pCloud vs Dropbox Comparison 2022: Which Provides Better Cloud Services?

In modern times, Storing your precious data or unique files in one place is common now! So here we are comparing two of the best cloud services providers pCloud vs Dropbox to know which one is better.

Because in the market products like Dropbox and pCloud both provide the best cloud service to their users. In the market, users who want to choose the best service from all cloud providers must be aware of fake, untrusted & unsecured providers.

The pCloud provides tremendous features and topmost security to its users at worthy prices. Though most providers provide the same features & tools in their applications, choosing the best one from pCloud and DropBox is difficult.

Our research team discussion on both services squeezes in an article, shown as what to choose Dropbox vs pCloud which is better and its comparison.

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A Quick Discussion For pCloud VS Dropbox Comparison 

In comparison to cloud storage vs local storage, pCloud and Dropbox both are performed and offered Cloud services in their Subscription package. Here, we discuss pCloud or Dropbox quick flashing features and tools from which users can get a quick idea about both cloud services.

A Brief Introduction To pCloud!

In pCloud, their interface is user-friendly and navigation AI is also helpful for first visitors. Users can get up to 10GB of free storage only by just signing up at the pCloud Site.

After Signing up get tremendous features and tools like Security, Access, and Synchronisation, Upload files & Download faster, and also pCloud Crypto encryption for layering up security. To get a secure and reliable server first you should check the pros and cons of cloud storage for business before buying any plan.

Users can upgrade their plans by choosing categories for Family, Individual, and Business and get relaxation and pCloud discount coupon codes also. Use their tools like Shared links, pCloud Crypto, pCloud Rewind, pCloud File revisions, and many more. Also, you can explore this deep-driven pCloud review.

A Brief Introduction To Dropbox!

Through Dropbox, Users who have large files & their unique ideas are means, a business, has easier work because of Dropbox features like Almost all collaborators work with Dropbox, Sync devices, Send files up to 100 GB, 256-bit AES & SSL encryption, and many more. 

For Individual users, their plans are of reasonable prices, their features 2,000 GB Storage, access anytime and from anywhere, Dropbox Rewind, and Dropbox Paper also. 

We searched and used both Dropbox and pCloud, now I provide in-depth Top demanding, unique, and common features in both the companies and provide you with shootout differences between pCloud vs Dropbox.

Quick Steps That Involved In pCloud Or Dropbox comparison

  1. Setting up and Ease of use
  2. Security & Privacy 
  3. Performance 
  4. Pros & Cons 
  5. Pricing Structure

We discussed every step from both Dropbox and pCloud view!! Then after each step, we shared according to our team which is better pCloud or Dropbox in that particular step.0

1) Setting up & Ease to use- Dropbox vs pCloud 

pcloud-vs-dropbox [Setting Up & Easy To Use]

In this comparison of pCloud vs Dropbox reddit, we find out that pCloud performs better. Whenever users use any service that fits according to that and gets to face minimum problems in setting up, it first grabs the 45% of users’ interest in that product. 

For this companies try to make their apps & service easier and choose, but some of them are compromised with security, features, and support. Let’s find out what to choose Dropbox or pCloud in the context of users easier to use.

IS pCloud Easy to use for users?
In pCloud, all users can navigate to all its features faster than other cloud service beginners. It has an easy-to-use friendly colorful interface and a customized language manual guide for every feature. 

Also, Built-in video player, audio player with playlists, and Unlimited file size and speed so that users can make their projects faster, accurate, and easier with pCloud. Their customer support service needs to be more polite and faster for free plan users. This takes a lot of time to connect with pCloud executives for free users.
IS Dropbox easy to use for users? 
Through Dropbox, you not only can secure your files and documents in one place at top-level security but their user needs to face some problems while choosing the right tool for their task. 

This needs to be explored separately and because of this users don’t use Dropbox easier and faster. While Dropbox is easy to set up on every device and all of its features are working very well on all devices.

In the pCloud vs Dropbox comparison, our expert team recommended choosing pCloud because it is easy to use and set up faster than any cloud service provider you need to face some problems but not equal to Dropbox.

Our Recommended– pCloud (it’s Faster, easy to use, and has great customer support)

2) Security & Privacy- Dropbox and pCloud

pcloud-vs-dropbox [Security & Privacy]

Users provide their important data, files, and documents to a third-party client on the basis of a digital assurance stamp. In past years many cloud services attempt to leak and sell their user’s data without informing the real users. For assuring security & Privacy both Dropbox vs pCloud are to provide the best to best security layer and even with extra pack users also add up security layers of Security.

Should I choose Dropbox or pCloud for Maintaining Privacy & Security?
pCloud- It is a Switzerland-based company that follows all of its governing laws. You get an idea regarding Swiss laws by this it’s ranking for Human rights is #1 scored Personal Freedom- 9.56, Economic Freedom-8.56. Which is highest among all-powerful countries, also in countries like the USA, China, India, Russia and many more!! 
They strictly try to follow GDPR(a framework of data security rules) for this they follow Zero-Knowledge privacy, Client-side Encryption, and many more. For their customer’s security, they follow a TLS/SSL encryption method that simply encrypts all user’s data, and files and then transfers them to Storage rooms. Your data is secured at least on the 3 highest security layered servers and can add up pCloud Crypto encryption for more security.

Dropbox– They are experts in organizing the work of Personal identity and Business also. They provide a Dropbox Plus package in that they include a Password manager and PIN Protected files that add an extra layer of security to users’ precious data. They provide a Disaster proof feature in which through your Dropbox account you can store up to 30 days of recent data. 
Simply means that all your recent photos, videos, files, and pdf are restored even if they are damaged by hackers, viruses, or internal leaks. Even if you Misplaced your phone? Or your laptop was Stolen? With Dropbox, you can wipe the data and sync it on a new device.
For the security of your data, our team recommends choosing Dropbox for security purposes as a great step.

Recommended– Dropbox( Provide transparently details to customers)

3) Performance of Dropbox and pCloud

pcloud-vs-dropbox [Performance]

Every service or product is chosen according to its performance; this may vary from person to person. So, analyze through your research or experience, we analyze through experience Speed, File Syncing & Sharing, their Unique Features, and also of its Availability in the market.

A) Difference between pCloud vs Dropbox: Who Has Better Speed Feature?

In pCloud, they offer a Free plan with a 40 MB/s download speed, if you can upgrade your plan then must do so because in the paid plan they offer download files of 80MB/s. By pCloud, you can stream high-quality video at 3MB/s speed and your Photos can download in a snap really. 

A Dropbox user can be used to bandwidth problems even with a stable internet connection. According to google and some customer reviews their download rates are in the 5KB/sec to 20KB/s range. While the user searched for pCloud speed they maintained separate features and with Dropbox users faced some problems in exploring and answering their queries.

B) File Syncing & Sharing: Dropbox vs pCloud 

With pCloud transfer, you can use all its collaborators even if you use one or not. With the “Invite to folder” option and in pCloud users can also stop access to any shared folder or change permissions at any time. Now users can use their pCloud service as a hosting service to create static HTML websites, embed images, or share any files anytime or anywhere with anyone.

You can sync your files and get back up anytime even if your device is stolen, broken, or damaged just need your account credentials. Also, pCloud supports block-level sync, so users can’t wait much higher from their worth it time.

Dropbox offers if the user wants to share photos, videos, large CAD files, and a Zipped folder can do faster even if you don’t have an account. Enjoy the service of Dropbox as much as your cloud storage has a 2GB quota left.

Get timely updates of your shared files and notify about every shared document edit, delete, rename, or move changes. By syncing your data to Dropbox you can access them remotely and even in offline mode, transfer data simple and faster, and storage space for your next trip photos & videos.

C) Unique Features of Dropbox and pCloud 

Those services & products are highly demanded and obvious basic features that users want these services to need to do some Out of the box. Same with pCloud vs Dropbox, a user chooses not only because of the basic demanded feature but also for what unique feature another provider provides at the same cost. 

We discussed which is better pCloud vs Dropbox for beginners, Unique buyers, and budget-friendly users.

pCloud FeaturesDropbox Features
Instant SynchronisationDropbox Paper
File RevisionsDropbox Smart Sync
pCloud CryptoExternal sharing page
Shared LinksSharing controls
pCloud RewindData classification
Pubilc folderFile conversion
Extended File HistoryFinder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows)
Two-factor authenticationDropbox Passwords
Fair shareDropbox DocSend
Task management

D) Accessibility- pCloud vs Dropbox comparison

For enhancing users’ experience service providers provide more accessibility to their products that can be easy to set up and faster compare to their competitors. Our team provides Accessibility differences between pCloud and Dropbox.

pCloud- Secure and Simple

  • For Web- It can be accessed from any browser, computer, and device. Simply need to register and be able to enjoy its features and functionality and use their collaborators with your project even in the basic plan also.
  • pCloud Drive- It’s totally different from your earlier drive, with this you can store, sync, and access your files easily and directly on pCloud. Also, if you have pCloud Drive with pCloud Crypto then your security is never predictable to breach.
  • For Mobile- With Android & iOS devices you can access it by turning the Automatic Upload function on. All files & data are synced between web and mobile devices both and make changes anytime or from anywhere. Your Favourite files and data are accessed remotely without any internet connection. The suitable option of cloud software is Wasabi cloud storage which offers various storage plans and a compatible option for personal or professional use.

DropBox- Organised & All in one place

  • For Desktop- They offered an average experience to its users. Only if users want this for traditional uses, its features, and tools, not for advanced users. Both Desktop & Mobile apps work similarly, only can get a big-screen view, and large text and work more smoothly than a mobile app.
  • Dropbox Mobile- The high difference between pCloud vs Dropbox is availability all you need to find about pCloud in small tabs. Rather in Dropbox for a little query and statement, you need to do hard research. They must add a new tab in their web interference for making it easy to use for users & researchers.

4) Pros and Cons- pCloud Vs Dropbox comparison

Here are some benefits and advantages of using pCloud and Dropbox are mentioned:

For a better result let’s examine in detail the pros and cons of Dropbox.

  • Get 3+ user access on a single plan
  • Faster sync by various new technology
  • User can access their account anytime and from anywhere
  • Automatically Computer Backup 
  • Protected with 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption method
  • File recovery minimum of 30 days and upgrade up to 180 days.
  • Dropbox Rewind 
  • Remotely Device Wipe 
  • DropboxPassword, Vault, Watermarking, Paper
  • HelloSign eSignatures, and many more.
  • Much need to make easier to use for user
  • Security is topmost for upgrading plan users only 
  • The speed must be faster according to their advertisement 
  • Semi-expensive
  • No client-side encryption

Advantages and Disadvantages of pCloud

  • Up to 10 GB of free storage
  • Share links and File requests
  • All you need to know about your links get detailed stats
  • Protect your data through TLS/SSL channel protection
  • Try to follow the GDPR policy 
  • Make multiple copies of your data and store it at different locations
  • pCloud Crypto for adding up an extra layer of security
  • Get HDD extension through pCloud Drive
  • File Versioning, Data recovery, Remote Upload, Rewind account
  • Get a built-in video player
  • Fair share 
  • So much updating required 
  • Must add some useful features on the free version
  • Extended File History and pCloud Crypto are individual plans

5) Dropbox vs pCloud: Pricing Structure

pcloud-vs-dropbox [Price]

For a better understanding of pricing is to visit both Dropbox and pCloud official sites. For an overview stay with us!!! 

  1. Individual Plans
  2. For Families 
  3. For Business

A) Individual Plans

pCloud- Pricing & Included Features Dropbox- Pricing & Included Features 
# Annual- $49.99
500 GB Storage
30 days of trash history and many more… 
#Lifetime- $175 One-time Payment.
Pcloud lifetime deal is applicable for all the users to save maximum.
# Plus Annual$9.99 /month
2,000 GB
30 days and many more
-> Monthly$11.99 /month
# Premium Plus Annual$99.99
2 TB Storage
Same features on Premium and many more…
# Lifetime$350
One time Payment
# ProfessionalAnnual$16.58 /month
3,000 GB
Send up to 100 GB per Transfer many more…
-> Monthly$19.99 /month
Try Now FREE

B) Family Package

pCloud- Pricing & Included FeaturesDropbox- Pricing & Included Features
# Lifetime-  $ 500 
2 TB storage
Up to 5 users
One Time Payment and many more…
# Annual- $16.99 /month
Share 2,000 GB
Up to 6 users
-> Monthly- $19.99 /month

C) Business Package

pCloud- Pricing & Included Features Dropbox- Pricing & Included Features 
# Annual- $ 7.99/month
1 TB storage per user
3+ users
pCloud Encryption
180 days of file versioning and many…
# Standard
-> Annual- $12.50 /user /month
5,000 GB
3+ users
180-day history Dropbox Paper and many more…
-> Monthly-  $ 9.99/month# Advanced Annual- $20 /user /month
As much space as needed
3+ users
180-day history and many more 
-> Monthly- $15 /user /month
Try Now FREE
-> Monthly- $25 /user /month
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Winding Up! Dropbox VS pCloud 

Both services are targeted differ audiences in that are customized & updated to remind their audience. Hence, Dropbox is traditionally used by many users and they provide cloud basic features but they need to improve themselves for targeting more users. The pCloud is a modern technology-based cloud service provider that targets new users or beginners. If you are not satisfied with both servers then you can switch to the alternatives of pCloud and Dropbox.

For this, they make their application easy to use & Set up easily by anyone on any device. For a query of which is better pCloud or Dropbox, we suggest choosing pCloud. In pCloud, its security & Privacy, Performance, and Pricing are somewhat better according to our research team and customer reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q Can I trust pCloud?

They provide TLS/SSL encryption for protecting users’ data. You can even use its pCloud Crypto for higher security. This is trustable by many big brands like Nike, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Instagram, Etihad Airways, and many more…

Which is better Dropbox or pCloud?

The pCloud is secure & simple and more advanced, the best Dropbox alternatives.
While Dropbox is traditionally used this is trustable but nowadays pCloud is more accessible in some features compared to Dropbox.

What happens when I stop paying for my pCloud subscription or my files exceed my available storage?

They treat users politely and provide a 5-days grace period after that your services will not be terminated but you get only basic plan services. Or your files beyond will remain for 30 days after that moved to the trash for another 15 days after upgrading your plan you get all previous services also.