pCloud Vs IDrive – Detailed Comparison Of Features

Cloud Storage is the most important thing for digital storage or in work, whether it’s for personal work or for business purposes. The best Cloud Storage store all the important files and documents more securely, more affordably, and at greater volume.

Despite, not all Cloud Storage are not similar, In the comparison of pCloud vs IDrive we compare the two top most trusted and very popular cloud storage platforms. We put these providers to the test across several categories, including features, performance, support options, and price. We finalized its strengths and weakness, and find the best Cloud storage platform that stores your important files online.

So let’s check it out below, which is the best Cloud storage between IDrive vs pCloud.

pCloud Overview


pCloud Deal Best Values

Buy pCloud lifetime Storage at a very affordable price of $199/one-time payment. Help you to store your all data in a single place.

pCloud is a cloud-based company that offers you the best security features. You can access all digital content including video, audio, documents, images and more, anywhere, anytime, or on any device. All the users of pCloud can keep their important files and documents safe and centralized in one place, and share them with their colleagues, clients, team members, etc. 

You can allow access to your document to your members from all over the world. In this pCloud vs IDrive, we check all the important factors and features that will help you to choose the best cloud storage for your business and for personal use.

IDrive Overview

IDrive is a flexible solution that allows all users to back up an unlimited number of devices on the purchase of a single plan. You can access IDrive on PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and servers.IDrive offers backup Plans to their users for better safety and security for consumers, small businesses, and enterprises of any size giving users peace of mind that their data is protected and recoverable at all times. IDrive has so many types of plans on cloud storage for their users like – IDrive personal, IDrive Team, IDrive small Business and lots of other plans.

Features Comparison In pCloud and IDrive

pCloud VS IDrive Full Feature Comparison

Here we provide some information about the features of pCloud and IDrive cloud storage, they both are the best Cloud Storage but if you want a difference then you can understand which is the best cloud storage IDrive and pCloud.

Link Sharing

Here in this section, we compare IDrive and pCloud by three important feature sets for any business cloud storage solution: third-party integrations, file-sharing capabilities, and encryption standards.

The link-sharing feature is very important for any cloud storage provider company, we the help of the link-sharing feature you can share links with your colleagues, clients, and customers. Quality link sharing is also important because when you share any link, it is very important that who has access to what documents. 

In a comparison of pCloud vs IDrive, IDrive Cloud Storage is the best in Class provider for file sharing. Sharing files with custom links is first introduced by IDrive. So by which you can share files with different links very easily with full security.

However, pCloud is not too far behind, pCloud is also compatible with file sharing with custom links and also you can customize access to links within your organization.

Third-party integrations

This is another important cloud storage feature. Here in IDrive vs pCloud comparison, we check which is best in the third-party integration. This feature will help you to enable your business to work seamlessly online. The best third-party integrations generally combine your cloud storage with diffrent digital communication platforms seamlessly.  

In between pCloud and IDrive, pCloud is the leader in third-party integrations. It can be easily accessible with salesforce and Zoom you can run this software very seamlessly.

So that means IDrive is not very much developed as pCloud. IDrive is best in File sharing and pCloud in third-party integration. 

The pCloud Crypto cloud storage service stands out as a clear winner in this category because it provides end-to-end encryption for an unlimited number of files, unmatched by all the others we reviewed. 

While pCloud excels at security and encryption, IDrive isn’t too far behind. Although it’s quite a complicated process, we question whether end-to-end encryption can be configured manually in IDrive.

Performance Comparison In Between pCloud Vs IDrive

Both the cloud storage IDrive and pCloud are the strong performers, without any performance drop or any issue and report. Both maintain their data privacy security. In both the cloud storage service your data is not accidentally lost, stolen, or deleted. We are confident you can trust all two platforms to protect your data.

In terms of interface, pCloud is the clear winner, with IDrive not too far behind.pCloud provides well-designed, Bug-free, and reliable UI for its users. We never face any issues over multiple years using pCloud.

There were no major connectivity issues or response times with pCloud throughout the testing period. Its apps could be a little sharper, but overall, it was a straightforward experience using the platform.

IDrive, however, still has a bare-bones interface that doesn’t excite or inspire. Its software and user interface design could definitely benefit from an update.

Support Comparison Between IDrive Vs pCloud

These two providers have a lot in common. Both offer users a help centre that includes tutorials, guides, and how-tos. If you are interested in learning more about the platform, this is where you should go. Customers of each platform can also contact the provider’s technical support team for more complicated issues. If we had to choose a provider, we would choose IDrive. 

pCloud and IDrive have opted to direct customers to an online chatbot instead of talking to a real agent since anyone can contact the company by phone during business hours.

Difference Between Plans And Price Of pCloud Vs IDrive

When it comes to the price and plans comparison between both IDrive and pCloud, both Cloud storage provides affordable price as their price. Whereas pCloud is one of the most affordable platforms on a per-GBs basis, Let’s look at each in turn. 

IDrive business plans begin at $70.62 a year, getting you 500GB of storage space. A 1.25TB plan costs $374.62. High-capacity plans are also available: 50TB costs $8,669.62 a year, while 25TB costs $4,424.62 a year. You can also upgrade pCloud from 500GB to 2TB.

Buy pCloud lifetime Storage at a very affordable price of $199/one-time payment. Help you to store your all data in a single place.

Every plan of IDrive includes an unlimited amount of users, which is a huge advantage for those users who purchase IDrive Cloud Storage plans. On a per-GB and per-user basis, there are few cloud storage companies in the market that provide as affordable as IDrive.

Also In pCloud Vs IDrive Cloud Storage, service pCloud Offers a pCloud Lifetime deal that helps you to get the best discount as compared to IDrive.

It costs $7.99 per user a month to use pCloud’s business plans, which include 1TB of storage space and access to pCloud Crypto. With the ability to add (or remove) users as needed, pCloud is highly affordable and scalable. It isn’t as affordable as IDrive per GB, but 1TB of storage per user is enough for most companies.

Final Verdict about pCloud and IDrive

Above we provide all the differences between IDrive and pCloud, We include 

Features, Performance, Support, and price of both the cloud storage. All the plans of IDrive vs iCloud have come with unlimited users, So you can just focus on buying a suitable amount of storage at the best price possible.

If you want security then you can go with pCloud Cloud Storage, which provides the best security features for your important files and documents. All the business account plans come with end-to-end encryption as well as a stack of other useful features. Each of these platforms will bring value to the appropriate organization, and none is a poor performer.

Is Pcloud Faster Than IDrive Cloud Storage?

Yes, pCloud is faster as compared to IDrive Cloud storage. Both the cloud storage transfer files and documents automatically but the transferring speed is best of pCloud.

Which Cloud Storage Company is best pCloud or IDrive?

pCloud is the best company for cloud storage because it provides end-to-end encryption for its users. Also, the price of this pCloud storage company is low.

Is IDrive Cloud Storage Safe?

Yes, IDrive Cloud Storage is definitely safe because it provides AES 256-bit encryption to change and transfer your username or password when you sign up for your account. This shows your data is fully secured.