What is Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is internet security or antivirus software. It is especially for the protection of businesses and organizations from cybercriminals, advanced online threats, cyber-attacks, etc.

In today’s world businesses are turning digital. To keep data and files they use PC, Laptops, Macs, Android, Linux, etc devices. And these devices are what hackers and online threats target to steal valuable personal and financial information, breach your privacy, etc. 

Hackers, cybercrimes, malware, viruses, and various other online threats are what haunting business and their progress. 

That is why you need well-built and reliable internet security that protects every facet of your business and provide you a safe business environment. 

Therefore Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business Select and Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business Advanced are two top-notch internet security suites right now. 

In this article, we are going to discuss its purpose, key features, plans & prices, and benefits in order to give you a complete analysis of why it is will be the right fit for your business and its ultimate security from all types of cyberattacks. 

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What does Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business Do?  

– Kaspersky endpoint security protects your system from all types of threats, be it hackers, cyber attacks, viruses, malware, malicious codes, harmful software, and even fileless threats. 

– It is specially structured and designed for businesses and the IT environments in order to protect their data, files, and customers. 

– It has various advanced features that give you advanced protection from all types of cyberattacks and ultimate protection to your precious data. 

– Kaspersky endpoint security provides you cloud-enabled control in order to protect your employees and business progress. 

– Protects your devices like laptops, PC, Desktop, Mobile, etc from malware and hackers. And at the same time, it will not slow down the performance of these devices. Enjoy the fastest speed with top-class security with Endpoint Security For Business. 

– The Single Managemen Console for better performance and protection and ease to use. 

– It gives you strong ransomware protection and cloud-assisted Intelligence.  

– Help you run your business and take it to another level without worrying about online threats and cybercriminals. 

– Secure the data of your business as well as the data of your users or customers. Safety of financial and personal information that can be exploited by hackers. 

Features Of Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business

ML-Driven Threat Protection

Kaspersky Endpoint Security has advanced protections like Anti-Ransomeware Protection, Behaviour Detection, etc that protect your PC, Windows, Mac, from advanced and new malware and cyber attacks. 

Advanced Behaviour Detection and Machine Learning features can identify very advanced threats like file-less malware and script-based cyber attacks. Hackers are making and releasing new and more advanced malware, viruses, and malicious codes daily. That is why these advanced malware protection features come in handy for you and your organization. 

These cyber threat prevention features detect and terminate all types of malware and viruses from your device. You need this high-level malware protection for the better future of your business and its growth. Your business data, files, and user data are in the hands of the internet security you choose. And moreover, with Kaspersky, you’re totally safe and secure. 

Cloud-enabled Controls 

Kaspersky offers cloud-enabled controls in order to stop host intrusion and prevent the breach. 

The web device and application controls help you secure the data of users. This is how you can build the reliability of your business and organizations. With trust, you also increase productivity. 

That is why this is also a very important feature of Endpoint Security for your business. 

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Multi-Layered Protection 

Kaspersky provides you multi-layer protection from ransomware, worms, trojan, viruses, online attacks, cybercriminals, hackers, and many more. 

The automatic rollback feature removes and terminates all types of malicious malware and viruses whenever they try to attack your devices. 

For successful day-to-day work, you need very strong security for all the devices you use be it mobile, laptops, or PC. Kaspersky’s multi-layered protection is the solution for malware threats. 

Kaspersky internet security

Mobile management and protection

Kaspersky has strong anti-malware protection and cloud-assisted threat intelligence protection against all the latest and advanced malware, viruses, hackers, spams, cybercriminals, ransomware, etc. 

Moreover, Kaspersky has features like anti-phishing, safe web filtering, and web control for blocking access to unreliable and harmful spoofy websites. 

And also the integration with the EMM system makes it easy for you to manage it on your mobile devices.   

Automated EDR

The Automated EDR feature protects your devices from all the targeted cyber attacks. With this feature, you can find out and spot more online attacks and intrusions. This is how you can avoid all the online threats. 

The targeted online attacks can exploit unpatched vulnerabilities and common software applications on your device. And the Automated EDR gives you automated threat defense from these types of threats. 

Kaspersky best antivirus software

Straightforward Migration 

Kaspersky provides you a smooth and error-free migration from third-party endpoint protection. And moreover, the Kaspersky post-deployment quality assurance service makes sure that all the configurations. 

This is how you can have a flawless transition without going through any technical glitches. This feature is very crucial for any business and company. 

Prices and Plans

Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business has two main plans Select and Advance. You can get subscriptions for up to 3 years.

You can select the numbers of Desktops and Servers from 10 to 100 and prices to differ based on the numbers of Desktops you select and for how many years. 

And you can try Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business for free for 30 days. It’s a 30 days trial to check it out.

Here check out the prices of Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business Select and Advance in this image- 

Kaspersky endpoint prices

Benefits Of Endpoint Security For Business


With Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business, you can change and adjust all the predefined settings the way it suits you the best. You can opt for additional functionality any time you deem it good. This is how you can protect your data and business from new threats. 

Kaspersky Internet security is very easy to use. All the functions and features are designed such that they don’t give you any trouble using them and controlling them the way you want. 

This is a very good factor for a better user experience. Before choosing an antivirus or internet security you must know about its user-friendliness and easy-to-use so you don’t have to face any problem afterward. Kaspersky Endpoint Security delivers better performance and is user-friendly software. 

Good Performance

Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business does not slow down your system. You can enjoy the speed on your devices whatever you do. Kaspersky does not impact the performance of your system, software and application installations, downloading of files and data, etc. 

There are various internet security providers in the market that can influence the performance of your system significantly. That is why it is very important for you to select carefully and smartly and make sure beforehand that you get the minimum impact of it on your PC.  

That is why Kaspersky is the right choice for you. It is a lightweight Internet Security Software and one of the best in the market for your business. 

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Value For Money 

Before buying any internet security we all think about if we’re going to get value for our money or not. It is a very crucial question if the product you are purchasing is going to deliver the promises it makes.

But with Kasperksy Endpoint you get full value for your money. First of all, you get some most advanced features and functions that protect you from new cyber threats. 

The performance of Kaspersky is always very impressive for your system. With Endpoint Security, you get agility and speed. Moreover, the malware protection is very effective and it secures all of your devices and gives your employees a better experience.

You get the protection of multiple devices with one subscription. For example, you get to secure your PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile in a single product. 

For the growth and safety of your business, Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business Select and Advance are very useful plans. 

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Better Customer Experience 

Customer support is also a very important factor that you need to look for. You must know beforehand if you face any kind of problem or issue with the product then you will get good support from the customer team or not. Sometimes you have to wait for weeks and months to get a reply from the customer team. 

However, with Kaspersky, you get one of the best customer assistance in the market. If you come across any type of issue with the product, be it technical or installation then Kaspersky’s support team is always there to solve your problems. 

You can get Kaspersky customer support via phone calls, live chats, emails, etc. 

Adaptive & Advanced Protection

Kaspersky offers you advanced protection against new emerging threats. It provides you advanced security through its advanced machine learning malware protection, automatic rollback, Exploits Prevention, Device controls, Automated EDR, and many more. 

What is more important is that all these features are not just for show-off but actually delivers and give you ultimate protection. The protection of your business and all the key information about it are in the hands of the Internet Security Provider you choose.

And with all these features and advanced protection with Kaspersky, you don’t have to worry about cyber threats.  


Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business is one of the best internet security suites you can get in 2020 for the protection of your business. 

In this article, we discussed how Kaspersky Endpoint Security works to protect your devices and business growth. 

Then we talked about all the key features of it and how they protect your PC and other devices from online threats. 

After that, we discussed the prices and plans of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. 

And finally, we saw all the major benefits of it and why you should have it for the success of your business. 

At the end of the day, Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business is the best product for the security of any organization, IT environment, or business. 

Therefore, we will for sure recommend this product to you due to its quality features, easy-to-use functions, good customer support, and most of all the protection against new threats. 

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