Ccleaner Coupon Code & Discount Promo Codes 2021

CCleaner is considered one of the best PC cleaning utilities that come with multiple tools in a single interface. You can use our CCleaner Coupon Code to get exclusive discounts on their products and subscriptions for your device.

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What Is Ccleaner And How Does It Work?

The CCleaner program is developed by Piriform (a company which is acquired by Avast). It is used to clean unwanted files and folders plus an invalid registry of windows entries from the system. This is a very reliable and easy to use well-reputed program.

What Is Ccleaner And How Does It Work

Ccleaner is available on the system running Windows 10,           8.1, 8, and 7 and available for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. And other program requirements are 4.18 MB Free disk space for CCleaner installer1 and 12 MB free hard drive space or more for the program files.

Piriform CCleaner Rating – 4.1/5 (Trustpilot)

What Does Ccleaner Do?

The CCleaner comes with various tools that will delete temporary files, find out the application those who are taking extra space, duplicate files or folders, and other tools to uninstalling the programs. The main task of this program is to free-up the hard disk.

CCleaner cleans the following:

  • Windows: Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary data, and Log files, etc.
  • Internet Explorer: Temporary files, metadata, cookies, Autocomplete type history, index.dat, etc.
  • Firefox: Temporary files, browsing history, cookies, history of downloads, type history, etc.
  • Google Chrome: Temporary records, metadata, cookies, history of downloads, history of type, etc.
  • Opera: Temporary files, history, cookies, etc.
  • Safari: Temporary files, history, cookies, history of shapes, etc.
  • Third-party applications: Temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) are excluded from many applications, including Media Player, eMule, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip, and more.
  • Registry Cleaner: A free registry cleaner is also offered by CCleaner. Advanced features including File Extensions, ActiveX Keys, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Support Files, Program Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts, and more to delete unused and old entries.

Other Tools Come With CCleaner

Various other tools come with the CCleaner application that is helpful to optimize the computer in long term. These tools are given below:

Uninstall: This will similar to the Windows built-in uninstaller menu that will help you to stop unnecessary applications on the system.

Disk Analyzer: If Ccleaner didn’t work on your device then check out this tool Disk Analyzer. This will scan your hard drive and let you know what type of files are taking more space-like music, documents, photos, videos, and so on.

Duplicate Finder: If you have the same file or folder twice on your computer then Ccleaner duplicate finder will help you to seek them out with the file name, size, and more.

System Restore: Ccleaner system restore is quite simple then your default Windows System protection. This will help to delete the restore points to free up the disk space.

Drive Wiper: This will erase the hard drive which you want to sell or destroyed but it will not work on your boot drive.

Startup: Using this tool you are allowed to choose the starting program when your system is launched. Also, you can disable or delete the scheduled task, browser extensions, and other content menus.

CCleaner Pricing Plans

CCleaner has come with three different plans based on your system requirement and your budget or you can use our CCleaner Coupon Codes to get purchase these plans at a discounted price. These are Free, Professional, and Pro Plus.

Ccleaner Free Plan: The Free version of CCleaner has limited features and it is just basic PC cleaning capabilities along with privacy protection tools that will help you to delete browsing cookies, passwords, caches, and other files or folders that are taking unnecessary space.

CCleaner Professional Plan: The comparatively strong Technical package, which costs about $24.95, follows this. This package helps you to further clean your system and provides additional tools including tracking the real-time system, daily app updates, automatic update on history, automatic software updates.

CCleaner Professional Plus Plan:  The Ccleaner Professional Plus costs $39.95 and includes additional tools such as a disc defragmenter and a file recovery solution. The app can be installed on up to three computers once it is purchased.

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Ccleaner Coupon Code And Promo Codes

Being an affiliate partner with CCleaner we are providing great offers and discount codes. These vouchers and offers will help you to save your hard earn money and get a product suitable for your budget. Using our Ccleaner Discount Codes and Promo Codes you will extra discount on the purchase of a CCleaner subscription. As their various plans are available on CCleaner's official website, but you will get an exclusive CCleaner professional coupon code and vouchers on purchase.

Ccleaner Coupon Codes Available As:

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  • Up To 15% Off On Ccleaner Defraggler Professional
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  • Save Up To 60% Off On Ccleaner Professional (For Mac)
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  • Up To 60% Off On Ccleaner Professional Plus + Ccleaner Premium Tech Support
  • Save Up To 60% Off On Ccleaner Network Edition (10 Users)
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  • Get Up To 70% Off On Ccleaner Professional (1 Year / 1 Device)

CCleaner Pros And Cons

CCleaner Pros +

  • Easy To Use User Interface
  • Strong Privacy And Performance Features
  • Real-Time System Monitoring
  • Fast Running And Light Weight Program
  • Available In Portable Version
  • For Registry Cleaning, the Back-up feature is available
  • Help In Malware Detection
  • A slight effect on system performance.
  • Bundle of Excellent Features

CCleaner Cons -

  • Limited Support On Ccleaner Free Version
  • Some Features Or Tools Need Separate Download

Is CCleaner legit? Can Ccleaner Be Trusted?

Definitely. Ccleaner is completely safe for your computer. It will help you to remove useless files and things from your system and any other thing that will cause PC malfunctions. As it comes with various tools like registry cleaner which only detects the remaining entries present in the Windows that are no longer associated with anything. The company also offers huge discounts and offers on their plans and products. Therefore, you can get CCleaner promo codes and vouchers to get valuable price and save a huge amount.

Ccleaner Silent Install Options

There are three methods available for installing the CCleaner application on your system or computer:

Ccleaner Standard Installer: It is a full install of CCleaner, which includes an option to also install CCleaner Browser, another program from Piriform.

CCleaner Portable: It is usually recommended, as it doesn't require installation at all.

CCleaner Slim Installer: It is the same as the normal installer option and it does not require any installation for additional software.

Use CCleaner Promo Codes And CCleaner Discount Code On Other CCleaner Products

There are other additional products offered by CCleaner to optimize your system. These are divided into two categories Home and Business. You can get exclusive deals using CCleaner Coupon Code and CCleaner Promo Code on the purchase from their official website. Let us take a quick view of these products.

CCleaner Home Products

Here are five different products available in the CCleaner home category.

CCleaner For Windows:

Version Available: v5.74

By deleting the unnecessary files that take space on your hard drive, CCleaner injects instant speed into your computer. To boost stability, it will clear out errors, and broken settings. By safely erasing browsing cookies and history, improve your browser, and helps to protect your privacy. CCleaner Professional is available with a 14-days trial version.

Ccleaner For Windows Include:

  • Scheduling Cleaning
  • Real-time Monitoring

CCleaner For Mac:

Version Available: v1.18

It will also remove unused files or folders from your PC and optimize the whole system by freeing up the extra space in the hard drive. As features mentioned above in CCleaner for windows, this will work for the same.

CCleaner For Mac Includes:

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Scheduling Cleaning
  • Automatic Updates

CCleaner Defraggler:

Version Available: v2.22

Make your device work more effectively and extend the life of your hard drive. Also, it will help in reducing the need for hardware upgrades.

CCleaner Defraggler Includes:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Scheduled Cleaning
  • Hard-disk optimizer

CCleaner Recuva

Version Available: v1.53

Quickly rescue important files, even though they were deleted weeks earlier. Pictures, music, documents, images, emails, or any other form of file can be recovered from PCs, portable or rewritable files.

CCleaner Recuva Includes:

  • Deep file scan recovery
  • Technical Support Priority

CCleaner Professional Speccy

Version Available: v1.32

Get complete details on every piece of hardware on your device so that you can make decisions about buying and updating - and even spot issues before they happen.

CCleaner Speccy Includes

  • Premium Support
  • Advanced PC insights dashboard
  • Update Automatically

CCleaner Business Products

Just have a look at the given detailed image.

Ccleaner Coupon Code

CCleaner Security

CCleaner application not only cleans your PC but does more than that. The program provides some tools to protect or secure our browsing activities and clear your track by removing all the browsing data or caches. CCleaner can also help you permanently remove files from your device that are then very hard to recover.

It might be beneficial for some users to remember that CCleaner continuously runs on your computer's background and sends anonymous user details to its developers. Buy now using Ccleaner Coupon Code and Discount Codes to get more security for your system.

Although this is a harmless feature and confidential information is not shared with a third-party, you may be extra cautious about this piece of software installation.

CCleaner Technical Support

There are a fully-featured knowledge base and a support center that answers questions that are asked. The primary way to reach customer service is the ticket-based support system, however as neither phone nor chat support is available for this product.

For those users who are using Ccleaner free versions, restricted to use FAQ sections on their official website. They are not allowed for necessary documentation and another community forum where discussions were made to resolve any problem with other CCleaner members.

Final Thoughts

The CCleaner program has come with bundles of tools that will allow you to optimize your system or laptop. This will help you to remove unwanted apps, files or folders, and registry data from your computer to increase its speed and performance.

From software uninstallation to disk cleanup, Piriform CCleaner is a reliable application that performs various functions on your system.

Also, CCleaner promo Code will provide you a huge discount on purchase any plan or product from the CCleaner website. You have a great chance to buy these products for your computer or device that will increase their work performance.

FAQs: Piriform CCleaner Promo Codes And Coupon Codes

Is Ccleaner Worth Buying?

CCleaner Professional PC cleaning tool is good and worth buying. Even the CCleaner free version is better than other cleanup software. Like most PC cleaners It will not necessarily speed up your system.

Is There A Free Version Of Ccleaner?

Yes. There is a free version available for CCleaner. This CCleaner version frees up space, clears browsing history, and helps you manage your system so it runs faster. You can get a discount using CCleaner promo codes on their paid versions.

Can You Recover Files Deleted By Ccleaner?

Select the "Deleted File Recovery" option to restore deleted files from CCleaner. Select a specific drive and start the recovery process by clicking "Next” to preview the recovered files and save them to their location once the scanning process is completed.

Does Ccleaner Make Your Computer Faster?

The key feature of CCleaner is to clean your device or system. This deletes temporary files, like system programs such as Windows Explorer, from your browsers and other programs.

Do I need CCleaner for Android?

Ccleaner is an outstanding Windows-based program and is now available for Android devices to perform similar tasks. You can use CCleaner for your android device as well as for your computer.

Is Ccleaner Good Or Bad?

In our opinion, CCleaner is a good program for optimizing computer systems or android or mac devices. It is an easy-to-use tool that removes junk from my PC automatically, such as browser data, cookies, and cache. It is one of those free PC cleaning tools that only functions when it comes to temporary files being deleted.

What is the latest version of CCleaner professional?

The latest version of CCleaner professional is 68.7820 updated on 23 Jun 2020. This version of CCleaner brings improved cleaning to Firefox and Chromium browsers