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UpTo 75% Off pCloud Family Discount & Coupon
Everyone wants privacy in digital life to keep all the docs, images, and other private data safe. Pcloud is the best software to deal with your keeping safe your digital data. This comes with various ...
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Here we are providing a massive saving Pcloud Lifetime Coupon Code to save up to 75% off. Now it's totally up to the user which plan you want to use to keep your files safe. It offers various plans. Let's take a look & catch stupefy discount deals.

Pcloud Coupon Code

How much does Pcloud cost?

It offers various plans with different features. The firm is a freemium services provider, it offers both free and premium plans. So on the free plan, users get limited storage at zero cost. But in the Premium, the user will get features acc. to the prices. So prices of the Pcloud Premium plan are:-

Pcloud Plans

Premium 500GB

Premium 2Tb Storage

Annual:- $47.88/yrLifetime:- $175Annual:- $95.88/yrLifetime:- $350
  • 500 Gb Storage
  • 500 GB shared Link Traffic
  • Fair Share
  • Shared Link branding
  • 30 days of trash History
  • 2TB Storage
  • 2TB shared link traffic
  • Fair share
  • Shared link branding
  • 30-day trash history

The above mentioned are the premium plans. It offers a huge saving on it. The annual plan is a bit costly but the Pcloud Lifetime plan is economical. On an annual subscription, you will get limited storage with a saving of up to 25% by Pcloud Deals. So, get the biggest perk of a lifetime subscription by using the Pcloud Lifetime Deal & save up to 75% on it.

Pcloud Encryption

Pcloud Encryption

Get the top-level file encryption software of Pcloud to protect your files, Just in simple steps. The software will work on any device to encrypt all the sensitive files. 

The best valued lifetime plan of the Pcloud Encryption costs $125 with its powerful Qualities. Features of client-side encryption, zero-knowledge privacy, easy way to encrypt/ decrypt. 

Pcloud Business

Pcloud Business Coupon Code

If you want to encrypt your files, data and other business documents then use business software. The user can try this software free before using its premium services. The business subscription plan cost $29.97/mo* and the annual plan cost $287.64/yr. 

Pcloud Family

Pcloud Family

Get Pcloud for your family. One of the popular plans for Pcloud family users. This will secure the confidential files of 5 users. One of the affordable plans with the maximum pCloud Discount Code. Usually, software costs $1400 but with the saving deal, it cost $500 economically for the buyers. The one-time payment will make this software yours for a lifetime.

Prefer this plan:-

  • Save big on a lifetime subscription
  • Share space for family members
  • Keep your account private

Why choose Pcloud?

The question is a common query of buyers. Because every user wants to know why select Pcloud software. 

Pcloud Features

Reasons to select pcloud:-

  • File Management
  • Sharing
  • Security
  • File Versioning
  • File Backup
  • Digital Asset Management

File Management

It doesn’t matter how many files & folders you store in the Pcloud. All the stored documents will be at your fingertips. It provides the search column to find your desired file. You can filter files by filter format. Users can easily find the deleted files in the trash folder. Because it keeps all the deleted docs trash for 30 days.

File Sharing

Users will get the benefit of sharing multiple documents at a time. Whether you share the file,an invite to folders, links, file requests, direct links, etc. you can send them in a click.


To guard all your private files, data, or other documents Pcloud uses TLS/SSL encryption.  Your files are secure on the three server locations in a highly secure data storage area.  This will keep all your transferred files and other confidential data safe.

File Versioning

No need to worry about the duration of the files. If you are using this software then you easily find the previous files in a click. 

File Backup

If you are uncertain about your images on social media and want to keep them all in a safe place then cloud is great. You can start backing up your precious memories and see them when you want.

Digital Asset Management

The user can easily manage all digital assets at a safe location Pcloud. This offers a huge space to secure files, data, and other documents in a safe place. It doesn’t matter how many files you secure at pcloud you will get all of them on fingerprints.

How safe is Pcloud?

No matter which kind of services you experience the company will offer the best to stay all files and data safe. The confidential documents you store on Pcloud are secure by the 256-bit AES method of encrypting. 

Is Pcloud better than Dropbox?

Pcloud is an alternative to Dropbox. Because in this you can store files and documents. Pcloud is faster than Dropbox. Pcloud users will get the best sync and sharing features. If you want collaboration on documents then use Dropbox. But the more powerful alternative to the dropbox is Pcloud. 

How fast is Pcloud?

Pcloud is very fast to download files easily. In its free plan, it provides speed of up to 40MB per second and in the premium version the speed shift from 40 to 80MB.

Can Pcloud see your files?

No, Pcloud doesn't access any encrypted files. It provides the client-side encryption that keeps your files in a secret place where no one can see them except you.

How much can you save on Pcloud?

Folks! If you use the Pcloud Lifetime Coupon Code or Promo Code then you can save maximum bucks on it. It offers a huge saving deal of up to 75% on its software. This one is a golden opportunity for the buyers. So chase the coupon and reserve amount on its purchases.

Save maximum up to 75% by Pcloud Coupon Code & Promo Code

Pcloud Promo Code

Get a huge savings deal on the services of the Pcloud. Apply the Pcloud Voucher Code & get up to 75% off on its shop. Its family plan is the most worthy for all users. With the Pcloud Family discount, anyone can afford a family package of the Pcloud.

About Pcloud

Pcloud is a Switzerland based firm. It works with the rapidly growing IT market. The company provides all the easy-to-use features that keep all your confidential files safe from the criminal digital world. At the current time more than 10.5 million users are growing rapidly. 

Where Pcloud is located?

The firm is located in Switzerland.