Quicken Premier vs Home and Business 2022: Which One Is Better?

Quicken is an amazing platform for the most comprehensive personal finance management software in the US. It helps in managing the finances of businesses, homes, and rentals and aims to provide healthy, confident financial lives with its different products. Here, we’ll compare its two best products i.e, Quicken premier vs home and business. In this details comparison between Quicken Home and Business vs Premier, we will cover both its similarities and dissimilarities. But before heading towards this comparison, let’s have an overview of both this software.

What Is Quicken Premier Vs Home and Business?

Quicken Premier is software that helps in maximizing your investments, managing your money, and saving. This software is ideal for investors who are planning or love to invest. It will facilitate you to create a customized budget, create saving goals, and manage and track your debt.

Quicken Home and Business is personal, business, and rental transactional software that helps in managing all accounts in one place. It will help in separating and categorizing business and personal expenses, emailing custom invoices, and tracking business tax deductions.

Now, let’s deep dive into this detailed comparison between Quicken Premier and Home and Business to find which of them is suitable for you.

Quick Compare Quicken Home And Business Vs Quicken Premier

Here is a quick comparison between Quicken Premier vs Home and Business. Let’s explore:

BasisQuicken PremierQuicken Home and Business
PlatformsWindows and iOSWindows Only
Free Quicken phone and Chat support✔ 
Manage Spending and savings✔ ✔ 
Budgeting✔ ✔ 
Track income, expense, debt, mortgage & investments✔ ✔ 
Bill Management✔ ✔ 
Investments✔ ✔ 
Rental reportsХ✔ 
Business ReportsХ✔ 

Quicken Premier Vs Home And Business: Similarities And Differences

Both of the software offered by Quicken are quite identical which is why you will find a lot of things common between them. However, both of them are used for different purposes. That is why we will discuss both their similarities and dissimilarities of them:

Quicken Home And Business Vs Premier: Common Features

Quicken Home And Business Vs Premier: Common Features

There are a lot of things that are common between these two programs. These are as follows:

Manage Spending And Savings

Quicken Premier and House and Business software facilitate managing to spend and saving features. Both software allow automatic download of transactions, adding manual accounts, and manually reviewing new transactions. Even they automatically categorize the income & expenses and define custom rules and categories.

Also, they will help you to create custom saving goals for car expenses, vacations, home repairs, and whatever you need.


With both Quicken Home and Business vs Quicken Premier, you can set monthly expenses and income. Both software will help you to plan saving goals, track mortgages, and savings, & pay credit cards. They will suggest a budget based on your spending history and makes numerous budgets for every family member. Besides a monthly budget, you can create fiscal/ calendar year budgeting and if you overspend it can reflect in your monthly budget.

Track Income, Expenses, Debt, Mortgage & Investments

Manage and track your expenses, income, debts, and investments with Quicken Premier and Home and Business. Check your savings & credit card accounts, loans, assets & brokerage, education, and custodial accounts. Its lifetime planner help in creating a detailed roadmap for retirement. You can easily track the net worth of assets and liabilities in Quicken premier and personal & business net worth in Home and Business. Know the true value of real estate properties with one click by updating all accounts, including market values from Zillow.

Bill Management

Track your personal & business bills and subscriptions. Quicken premier and Home and Business don’t auto-detect and separate bills and subscriptions. You have to add bills manually. Projected cash flow, bank bill pay, same-day online payment and generate check payments to any address in the US.

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Comparison Of Quicken Premier Vs Home and Business Based On Features

Here, in this section, we’ll compare the two best software Quicken Home & Business and Quicken Premier based on their features. Below we have mentioned their features one by one:

Features Of Quicken Premier

Quicken Premier software is for investors loaded with the best features. It helps in tracking the whole portfolio in one place, maximizing the investments, managing & paying bills, and preparing & optimizing for taxes. Let’s know its features thoroughly:

  • Track the whole portfolio in one place: You can easily connect every personal financial and investment in one robust dashboard.
  • Maximize the investments: This will help in maximizing your investments with the most powerful Leverage analysis tool on the market.
  • Manage and pay the bills: Check all the bills on one platform and pay them easily with Quicken.
  • Prepare and optimize for taxes: It can easily make tax preparation reports with auto tax generator reports and maximize tax benefits.

Features Of Quicken Home And Business

Quicken Home and Business is the ideal software that helps in managing personal, business, and rental finances in one place. Let’s check out the features:

  • See both your personal and business finances: It will help in tracking both business and personal expenses easily with perfect separation.
  • Generate reports you need for tax: This software creates Schedule C and e reports, cash flow, balance sheets, profit & loss, and more.
  • Get custom features for rental properties: They will provide custom features to manage tenants, expenses, lease terms, payments, rates, deposits & more
  • Keep your documents organized: It will safely secure your important business & rental property documents and receipts for future needs.

So, these are the features that a user can get with Quicken Home and Business vs Premier. As we can see that Premier software of Quicken is focused on investors. On the flip side, Quicken Home and Business is best suited for managing personal finances.

Now, in the further section of this comparison, we have discussed the various types of tools that you will get with this software.

Comparison Of Quicken Premier vs Home and Business Based On Price

The price of Quicken Premier software is $6.99 per month whereas Quicken Home and Business is $9.99 per month. But right now Quicken is providing $1 off on its every software for their new members. Now maximize all finances and investments with Quicken Premier for $5.99 and control personal & business finances with Quicken Home & Business for $8.99 with risk-free for 30 days. If you are planning to buy any of the software then you can use Quicken 50 off coupon and save a maximum of bucks.

Comparison Of Quicken Premier Vs Home And Business Based On Comprehensive Analysis Tools

Quicken Premier and Home & Business provide different analysis tools on the market to maximize investment. There is only one extra tool that is provided by quicken premier otherwise all the tools are the same in both the software.

BasisQuicken PremierQuicken Home and Business
Watchlists✔ ✔ 
Performance View✔ ✔ 
Target allocations✔ ✔ 
Buy/Sell Optimizer✔ ✔ 
Buy/Sell Preview✔ ✔ 
Morningstar Portfolio X-Ray✔ ✔ 
Investing activity reports ✔ ✔ 
Benchmarks✔ ✔ 
Buy/Hold Analyzer✔ Х

Conclusion: Quicken Premier vs Home and Business

After the comparison between Quicken premier and home & business, there is one thing which is clear both softwares are of different purposes. Quicken premier is for investors whereas Quicken home and business are for managing personal and business finances. Although, we’ll recommend Quicken home and business as it also consists of all the features of  Quicken premiere.

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