Pros And Cons Of DuckDuckGo 2022 [Advantages & Disadvantages]

DuckDuckGo is a cross-platform software that works well with mobile and desktop too. An option of having privacy while searching on the internet makes this a popular search engine amongst people that keeps growing. However, you must know about the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo so that you get aware of every aspect of this search engine.

The DuckDuckGo is a web search engine that was developed in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg as an option that lets you access safe internet surfing. It collects results for your query from more than 400 sources. Here we will help you to know the pros and cons of using DuckDuckGo.

What Are The Advantages Of DuckDuckGo?

Here, in this DuckDuckGo pros and cons article first, we will check out the pros Of DuckDuckGo:

advantages of DuckDuckGo

Privacy-Based Search Engine

One of the major reasons that make it worthwhile to use. Apart from other search engines like Google, Bing or so on DuckDuckGo does not take cookies or users’ IP addresses. It also doesn’t keep your device data or browser search history.

Safe From Search Data Leakage

Of the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo, a great benefit of using it is that it won’t leak your search queries to further personal information to the website that you checked. It is a risk to your privacy & data and this search engine saves you from this. 

Block Ads

Another advantage of DuckDuckGo is that you will get an ads blocker that will not let your bother with the pop-ups and banner ads that you see in the search result. It also prevents you from getting ads based on your search history and other personal information. Its algorithm blocks third-party trackers all over the internet this your data can’t get accessed by it.

No Tracking

In the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo, one more advantage of DuckDuckGo is its secure term. It always won’t let your data get used by another website by saving and selling it for their profit. DuckDuckGo acquires the Global Privacy Control feature, which is a browser setting feature. Other search engines also have such privacy features but are not much effective as DuckDuckGo.


This pros of DuckDuckGo make this search engine more secure by providing sites that only use an https encrypted connection. By that, every site you visit will be much more secure so that any outsider can’t get access to your activity on that website.

Privacy Grade

In the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo, this benefits f this search engine will aware you when any website tries to get your personal information while you are online. It will notify you that DuckDuckGo blocks these trackers which makes your privacy better.

Burn Bar

In this DuckDuckGo advantages and disadvantages, another pros of DuckDuckGo is that it can allow you to delete your data and cookies right after your search activity. Its anonymous search feature lets your internet surf anonymous. Your internet activity will get vanish all over the search engine and your device.


In this DuckDuckGo Pros and Cons list, another advantage of DuckDuckGo is the strong prevention of cybercrime. Its privacy function can block your browser from accessing any malware-containing sites with its content security policy. You can turn on your SafeSearch or toggle from strict or medium.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of DuckDuckGo?

Now in the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo, we will check out the cons of DuckDuckGo:

Cons of DuckDuckGo

Not Convenient As Other Search Engine

In the DuckDuckGo pros and cons, one of the first disadvantages of DuckDuckGo is that it is not equipped with many features. It has not many shares as Google, it imitates you by syncing your all accounts with it. It does not offer other useful options like Google Maps, Docs, Book, Finance, etc.

No Autosuggestion Option

In the DuckDuckGo advantages and disadvantages, another pro that turned out to be one of the advantages of DuckDuckGo. Your search history does not keep by this search engine, sometime this may be inconvenient for you when you are looking for instant results from your previous search.

Less Accuracy

In our list of pros and cons of DuckDuckGo, another con of DuckDuckGo is the accuracy problem. It delivers results from various sources making its ranking factor less worthy. Another flaw is that it has a limited amount of data and search engine as compared with Google.

Virus Threat & See Ads 

This disadvantage in our pros and cons of using DuckDuckGo is, Your online activity is more prone to get viruses, ransomware, and malware risk for your device and personal information. You will still get ads on the search engine page which are not personalized but still, these ads are annoying. DuckDuckGo’s business models stand on contextual ads and they make money from these ads.

Conclusion Of Pros And Cons Of DuckDuckGo 2022

We have countered almost every DuckDuckGo Pros And Cons. By this, you can get precisely aware of this search engine and use it according to your requirements. If your priority is only privacy while surfing online, then privacy functions like no data leakage, no tracking, and https encrypted connection make it a well-equipped search engine for you. Limited results, search engine pages, no autosuggestion, repetitive ads, a virus threat, and less convenient tools make it a not-so-good choice of search engine. 

FAQs Of Pros & Cons Of DuckDuckGo

Check these queries to use this DuckDuckGo search engine after knowing every Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo:

What Is The Downside Of DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo does not offer much data, results, and other services as Google and other search engines. It will show you limited results and won’t even allow you to sync your other accounts to various services.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe?

Yes, DuckDuckGo is safe from privacy purposes that won’t leak your online activity and search history to any third party or hacker. But DuckDcukGo is more prone to get affected by viruses and malware.

Is DuckDuckGo Legit?

Yes, you can use this certified search engine safely as it is preferred by Google as a search engine option. Its prior feature is to provide a secure search option for the internet which is even safer than most browsers.

Does DuckDuckGo Track You?

In the pros and cons of DuckDuckGo, we have stated that it is the search engine that won’t keep a record of your search activity.

Does DuckDuckGo Sell Your Data?

Recently it was confirmed by the CEO of DuckDuckGo that this search engine sells your data to Microsoft. This makes this a less reliable browser that shares your search activity.

How Does DuckDuckGo Make Money?

DuckDuckGo earns from the affiliated marketing ads that are shown on the results pages.

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