Pros And Cons Of Ubuntu 2024 – Why Ubuntu Is Better Than Windows?

Ubuntu is one of the most secured operating systems that is highly used by professional developers. 

Let us check the pros and cons of Ubuntu 2024 and know why ubuntu is better than windows. 

The latest version of Ubuntu 5.4 provides an excellent user experience as compared to other operating systems. Using Linux OS you do not require any external technical skills to operate this latest version. 

Yes. Ubuntu is quite different from the regular windows operating system but once you understand how it works, then it will be the simplest OS available for developers. 

Now have a look at these advantages and disadvantages of ubuntu theory in detail.

Pros And Cons Of Ubuntu Operating System 2024


  • Very Simple Installation
  • Community Building
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Popular Among Developers
  • Solid Community Support
  • Free Os For Computing
  • Quick Updates
  • Resource Friendly


  • Availability Of Limited Support
  • Mp3 Format Is Restricted
  • Not Good For Gaming
  • Trouble In Software/Hardware Compatibility
  • Problem With OpenVPN Vs Commercial Source

So these are the few ubuntu pros and cons which are important to know if you are an IT software developer. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ubuntu Linux Operation System 2024

Working on an operating software that is extremely helpful and very easy to run any program, is such a great boon for a programmer. Therefore, Ubuntu is also counted in that excellent easy to use OS, and because of their solid support most of the developers still comfortable with Ubuntu.

Advantages Of Ubuntu

advantages of ubuntu

  • Very Simple Installation: Ubuntu has come with very simple graphical installers after their updates. Comparing to other operating systems, Ubuntu has simplified and polished basic installation.
  • Community Building: Ubuntu not only used by the developer’s community but also popular in the Local community. After the launch of this operating system, this frequently gets many followers and users. With time large communities are connected with Ubuntu and build solid support.
  • Excellent Compatibility: If you are working on Windows OS, then you are allowed to run your application on Ubuntu using various other software like Crossover, WINE, and many more.  Therefore, Ubuntu will work seamlessly and compatible with various other OS. 
  • Popularity Among Developers: Most of the programmers or developers recommend Ubuntu for their projects. Many of them find that Ubuntu is the first operating system that can run a program without creating many errors. 
  • Solid Community Support: Ubuntu is an open-source platform and has a widespread community with highly skilled developers. If there is any new update introduced and find any trouble within the software, then its active community can help you to get rid out of this. This support is for the long term because such canonical updates will release after six months.  
  • Free Operating System For Computing: This is the most important advantage of ubuntu. This OS is completely free to install and the most important benefit is that is an open-source OS. Running advanced IT companies or organizations can take benefit by using such a cost-effective operating system that will worth their work.
  • Quick Updates: There will no trouble in updating this software. Whenever you find a notification regarding any major update it will do automatically within your system. It is very easy, quick, and without interrupting any other application running into your device. 
  • Resource Friendly: Ubuntu helps you to free up the sites instead of running into the background or lagging your system. This OS is very resource-friendly because it lacks GUI as compared to much other software. 

So these are the advantages of the Ubuntu Linux operating system. In the next section, we will the weakness of this OS that users must know before switching to Ubuntu Linux.

Disadvantages Of Ubuntu Operating System

disadvantages of ubuntu

After knowing the positive side of this software let us discuss the disadvantages of Ubuntu Linux which is the main purpose of this pros and cons of ubuntu guide.

  • Availability Of Limited Support: This may contradict the above-mentioned advantage of ubuntu. Sometimes you put a query on their forums or community and unable to receive any solution for upto 2 months. Whereas in other operating systems like Microsoft or Windows, you can get the response within few days.
  • MP3 Format Is Restricted: If you are a video developer or editor then you may find difficulty in working over ubuntu for your work. OS like windows you don’t require any external codes to run a video but in ubuntu, you may need to add such applications or codes.
  • Not Good For Gaming: This is the biggest disadvantage of the Ubuntu operating system. You are completely unable to run any latest game on this platform. If you still want to play any game you may need to install an emulator or WINE or any other external software. Such that, the graphics you will get in windows, are not be provided by ubuntu.  Therefore, ubuntu has very poor graphic support for its users. So avoid using this operating system if you are game.
  • Trouble In Software/Hardware Compatibility: Many users have reported driver issues and sometimes the hardware specification does not match the compatibility of the operating system. The other most critical disadvantage of ubuntu is the graphical flickering issues reported by many users. Because of its hardware issue, some users had also experienced trouble in fixing their preexisting soundcard. 
  • Problem With OpenVPN Vs Commercial Source: One of the most common critiques of Ubuntu is that it appears to be commercialized. With each release, Canonical seems to drift more away from the root of the open-source operating system. Instead of collaborating with the open-source community, the corporation works on its own most of the time and misses out on the benefit of free input from hundreds of developers.

Therefore, we have discussed all the major pros and cons of ubuntu and above mentioned disadvantages of ubuntu have been noted by many active users. 

Some of the users are willing to switch their operating system with ubuntu. For them, it is not sufficient to know only the advantages and disadvantages of ubuntu. So in the next section, we are discussing some other major aspects of this open-source.

Why Use Ubuntu For Programming?

is ubuntu good for programming

There are many OS are available in the market so why we prefer ubuntu for programming? Many users think like that which is completely fine. Ubuntu is the best OS for programming because it is open-source which is used by tech giants for creating various programs. 

The Top Reasons Why Ubuntu For Programming Is Listed As Follows:

  1. This Software Is Support Many Emerging Technologies
  2. Excellent Access To Hardware Certification
  3. Huge Advantage Of Streamlined Distribution
  4. Ubuntu is consistent with Various other OS platforms
  5. Good Community Support
  6. Without Any Restriction Hardware Upgradation
  7. Great PC Performance
  8. Ultimate User Interface

These are the possible reasons why ubuntu is the best OS for programmers. Also, the main advantage of Ubuntu OS for programmers is that one can compile any program without having many errors or invalid syntax. 

In the next section, we priorities windows user that might thing ubuntu is not a better choice over Windows OS. Thus, to ratify this myth wrong let us move further deep into the pros and cons of the ubuntu guide.

Why Ubuntu Is Better Than Windows?

ubuntu vs windows

In many aspects, ubuntu is much better than the Windows operating system. The reason behind this is listed below:

  1. Costing: Ubuntu is completely free software. Compare to other OS like Microsoft, windows, etc Ubuntu is very cost-effective. Therefore, ubuntu is better than windows in order to save huge money. 
  2. Huge System Resources: Ubuntu will help in running software on a sluggish device. Using a Linux-based operating system is the only solution because somehow Windows does not allow that many resources that can easily run on your device. 
  3. Open-Source Software: Ofcourse, you don’t have to get that extra software available on the Windows OS. Ubuntu itself is open-source software and allows you to download all the free software. During your first update, you will not get Microsoft office but instead, you get Libre Office. 
  4. Easy Customization: Windows is also very easy to customize but the new version of Ubuntu Linux is much better than windows.
  5. More Security: In the Windows OS, there is some regular security update that may annoy anyone. Ubuntu does not have such issues as it has the most reputed security options. That is why ubuntu is much better than the Windows operating system. 

In this complete guide, we have talked over the pros and cons of ubuntu and how ubuntu is better than windows. Thus, if you are new to the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system then in the beginning you might take some more time to master this OS. Once you know how to operate it will Ubuntu is the easiest and secure OS available nowadays.

FAQs – Pros And Cons Of Ubuntu

Is Ubuntu Safer Than Windows?

Yes. We have already discussed various reasons how ubuntu is better than Windows and more secure OS.

What Are The Pros Of Ubuntu?

There are many advantages of ubuntu that we discussed in the above guide. Summing up to them are listed below:

  • Ubuntu A Linux-based Open-source Operating System.
  • Very First Os Available Free Of Cost
  • Provide Solid Community Support

Is Ubuntu As Good As Windows?

Yes. these are many factors that claim ubuntu is as good as windows. It is the best operating system available for programmers and developers.

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