Iolo vs Norton 2020 – Which One Better between system mechanic and utilities?

Choosing a suitable antivirus for your system can be a challenging task if you don’t know which antivirus offers the best for its users. Without antivirus, any hacker or virus can slip into your system without any detectable signs and you may find your data stolen, and when you find out about this it’s already too late. But before choosing an antivirus you must be aware of features, security guarantee, pricing and customer reviews. Today we do a short and fast review about iolo antivirus and Norton antivirus in our article iolo vs Norton 2020. Both companies provide different varieties of products with amazing features and we compare both antiviruses for you by which you can easily finalize your decision for your satisfactory antivirus products.

Overview of iolo Antivirus

iolo is an American company that provides its antivirus services for more than 20 years. This antivirus company offers its users a high-tech password manager, malware protection, safe money feature and lots of attractive options with a great and profitable deal. The company makes sure that the data and information you are using in your work is safe from all types of online attacks and malware like hackers and data snoopers. And it makes your internet service blocked for the others so you can enjoy a safe and healthy environment for your work.

Overview of Norton

Norton is a Californian company which formerly known as Norton by Symantec. The Norton antivirus for PC launched in earlies 1991. The company offers their customers advanced security on both offline and online servers and it supply protection from viruses, malware, and other online attacks. Norton provides a great feature which is called a Dark web monitoring system which always stays active at the time of your browsing and avoids harmful downloads and unsafe websites and makes sure that you have a peaceful and open space for your tasks.

 Which Antivirus Offer Best Products?

iolo vs norton range products

Products of iolo Antivirus:

  • System Shield: This product of the company is so popular for its service and features, it offers protection against all types of viruses and removes the infected files after finding them from your system. Provide protection without unnecessary background activities or add-ons. Uses the latest technology for real time threat protection and exterminates computer parasites and pests
  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense: For customer convenience, this product provides protection and privacy in a single system mechanic dashboard. Provides you optimized system, online privacy protection, securely managed passwords, malware removal, and recover deleted files option.
  • System Mechanic Pro: This product of the company offers malware blocking, privacy protection, data recovery, bloatware removal, boost speed, optimized internet speed and, problem repairing feature.
  • System Mechanic: With this product, The company offers features like a modernized interface, enhanced privacy cleaner, optimized registry tuner, memory mechanic, program acceleration and new deceptive and unwanted programs remover.
  • Malware killer: This product is so unique among malware remediation software. It uses scan-cloud based scanning and can even detect unknown threats that can be harmful to your system. It takes less time for detection and provides a safe and workable place.

Products of Norton Antivirus:

  • Norton 360 with LifeLock select: In this product, Norton offers real time threat protection, secured VPN, LifeLock identity alert system, password manager, credit monitoring, safe cam, and parental control and 100 GB cloud backup.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: In this product of Norton you will get real time threat protection, Dark web monitoring, 50 GB cloud backup, password manager, secured VPN, and parental control.
  • Norton 360 standard: You will get 10 GB cloud backup, safe cam service, real time threat protection, password manager, and dark web monitoring.
  • Norton 360 for gamers(New): For new generation gamers, The company is providing a new product that has features like PC safe cam, smart firewall, 50 GB cloud backup, full-screen mode detection, notification optimization, password manager, dark web monitoring and, parental control system.

  iolo vs. Norton: which Antivirus is worth for your money?

  • Price details of iolo Antivirus products:
Products of iolo Antivirusprices
System Shield$39.95/Year
System Mechanic Ultimate Defense$79.95/Year
System Mechanic Pro$69.95/Year
System Mechanic$49.95/Year
Malware killer$24.95/Year

 Price details of Norton Antivirus products:

Products of Norton Antivirusprices
Norton 360 with LifeLock select$99.99/Year
Norton 360 Deluxe$49.99/Year
Norton 360 standard$39.99/Year
Norton 360 for gamers(New)$49.99/Year

Which Antivirus is better between iolo and Norton?

Overall I am impressed with the aspect of both the antivirus software we compare here but give the edge to Norton Antivirus. Norton is a little bit expensive but not by much and provides great performance, amazing malware detection plus very useful features as Dark web monitoring.

While iolo performs well and offers some great features with its products but Norton offers so much more for far little $ making it the understandable winner.