Norton Antivirus Review 2022: Why is best for All Devices

Norton is one of the top-notch antiviruses in the market right now. It is a part of the world’s biggest civilian cyber Intelligence Network. Norton uses advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in order to detect viruses and malware threats. It has various top-class advanced features for the best Internet security. But what are the features and things that make it different from another antivirus? Why Choose Norton Internet Security? That is why we got this Norton Antivirus Review 2022 for analyzing its key features, compare it from other antiviruses, and check out its pros and cons. After reading this review you will know why you should choose Norton Antivirus.

Why Do You Need An Antivirus?

Computers, Laptops, Mobile, etc electronic devices, and the Internet are part of our day-to-day lives. People run businesses, make online payments, visit various websites for information, and download files, etc.

All these activities put our personal and financial information at risk. How? Read Norton Review Buy before Norton Antivirus.

Well, there are a lot of viruses, malware, ransomware, cryptojacking, and malicious codes that hackers use. Through these, they can access your login credentials, band information, and personal information.

That is why you need strong and reliable antivirus software that can protect your PC and the Internet from all these cyber threats. You need a complete antivirus that can protect your PC beyond viruses and malware. And that’s when Norton Antivirus comes into play. Norton Internet Security has so many advanced features like SONAR, IPS, and Power Eraser that provide you ultimate internet security.

Complete Norton Antivirus Review

How Do Viruses and Malware enter?

Malware is malicious software in the form of viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, etc. Whenever you use the Internet there are a lot of ways via these viruses and malware get in. There are three ways via malware that could get in, via your own mistakes, Web attacks, and Malicious software of applications.

For example, whenever you visit an insecure website, click on some malicious website link, download a file from an unreliable source, download games or other software from websites with high spam scores, etc.

To avoid viruses and malware Norton Antivirus protects network traffic and uses the behavioral protection layer. Norton Antivirus has various high-quality features that protect your system from all types of malware and cyber-attacks.

Norton Internet Security provides these quality features like Intrusion Prevention System and Proactive Exploit Protection save you from all types of web attacks.

How Can Norton Internet Security Protect Your PC from Malware & Viruses?

To protect your PC, Laptop, Mac, Android, etc devices Norton Internet Security has various advanced high-quality features. These features or technologies prevent viruses, malware, and cyber threats. And they protect you beyond the viruses and malware.

Key Features – (Norton Antivirus Review 2022)

Norton Internet Security


This is one of the most advanced features that you can get in an antivirus. Norton Protection uses Behavioural Protection or SONAR, an Artificial Intelligence that classifies and blocks all types of applications with suspicious behavioural. This feature blocks these shady applications based on their behavioural.


Intrusion Prevention System examines and analyzes the traffic and information from a network like the Internet or Wifi. During this assessment, process IPS blocks all types of online threats like worms, Trojan horses, keyloggers or any type of malicious code way before they get in your system. This is a very effective feature of Norton Internet Security.


Via Advanced Machine Learning Norton Antivirus removes and blocks all types of malware files and codes from your PC, laptop, Android, Mac, etc. This feature scans all files and performs an emulation test to check all the files or software if they are affected with malware or not. This is a very advanced tech that Norton Antivirus uses to protect your PC.


You don’t know the status of all the software and apps that you download. That is why this feature uses reputation information that is collected from Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network. The reputation information classifies all the apps and software files based on their attributes. This is what protects you from being affected by malicious software or apps. Therefore, Norton Internet Security is one of the best.


Power Eraser scans and detects all the high-risk applications, files, software, etc living on your PC or Laptop. Often you have no idea that there is various high-risk malware on your PC. That is when this Power Eraser feature of Norton Antivirus will come in handy.

Why choose Norton Antivirus


This is also a very effective feature that protects your PC from Zero-Day vulnerability. A Zero-Day Vulnerability is a computer-software vulnerability that hackers can exploit until it is mitigated. It is usually unknown or unaddressed and that’s the reason you become the victim of cybercrime. But thanks for Norton Antivirus’s this PEP feature that protects your PC from this advanced threat.


With this Smart Firewall feature, you can control and monitor all the communications between your PC and other devices. This is how you can halt or block all the unauthorize and suspicious traffic that may prove harmful to your computer.


With this feature, you can monitor and control all the online activities of your child. Through this feature, your kids can browse, stream, and explore the internet securely. At these times where more and more kids are being targeted by cybercriminals, this feature is very useful.

Cloud Backup Norton Internet Security


With Norton’s Cloud Backup you can store all the files, images, videos, etc in the cloud that you could lose otherwise because of malware and ransomware or hard drive failures.

You can trust Norton Antivirus and save a copy of your files in the Cloud backup for future security. If you lose your laptop or computer or they got damaged or affected by viruses then you don’t have to worry about back-up files.

With Norton Antivirus Plus plan you get 2 GB PC Cloud Backup. With Norton 360 Delux you get 50 GB cloud backup. And with Norton 360 Premium, you get 100 GB of cloud backup. You get to know all the differences here. That is why we got for you this Norton Antivirus Review 2022.

Password manager Norton

Password Manager (Norton Antivirus Review)

One of the most common ways of cyberattacks is stealing your password through key loggers or some malicious software. That is why Norton Antivirus’s Password manager gives some strong and complex passwords that are super difficult to hack.

You can secure these passwords into a secure encrypted vault. And also you get one master password that can unlock your vault and make it easy for you so you don’t get confused with too many passwords.

If you don’t have strong passwords then cybercriminals can get access to your email, bank account details, credit card details, and the list go on. That is why all of your passwords are secure with Norton Antivirus’s password manager. This is a very important feature for Norton Antivirus Review in 2022.

Pros Of Norton Antivirus (Review)

  • SONAR features to block and remove all types of malicious software apps.
  • Efficiently scans all the files and apps in a very small amount of time.
  • It is very easy to use and utilize all the features without any problem.
  • It is one of the most reliable Antivirus software in the market.
  • The password Manager feature is very crucial for security.
  • You get to store all the important files and data with Cloud Backup.

You get protection against Zero-Day Vulnerability with Norton Antivirus.

Pros OF Norton Antivirus

Cons of Norton Antivirus

  • It is a common complaint that VPN with these plans is not that fast. When you connect to the VPN you compromise speed.
  • Norton demands a lot of space for RAM. Therefore other apps or software on your PC will run slow. That is why it is not a lightweight Antivirus.
  • There are not enough subscription options at Norton. And this is also a common issue that users face.

Norton Antivirus Review Best Plans (2022)

Norton 360 Premium Review

Norton 360 Premium

It is the best Antivirus plan at Norton Internet Security. Moreover, this plan allows you to use up to 10 devices like PC, Laptop, Android, Macs, etc.


  • Real-Time Threat Protection
  • Password Manager
  • 100GB Cloud Backup
  • SafeCam For PC
  • Parental Control 
  • Secure VPN
  • Can use up to 10 devices


  • 1 Year Plan: Starts at $69.
  • 2 Year Plan: Starts at $99.

This is the most expensive plan at Norton and also with some advanced features that other plans don’t have. However, this plan is superior in the case of Cloud Backup and protection to up to 10 devices. Otherwise, it is the same as the rest. So, if you don’t want that much space for cloud back and too many devices then you can use other plans like Norton 360 Antivirus Plus or Norton 360 Standard.

Norton 360 Delux

It is the second-best plan at Norton Antivirus. It has all the same features that Norton 360 Premium expects less cloud Backup and connections to 5 devices. If you want to buy with a discount price, only use Norton Promo Code.


  • 50GB Cloud Backup
  • SafeCam For PC
  • Parental Control 
  • Secure VPN
  • Can use up to 5 devices
  • Real-Time Threat Protection
  • Password Manager


  • 1 Year Plan: Starts at $49
  • 2 Year Plan: Starts at $69.

Overall this is one of the best antivirus software plans at Norton. You get all the features that the Premium plan has. 50 GB Cloud Backup is enough. And plus you get to pay less than the Premium plan. This is why Norton Antivirus Review can come in handy for you.

Norton 360 Standard

This plan has all the features that deluxe and premium plans have. It lacks cloud backup as it only has 10 GB backup storage. And you can use the only device with this plan.


  • Real-Time Threat Protection
  • Secure VPN
  • Password Manager
  • 10GB Cloud Backup
  • SafeCam For PC
  • Protection up to 1 PC or 1 Mac or 1 Smartphone or Tab


  • 1 Year Plan: Starts at $16.99.
  • 2 Year Plan: Starts at $29.

It is also an affordable plan at Norton with all the key features that an Antivirus should have.

Norton Antivirus Plus

This plan comes with very good features that all other plans at Norton have. This is a very affordable plan with some quality features. However, it lacks features like parental control, safe cam, etc.


  • Real-Time Threat Protection
  • Password Manager
  • 2GB Cloud Backup
  • Protection up to 1 PC or 1 Mac Or 1 tablet. 


1 Year Plan: Starts at $12.99 (33% Off)

This plan lacks in when it comes to the number of devices that you can protect with it and cloud backup which is only 2 GB. And besides that, it has all the features that other plans have. And it is an affordable plan with only a one-year subscription.

Norton Mobile Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security For Android

This plan is especially for your smartphones, tablets, etc. Now with this plan, you can secure your Mobile devices and tablets from malware and cyber threats. Moreover, the plan has some amazing features specially made for mobile and tablet protections.


  • App Advisor: Protection against mobile threats like Malware, ransomware, etc.
  • Wifi Security: Secures you from cyber-attacks through wifi networks.
  •  Anti-Phishing Web Protection:  Protects from web scams and fraud websites
  • Call Blocking: You can filter known and unknown calls.
  • Report Card:  Areas where you need more protection and safety.


  • 1 Year Plan: Starts at $. 14.99.
  • 2 Year Plan: Starts at $29.

Final Thoughts -(Norton Antivirus Review 2022)

You went through the complete and comprehensive Norton Antivirus Review 2022. Norton Antivirus is one of the best Antivirus Software in the market. Norton Antivirus uses some advanced technologies in order to protect and secure your computer from cybercriminals and malware.

We discussed all the key features of Norton Antivirus in this article and some advanced features like Password Manager, Parental Control, Cloud Backup, etc.

Then we discussed all the major pros and cons of Norton Antivirus that you should know about before buying it.

And finally, we discussed all the best plans and their prices that Norton Antivirus has to offer.

Now you must know after going through Norton Antivirus Review 2022 why to choose Norton Internet Security over other antiviruses. Read this article must be and that help to before buy “What Norton product should I Buy“.
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