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Restoro Discount Code 2021 | Exclusive 45% Off on Restoro

Restoro Discount Code

Exclusive 45% discount
Internet-based PC repairing software | Works with Windows devices | Able to solve minor security issues
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About Restoro | What is Restoro Software?

Restoro Coupon Code

Kape Technologies, an Isle of Man-based software company, developed Restoro in 2018, and in a short time, it became very popular.

This software was mainly developed for optimizing the health of a PC. For this, it replaces the missing, damaged, or corrupted systems files, with the genuine files that are present in its database.

Besides optimization, it can also protect your PC against malware and antiviruses. Due to this, it is considered as one solution for PC. For getting discounts on this software, you can use our Restoro Promo Code.

Features of Restoro

What is Restoro Software

Restoro offers all the features that are essential for repairing the PC. Issues that it can fix by using these features are:

  • Windows error: The primary function that Restoro can perform is repairing and rebuilding Windows. It has over 25 million healthy and genuine Windows systems flies, store in its database. You can replace the damaged or missing files of your device with these files. Doing this can positively impact the performance of your device.
  • Freezing Computer: Various programs frequently freezes and leads to the lagging of computer. Through security scans, Restoro identifies these kinds of programs and fixes them for you. However, it cannot fix 3rd party apps. 
  • Real-time threat protection: Restoro can also protect your device against viruses and malware. For this, it runs system scans for identifying apps or programs that are malicious and permanently removes them for you.
  • Repair Virus Damage: It is also capable of repairing the damages caused by viruses to your device. By running scans, it identifies the systems files damaged by viruses/malware and replaces them with healthy files.
  • Optimizing Registry: Registry is one of the important parts of a computer as it contains most of the important data. By using this software you can optimize the registry by replacing corrupted or damaged files with safer ones.
  • Hardware Issues: Restoro cannot repair the issues related to the Hardware. However, it can access the current situation of the Hardware of your device and can recommend the parts that are may need to be replaced.

Restoro Subscription Plans

Restoro offers 3 types of subscription plans to its users and these are:

Plan 1Plan 2Plan 3
1 Restoro License1 Restoro License3 Restoro License
One time repairUnlimited RepairsUnlimited Repairs
-Valid up to 1 yearValid up to 1 year


By using our Restoro Coupon Code while purchasing any of these plans, you can enjoy amazing price cuts.

Restoro User Support

Restoro provides 24 by 7 customer support to its users. If you are facing any issue in using this software then you can contact its support team anytime from anywhere through call, chat, or emails.

Restoro Refund Policy

Restoro works with a 60-day full refund policy. If you didn’t like this software then you can get 100% of your money back within 60 days of initiating the purchase.

Can I use Restoro for free?

Yes, you can use Restoro for free. There is a free trial version of Restoro that is supported with Windows. Although this version comes with a very limited number of tools that are not enough for optimizing PC. Hence, it is recommended to use a paid version. For getting discounts on its paid version you can use our Restoro promo code.

How does Restoro Works?

Restoro is an easy to use Windows repairing tool and works in the following way:

  • At first, it scans your device for identifying the issues that are slowing down your PC. This scan approximately runs for five minutes.
  • Once the scan is completed, it provides a preview of issues related to the hardware, stability, and security. And asks you to permit fixing these issues.
  • After that, it starts repairing these issues by replacing corrupted or missing files with its database of 25M+ files.

How to install Restoro?

For installing Restoro you have to just go along with these steps:

  1. First, you have to visit the official website of Restoro.
  2. After reaching there, just navigate for the option “Pricing” and click on it.
  3. Now select the desired Restoro plan and make payment. By doing this, it will successfully get downloaded.
  4. For getting some extra discounts, you can also use our Restoro Promo Code while purchasing it.

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Q. Is Restoro a Malware?

No, Restoro is not malware software. It is a PC repairing and optimizing software that works with Windows.  

Q. How to get rid of Restoro? | How do I uninstall Restoro?

For uninstalling Restoro, visit the control panel and click on the programs. Then select Restoro and it will start getting uninstalled.

Q. Is Restoro trustworthy?

Yes, Restoro is safe to use and is capable of repairing your PC. It can also protect your PC against viruses.

Q. Do you have to pay for Restoro?

Yes, for using all the tools of Restoro, you have to buy any of its subscription plans.

Q. Can I use Restoro for Linux/Mac?

No, Restoro is not compatible to work with Linux or Mac. It can only repair issues related to Windows.