any bandwidth or syncing that takes much time, this can be done with just a click. Icedrive eliminates every cache and boosts the application performance.

Mobile & Tablet

This offers a  device backup option that can be done through its backup wizard. Icedrive also can be used to share any files within the app. You can stream your audio or video files by using its in-built media player.

Features Of pCloud: Is pCloud Trustworthy?

Features of pCloud

Now, check out the detailed functions of pCloud to know the Icedrive vs pCloud comparison.

File Management

You can keep countless files and folders in the space provided by pCloud and get access to them easily. It has the option of search and filter so that you can search the type of file for which you are looking. You can choose and open the instantly your audio, video, or images.


pCloud offers various ways to share any file and folders you can share by the invite to folder option. You can control or allow someone the access to view, or edit your file or folder. A shared link is an option for those who don’t have any pCloud transfer account and they can access them by any browser. In this Icedrive vs pCloud comparison, this function helps to stand out pCloud as one of the best cloud storage providers. You can also make it more secure by setting a password or by applying an expiration date to it.


pCloud uses TLS or SSL encryption, your files are stored in three locations in a secure data storage server. The client-side encryption makes it a more secure data storage application that only you can have the access to it.

File Versioning

pCloud has a record of versions of your files, by the revisions option you can preview and make changes in your files. These file versions are saved up to a limited time of up to 15 days in the free plan & 30 days in the paid plan. The extended file history allows you to save file changes in your storage for up to 1 year and a data recovery option within a year of deletion or edit. In this Icedrive vs pCloud comparison, we found this function as something new for a cloud storage application.

Backup Option

This supports a backup in real-time option on your PC. This can automatically start saving your file from your computer to the pCloud folder. There is no limit on file size or speed and you can get access from any device. It is included browser extensions for Windows, Mac, Linux desktops, and phones like Android & IOS. This can keep your trash and every version of the file in storage for 30 days. You can also increase the time by extending the file history function.  

Digital Asset Management

Store, organize, and share digital assets by applying its branding. You can use your logo, Images, Videos, or any customized cover and share your large-size files.

pCloud vs Icedrive: Pros & Cons

After briefly discussing the features of Icedrive and pCloud now it’s time to discuss their benefits or drawbacks. So firstly have a look at Icedrive pros and cons.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Icedrive

In this comparison of Icedrive vs pCloud, we will check out the benefits and limitations of Icedrive.

Pros Of Icedrive
  • Intuitive user interfaces for mobile & desktop.
  • A free plan that offers 10 GB of space.
  • Advanced Security & Privacy options.
  • It is a virtual drive that performs a backup function.
  • Money-back guarantee of up to 14 days.
Cons Of Icedrive
  • Does not offer more options for file sharing on desktop.
  • It does not have a third-party integration option. 
  • There is no file versioning or backup option for PC users.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of pCloud

Now, we also cover the major benefits and limitations of pCloud briefly to know the difference between Icedrive vs pCloud. 

Pros Of pCloud
  • Easy to use interface on phones and desktops.
  • A free plan offers a space of up to 10GB.
  • Supports all devices.
  • Various backup & security options.
  • No file uploading limits.
Cons Of pCloud
  • The free version offers limited features.
  • The encryption function has a costly paid plan, other plans don’t have encryption.

Price Comparison Between Icedrive and pCloud

Without price comparison, it is incomplete to compare anything. So now we have differentiated Icedrive vs pCloud based on their price.

How Much Does Icedrive Cost?

IceDrive basic prices start from $4.49 per month with 1TB space and $17.99 for 5TB of space. Other than this there are two more plans offered by iCedrive, which are:

  • Yearly Icedrive Lite, Pro, & Pro+: Lite plan is $19.99 per year with 150GB of space, Pro is $49.99 annually with 1TB of storage. The Pro+ is $179.99 per year with 5TB of space.
  • Perpetual Lite, Pro, Pro+: Lite is a $99 one-time payment plan with 150GB of space, Pro is $229 with 1TB of storage. Pro+ is $599 with 5TB of space

How Much Does pCloud Cost?

The basic pCloud business plan costs $7.99/month for a year subscription and $9.99/month for a monthly subscription. 

  • Individual Annual plan:  Premium is $49.99 per year with 5000GB and Premium Plus is $99.99 per year with 2TB.
  • Individual Lifetime Plan Of pCloud: Premium is $175 with 500GB and $350 with 2TB.
  • pCloud Encryption: $49.99 per year and $125 a lifetime plan.

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Conclusion Of pCloud Vs Icedrive

Here, we have compared and explained a detailed view of Icedrive vs pCloud. In this, we concluded that somewhere pCloud offers more privacy functions than Icedrive. You can get it after buying a different plan of encryption so that makes it more expensive. You must check and try the free version of both of these cloud storage apps and then choose the best according to your experience.

If you are looking for affordable cloud storage then Icedive is the best choice. If you want more security with multi-features of backup and versioning and sharing files then get pCloud. It would be a little costly but more effective.

FAQs Of pCloud Vs Icedrive

Some top queries related to the comparison of pCloud and Icedrive are answered below:

  1. Is Icedrive Secure?

    Yes, it is secure to use as it protects your files with the Twofish encryption tool and TLS/SSL protocol.

  2. Icedrive Vs pCloud, Which Is Better?

    Icedrive is affordable but with basic features of sharing and security. pCloud is expensive but with most of the advanced features with reliable security. So pCloud is quite better than Icedrive in comparison to features.
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